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  1. Martgj90

    Exactly When can you call yourself an "Electrician"

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but it's one that has always puzzled me. I know some people say you aren't officially an electrician until you get your Level 3/AM2 however I've heard guys who only have C&G level 2s but have worked on domestic sites for years call themselves...
  2. Rockingit

    500m drum FP 1.5 2c - and it's in my way!

    Getting massively in my way is a brand new, shrink wrapped, 500m drum of NoBurn Enhanced 1.5 2c + e and nearly 2000 7mm red P clips to go with it. Make me a sensible offer and it's likely to be yours and an absolute bargain buy!
  3. T

    Bit flummoxed as to what exactly to report/say on this?

    This is fed in 2 core 4/6mm (not positive) SWA. No earth except a bit of 2.5mm (blue sheathed with earth) on pirhana nut to earth bus bar. An atrocious install technique all round. The landlord did it. Swearing heartily at the spark who did not finish the job. Wrong MCB for the 2.5 on two of...
  4. Taylortwocities

    Bloomin' Football

    Now, I need some help here, and I will admit that I am not a fan of football Given what's been happening in the last year around this sport Crazy goings on at FIFA Alleged misbehaviour that causes the England Manager to step down after only a few weeks Reports of abuse to young people by...
  5. 7029 dave


    Nice bodge going on.
  6. K

    Lighting circuits query

    If a 6a domestic lighting circuit had say at least 30 lights on it , including lots of 50w gu10 bulbs what code if any would you put on a eicr?
  7. S

    Domestic advice wanted please

    Hi all.just come accross this, not 100% sure what is does.in the con.unit 2 conductors coming from bottom.. N going to neutral busbar..line going to 6a mcb used for lights what is is exactly ?
  8. T

    Commercial Generator and UPS

    Hi all. Hoping somebody can help with an issue I'm having at a school I do maintenance work at. They have a geni with auto transfer switch and ups providing back up to the IT equipment and phones. The ups works fine when geni is disconnected, but as soon as the geni fire's up the ups goes...
  9. Resu

    Duplicate Easycert EICRs

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone could tell me if it's possible to duplicate an entire EICR on the app. We have a scheme of 20 houses to do all exactly the same electrically and this would save a bit of time (worth mentioning we obviously won't be using the same values for each property, it's...
  10. L

    40A Flow Switch

    Hi everyone I am looking for a water flow sensor/switch to turn on a 11.5Kw shower. The flow sensor/switch must be capable of handling 40A for a period of upto 2 hours of use. Does anyone know of such a thing if one exists?
  11. J

    Domestic Adding RCD Protection to a ring final

    If I add a rcd to a ring final at the fuse board because im adding extra sockets and moving some other I need to test all old sockets as well right ?? the reason I ask is ive quoted for the job and was discussing with the customer yesterday what I had to do, I saw her tonight at the pub and she...
  12. S

    Pneumatic Timer Switches

    Anyone know of a pneumatic timer switch with a 1 hour delay suitable for use with a wall mounted domestic/office heater? Everything I can find has a max of ten minutes or is designed for lighting circuits.
  13. T

    Am2 on Monday!!!

    As above I have the big one on Monday, without tempting fate, i like to think I'm ready for it. But if anyone has any pointers, tips or reminders then that would be great. Cheers guys.
  14. I

    Tapping Off A 3 Phase Supply

    Lads Can you tap off a 3 phase supply to meter block to suppy a 230 board. Chris
  15. R

    Commando RCBO off old wylex

    Saw something today - I'm putting a few new s/o in on a ring main in a flat. The ring main is on a 30A push-in breaker on an old wylex board, which comes out of the breaker, up a bit of twin and earth into a 'shower unit' type 1 way board with a 30mA 40A RCBO. Now, although not best practice...
  16. R

    Domestic Confused problem!!!

    Hi I went to a property today to check some lights that had stopped working. When i got there the customer pointed me at the kitchen. There was 4 spots in the kitchen and they were not switching on. I dropped the lights and checked if there was power them (had to start somewhere). I found that...
  17. E

    RCBO trip Times

    Do I test an RCBO exactly the same way as an RCD i.e 50% 100% & 500%
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