1. B

    Hi every one. Thanks for letting me. Can I take my foot out of the door now?

    Been asked to check some one's house electrics, lots of DIY stuff. Nearly all sockets up and down are on radial circuits and 2 circuits going into each MCB. Bad points doing it this way?
  2. J

    project Peugeot 308 Rear Window Regulator. Worked out 4 connesctions + - up down . But hesitates going up every inch or so? Any ideas please

    project Peugeot 308 Rear Window Regulator. Worked out 4 connesctions + - up down . But hesitates going up every inch or so? Any ideas please
  3. G

    UK What kind of socket

    My appartment building has hallway plugs with a different fitting to every day plug sockets - it's the same as a normal uk plug socket except the distance between the top hole and bottom two is considerably shorter. What kind of socket is it?
  4. Pete999

    Eddie Jones should stay ENGLAND HEAD COACH What do you reckon? me yes every time done a wonderful job

    Keep Eddie in charge if he still wants it,
  5. N

    Wiring Clarification

    In Germany, but question is for home in UK :) So, been out of this for some time, I am putting in the wiring (approx 12 meters) for a 7Kw (28Amp not allowing for diversity) induction Hob. Every thing seems to indicate 6mm cable, however from the IEE Current ratings table 4E2A, for clipping...
  6. JK-Electrical

    A Rather Obvious Forged EICR

    I know for a fact that the attached EICR is a forgery. I suspected as much even before I had been given a copy of the report. My suspicions were confirmed the moment I noticed that the tester had entered 25 years as the estimated age of the installation. The installation is in fact, brand-new...
  7. P

    Domestic RCD trips every morning between 08.00 and 09.00

    I live in rural Italy. You get to chose your max KW here and pay accordingly. Most home have 1.5-3.0 kw, I pay extra for 5kw. I am at the end of the low voltage lines, one of only a few on this circuit. I constantly have voltage problems, according to my fluke multimeter it can go from 190v to...
  8. T

    EICR every 3 years for EM light circuits

    Evening all Got an email from a prison we do work at who said they have been told that any circuits that contain emergency lights need to periodically tested every 3 years on top of the 5 yearly test. I have looked through the IET but cant see any info on it? Can anyone point me in the right...
  9. JK-Electrical

    BEAMA Calls For EICRs To Be Done In UK Residential Buildings Every 5 Years

    An interesting report. I'm in favour. My own opinion is that ten years between inspection and testing of domestic installations is too long, and that this period should be reduced to five years. I particularly like the proposal that an EICR be compulsory whenever there is a change of occupancy...
  10. S

    Learn AC current and voltage by every electric machine or electronic circuit you know

    I want to learn how AC works and I have no idea what I should use as an AC source since I never used one.I only know of inverters but that's not really helping me in understanding RLC circuits....Are AC sources real?Are they batteries?I'm new in this and I can't think of a device or something...
  11. Michaelwgroves

    Government backs mandatory EICR's every 5 years for landlords.

    Long overdue............................ The Government has backed introducing a mandatory requirement on landlords with properties in England to ensure that electrical installations in their property are inspected every five years. However, it has not provided a start date. Such a proposal...
  12. T

    BG RCBO ramp test on one of them shows trip at 15ma every other one is 24 ma

    So just did an EICR few problems mostly rectified. Customer wanted new CU so put in BG with RCBO just five circuits. Tests on EICR were fine except for high ohms on Zs for lighting first floor so tracking that down. All RCBO are fine except this one 32a ring final circuit. RFC tests all fine IR...
  13. C

    New in every aspect.

    Hey all, Hope you all are well, I am very new to the forum and to this industry so thank you all in advance for the questions I will ask. Before become a member I got a lot of information from you Sparky boys. Cheers Chic
  14. pirate

    Just another example of what you find every day

    Yes, it's those damn light fittings again! Really annoyed I didn't get a picture. Anyway, a mate asked me to look at a lighting problem in his house, where a switch put on 2 lights, and the other switch (2 gang) did nothing, whereas he wanted 1 switch to put on center light and one to put on...
  15. S

    Different result every time

    Hi Has anyone considered that every time you do a continutity/earth loop test, on the same circuit you get a different result every time? I had an end to end test on a ring circuit today and kept pressing the test button. The results jump all over the place. How credible is any test if the...
  16. C

    New guy DIYer every days a schoolday!

    How's it going signed up to the forums as it is full of experts , I wouldn't consider myself an electrical expert by any means but I know the basic ins and out and do a lot of the electrical jobs in my own home if I can as I'm always eager to learn myself new things , look forward to getting...
  17. B

    The Snoopers Charter

    Well this seems to have been swept through without much publicity.(By the folks who control publicity) see The Government just passed the most extreme surveillance law in history – say goodbye to your privacy -...
  18. B

    How often should PV panels and the inverters be checked or maintained

    I'm only asking out of curiosity I am not an electrician or PV specialist I'm just a consumer and I have panels on my roof and and inverter in the loft and something else in the consumer unit. (Noob) I know nothing about them The landlord got some government funding a few years back and put...
  19. Dan

    The top knot - to ban or not to ban

    Following on from the burka thread where many expressed their annoyance with people wearing a burka in public, I thought I'd express my annoyance of wear the [email protected] aka top knot or man bun, anywhere let alone in public. Whilst they themselves might not pose a risk in public places, other...
  20. S

