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  1. S

    Bosch GMS 120 Cable Detector

    Hi Everybody Has anybody on here any experience of using a Bosch GMS 120 cable detector? The scenario I have is that I am working on a stone built cottage ,plastered with sand and cement which I guess was rewired 30 + years ago where all the cables have been plastered into the walls and not...
  2. N

    Hi everybody!

    Hello everyone, I'm Mike. I'm a nurse in Jacksonville Florida and I create props and costumes with/for my son. I am just learning about electronics and everything and I truly appreciate any assistance. Thanks for everything you do Mike
  3. Y

    UK C-SV 4A/8A smoke extraction panel

    wondering if you can help , i fitted a C-SV 4A/8A smoke extraction panel but as soon as tried to open the window via emergency switch it burns the fuse ,the first time it did open a small bit and stopped . thank you
  4. S

    Hello everybody. New member just saying hi.

    Hello. I have been reading the forums for the past few days and have finally registered.
  5. S

    Hello Everybody. I'm new member...

    Hi All, Just introducing myself to the group as a new member. I've just joined the forum and looking forward to chatting with you all. All the best, Freddy
  6. K

    Good afternoon, has anyone responded to me?

    Hello everybody,my name is Kimi. I'm a girl. I'm here because I heard that the forum has a lot of great people ,I have so many questions about solar PV. Can someone help me ?
  7. T

    Hello everybody. I'm new user

    Hello everyone. Nice to meet all of you
  8. 2

    Hello everybody, nice to meet you all!

    Hi guys, Just a quick msg to say hello and I’m looking forward to getting involved with discussions on various subjects. I’ve been qualified for over 10 years mainly sub contracting and now is the time to start building up some of my own work and widening the client base. Any advice would be...
  9. G


    Good Morning Everyone It's great to join this forum. I am a qualified bookkeeper, so if anyone of you nice people have got any questions regarding your business finances/tax returns, then please do let me know and I will attempt to help you as much as I can. Thanks and speak to you soon.
  10. B

    A Big Fat Hello to Everybody from a Newbie!

    Great site, well done and more importantly a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to respond to posts! :):):)
  11. Pauls0212

    Hello Everybody cool forum

    Bin lurkin in the background for a while, thought its about time i said hello
  12. westward10

    Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.

    This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was and important job to be done and Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody...
  13. S

    Random Polls

    @Dan Would you mind turning off these random polls appearing down the righthand side, they're mostly archaic anyway.
  14. A

    In need of testing tools advise....

    Hello everybody. I just started a 2 year course on electrical instalations city and guilds. Now, as a result, I am in need of a tester. One that can do all of the following if possible and not too expensive. Continuity Insulation Resistance Polarity Supply voltage Circuit current I was...
  15. N

    Sub contracting work/contracts

    Hi everybody first off happy new year to everybody Well it's another year of work ahead and back to the grindstone again tomorrow Were working on a council site at present Just wondering if anyone knows of any sub contracting work or anything out there at all. Were willing to travel if...
  16. S

    American switches

    This is just a curiosity thing but iv just come back from a roadtrip across america starting in ohio cedar point going through to tennesse and then ending up in miami and one of the things that i noticed that no matter where we went everybody seemed to have exactly the same lightswitch design -...
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