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  1. mhar

    A 'drop everything and get here quickly' call

    This video was presented to me by a rather scared meter fitter It was a bit dark in the cupboard so he turned his phone camera on for a bit of light
  2. D

    new to this i need help asap

    Hi everyone i am David i need some help please ASAP i have replace a socket put everything keeps tripping has anyone got any ideas please
  3. ses

    For sale everything as business downsizing

    I've decided to downsize my business after constant problems with staff and subcontractors I have the following for sale please message me for pricing or make me an offer Little Giant Ladders 5 rung Van Guard 3m dual opening pipe carrier Fluke multifunction tester and leads x 2 will...
  4. Iain Kay

    Is this installation considered acceptable today? (1-ring including oven and everything else)

    Looking for some advice on what I've discovered is the electrics situation in my rental property. I'll note that before I moved in here I made the Letting agents (LA) more than aware I use an absolute ****-ton of power. I told them I can and will be pulling 2,000-4,000 kWh a quarter (with gas...
  5. Marvo

    Not sure how he got everything in there.....

    I assembled a liquid level control on the workshop bench this morning. I was in a rush so I just put the two 11-pin liquid level relays and 8 terminals on a loose piece of DIN rail, wired them up and quickly plugged it in the the bench supply to test it. I left it in the hands of my newest guy...
  6. nbwriter

    Intro: Old School Technician (That Researches Everything)

    Hi Guys (And Gals) I am not a qualified electrician. But, I did work as a hardware/software technician with various companies for about 6 years. I still work in general maintenance (for a company) today, so I'm sometimes called upon to fix general electrical faults like lighting failures and...
  7. weevilward

    Need some ideas - RCD tripping but everything tests fine....

    Hi all, Customer reports sporadic nuisance tripping of RCD. I cannot reproduce it, or fault anything, except SOMETIMES on EFLI test it trips the RCD (megger mft 1553 'no trip' test). I'm out of ideas here, can anyone help? This is what I've got: - TT installation (small domestic); - 30mA RCCB...
  8. S

    Help with fuses that don't seem to do anything

    Hi, So last year we bought a house and didn't go through and label the fuses. There are 15 in the box. The previous owners wanted to install an infra-sauna in the upstairs bathroom, and put in a cable but never put in the sauna. This was turned off at the fuse box, but we never paid attention...
  9. P

    Hi, old guy, newly qualified

    hi I recently qualified as domestic installer with part p, inspection and testing level 2, 17th edition, pat testing level 3 in test and management. They can't teach you everything, not possible, so I will ask some seemingly daft questions, please be gentleish with replies. I need some...
  10. Lou

    Active Electrics

    Here at Active Electrics we offer a wide range of services, everything from the installation of simple domestic sockets all the way through to installing complex industrial 3 phase distribution systems - and everything else in-between, 24 hours a day! 365 days a year! We operate as fully...
  11. Malcolm

    Domestic Extractor Hood Tripping Rcd

    Hi all. When to a job this moring RCD had tripped, narrowed it down to the kitchen sockets, but found that the RCD stayed on for about 20-30 seconds before tipping out. Unplugged everything, so I thought. Tested the RCD 1x 37ms - 36ms. 5x 11ms - 13ms. Ramp test 19.6 mA. Then I realised the...
  12. D

    Domestic fuse box tripping

    hy there for some strange reason all last night my fuse box kept tripping out for no reason everything plugged in is normal nothing added or overloaded but my trip flicks back off after few mins so theres still a problem , i have everything off in the house and it still wont stay on any ideas...
  13. M

    Addressable fire panel

    Addressable fire panel, that will support at least 20 apollo devices (12 smoke heads, 2 heat detectors, 5 break glasses) Good used will be ok, as long as everything works ( I mean everything) and will pass test and inspection from authorised bodies. Obliged, mickeyspark.
  14. L

    And i thought domestic was dirty...

    Previous house basher for 4 years and qualified in that area. Started my new job this week and i am wiring up a flour mill. ITS HUGE, we have a production mill factory with about 4 new motors and 6 sensors wiring back to a plc unit. I have to say i am enjoying the work and seem to be getting on...
  15. Dan

    Survey: Agency workers stop ‘level playing field’

    Electrical contractors say difficult to compete for contracts with firms using agency workers Read the full news article
  16. N

    Domestic Everything RCD protected?

    Hi all, My understanding is that everything should be RCD protected now, as it is unlikely that all the criteria is met for it to not need RCD protection. I went to my friends house the other day and the consumer unit had a periodic inspection and test carried out by the local council last...
  17. P

    RCD tripping. Give me a clue!

    Hi Guys A Happy 2014 to you all. I've recently had two calls to trace the cause of intermittent tripping in domestic installations, and failed miserably! The latest - 4 way box feeding garage, utility room, garden shed. Customer reckons it sometimes trips when they switch the light on, but can...
  18. J


    Has anybody recently sat there am2 and what kind of work was asked for? Thanks
  19. P

    Boiler & RCD Issue

    Long time reader, first time poster.. I have been having some issues with my RCD circuit / boiler. I have a Worcester 24i Junior Combi Boiler installed and when I have it set to 3 on the boiler there are no issues, but when I change it to anything above it trips the RCD. I called an...
  20. C

    zs test keeps tripping rcd

    fitted a new c/u and put a new ring main in kitchen last week ready for my assessment in the morning, everything tested ok and zs tested ok then, sent meter in for calibration check last thursday and picked it up today (megger 1552) certificate says everything passed no adjustment needed, so i...
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