    Double insulated singles on 2 way switching

    As per title, d.I singles or 'insulated and sheathed singles' with no earth within cable and not run alongside any earths. What is the current view on these within an EICR? There are earths at all the accessory and light points but i was always taught that every cable needed a cpc on the basis...
  21. Y

    Wall mounted tv

    In the middle of new house wire, have pulled 2 co-axles to every TV and cat 5e too every TV in the house and back to the switch room, the problem with the TV in sun lounge is that the wall mounted TV is about 7 meters away from where the sky box and DVD player etc will be, I have tracked and...
  22. GMES

    Sponsor A Puppy

    Well I have just sponsored Biscuit a gorgeous little guide dog puppy, really easy to do and set the direct debit up to take an agreed amount every month. You get the usual thing , updates on her progress and regular pictures as she grows up, when I thought about some of the rubbish I spend money...
  23. 2

    Conduit runs over 10 meters

    Hi, as my name says im just trying to do the project on my 2396, im looking into my options of cable management and on route i have stumbled across conduit rating factors p142 yellow osg (ive never worked with conduit) and the rating factors only go up to 10m, is this 10m maximum length or 10m...
  24. Worcester

    Rosemary (aka plain) Tile Roofs

    Rosemary tiles are the number one roof covering amongst our clients, so we're always looking for the best insatallation method. Over time we've used: Click-fit (grind every tile and some flashing) Standard roof hooks (grind every tile and some flashing) Solar Limpets Redtip and HookStop and for...
  25. H

    Fike Twinflex call point question.

    Hi. I have a Fike Twinflex system with a 402-0006 manual callpoint as the first item in the chain, followed by 8 sensors then another manual callpoint 402-0006 at the end of the chain. The callpoint at the end of the chain is set to eol end of line and its red light flashes as i would expect...
  26. R

    Domestic How to find out where conduit goes?

    Hello everybody! I have a question regarding domestic wiring, i live in block of flats, in my flat i have tv socket which has 2 tv cables coming out from 2 conduits.I have tried to pull them out, and they seems to be stuck somewhere.Could anybody tell me how to find out where does this cable...
  27. Leesparkykent

    Proper job

    Job I've started today, its a big office just off parliament square London that's now being split in to two, new DB, sub meter, floor sockets and lighting being split to the new corresponding sides etc. The landlord had a sparks in to change all the 600x600 fittings for led panels and add some...
  28. driverman

    Interval for EICR on private O/H supply

    Hi as title, Is there a set time for an EICR say on a Residential caravan site with OH supply. Normally 3 years, but as OH got me thinking. Thanks
  29. R

    Can 2 way radio trip RCBO'S

    Good evening, Does anyone have any experience of RCBO's tripping when using 2 way radio near the DB.
  30. S

    Commercial Testing lighting

    Hi guys ive not done any real testing on commercial jobs other than fault finding etc and was wondering, when dead testing lighting circuits would r1+r2 be accurate as the r2 will most probably not run the exact same route as the r1 with more connections etc so would you do an r2 flying lead...
  31. danf1966

    Domestic useful links / books

    Hello every one, my first post. a bit slow I know but have been amused over the past year reading the many topical and sometimes very funny replies, albeit some very sarky ones aswell I will not mention any names!. I have been asked to install internet and sky to every room in a couple of one of...
  32. trev

    Another thread about a scam (but not that kind)

    01865653811 Add that one to your do not answer list people. It's an outfit called The Forrester's Fund, they claim to be a children's cancer charity (how low can you go?) who publish a quarterly magazine and for around £200 you, Yes You!, can be the only member of a trade advertising in it. Now...
  33. M

    T & E in conduit calculation help please

    Hi Guys, I apologise in advance as I have done this a**se about face, I have just finished putting power to my shed ( I am currently training to become a sparks got my 17th edition at pass in Watford shortly) and hoping to use my shed as my part p inspection as hoping to join ELECSA. Anyhow I...
  34. S

    16mm T+E for Loft Extension, (en- suit shower. )

    Just wondering if any sparks out there would have any obligations or concerns about a proposed installation for loft conversion,, ( see drawing for details..).. Hear loads of conflicting theories about cable sizing for showers , some of them are borderline at best... and different...
  35. K

    How far away would you make Next Inspection?

    Hello everyone, just wondering what period you would allow to Next Inspection on the installation Certificate, in a case where you've fitted a new CU and recommended that a new earth rod is fitted + earth bond to an oil tank? Thanks.
  36. P

    Emergency light testing

    What are the test frequencies for emergency light testing? Got a few lights to repair in a library but they are only doing a functional test on their em lts at present, so not doing it properly. I know they log the tests but dont actually carry it out correctly. Am I right in thinking its a...
  37. S

    Routine inspections guidance notes 3

    Would like to know if anyone out there , tests school properties currently we test ever 3 years but are being told to move to 5 year tests , how often would you carry out routine inspections as outlined in guidance notes 3 it's says 6 months , is that to often or just right .
  38. sparks1234

    Galv conduit

    Not something we normally get involved in installing, but, we have a long straight run of galv conduit to install (approx) 60 mtrs. Would this require any sort of expansion joint?
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