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  1. O

    Heathrow expansion .......................

    Today near me was a open session for locals to see some of the plans for the proposed 3rd runway at Heathrow .................. like it or not I think it needs to happen, along with a 2nd runway at Gatwick I went along to understand what they are planning by way of infrastructure changes for...
  2. M

    Domestic Garage expansion / MCB rating

    I've just moved into a virtually new home with detached double garage and has the original install as supplied. I need to add a lot of light internally in the garage…..something like 12x58w tubes. I also would like to add 2-4x double sockets around the space. The current setup has 2.5mm T&E...
  3. sparks1234

    Galv conduit

    Not something we normally get involved in installing, but, we have a long straight run of galv conduit to install (approx) 60 mtrs. Would this require any sort of expansion joint?
  4. F

    Hyundai Panel expansion gap?

    I have not yet discovered in any of the manufacturers data a specific expansion gap between panels. Any input on this to give a newbie a break Please.
  5. 0

    outside lighting in plastic conduit

    Hi just wanting some advice regarding some lighting I will be doing in plastic 20mm tube, I will be installing a high power led pir security light which come with a flex, I would like to know which is the best waterproof box to connect the cables via a shroud into and where to get this I would...
  6. M

    PVC Conduit-Sealant Lubricant for expansion Joints

    Does anybody know or recommend an easily obtainable product that would be suitable for the expansion side of a pvc expansion coupler. Normally I have installed conduit with bends which have accommodated expansion but I have two long straight runs on my next install and although it is suggested...
  7. J

    Internal to External PVC Conduit

    Hi all, Some help is required, I am currently trying to run network + 12v cable out to my dog kennels (for cctv cameras) and have a slight problem working out how the conduit should be installed correctly. The run is only short but the cables must exit mid way up and in the middle of an...
  8. I

    pvc conduit need to be glued

    hi do short runs of pvc conduit less than a meter between boxes securly saddle clipped, is it a must that they need to be glued ??
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