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  1. the pict

    Why are these words so expensive

    £254.00 (Zero Rated) This part of BS 5266 gives recommendations and guidance on the factors that need to be considered in the design of and the installation and wiring of the electrical emergency lighting At the end of the day its ink and paper so why the ludicrous price when considering...
  2. D

    Rather Expensive Test Adaptor

    £128... Really!! Would cost no more than £15 to make one...
  3. C

    Why are wall chasers so expensive

    I've been looking at wall chasers, I really can't work out why they are so expensive. They seem to be a £70 angle grinder with a dust extraction shroud. Am I missing something?
  4. C

    Australia the land of milk & honey

    Hello guys has anyone been and worked in Australia, i only ask this because i am part of Londons younger generation who can buy a box room of a flat for 300K, if your not a property owner your done for basically. i only ask because i earn 50k and I find the London property market to be a scary...
  5. Pete999

    Tool aficionados

    Sorry for the mix up before hager wiha blue screwdrivers | eBay -
  6. Pete999

    Pete's Videos How to put a plug top on, or not

    Yes I know it's American for those who complain that most of the Videos I post are from over the pond, but I thought you might like it (You know who you are)
  7. N

    Aico Radio Controlled Detectors

    Hi all, Looking at fitting several Aico detectors with Radio Controlled bases. Anyone know the best place to get them from as the bases are dam expensive? Thanks
  8. N

    Intruder Alarm - Wired or Wireless?

    Hi all, What's everyone opinion on intruder alarms, is wireless the way to go now? Obviously wireless is cheaper and easier to install but is it less reliable? What's the pros and cons? Cheers
  9. S

    Fluke 1651 Error 1

    Hi coming to the end of my self employed electrical business and my damn testers has got another error code.. A while ago it got error 5 - High noise.. so off it went for repair where the cost prob could of got me another set of intsruments.. So anyway, i went to finish a job off the other day...
  10. wackyracer

    Bosch GPL5 Laser Level

    Has anyone tried the Bosch GPL5 laser level, is it any good and how does it compare to the Dewalt DW088K/DW087K that a lot of people seem to use. They are both around the same price just wondered which would be the better buy. :confused:
  11. J

    Solar Edge (or other micro inverter) advantage when shading is minimal?

    Just wondering about your thoughts on whether I lost a job to a technically deficient but more expensive design. Basically a customer has a fairly large tree due west of his roof but has been convinced that the shading is severe so he should go for a more expensive quote using micro...
  12. M

    what backing board to use

    Hi, I am interested to know what backing board I should use to mount the DC and AC isolators and the inverter (Soladin 600). I understand it needs to be fireproof. cheers,
  13. vxwestie

    Megger MFT lead

    Ive gone and lost my lead for my MFT 1552. The lead with the 13amp plug. Can anyone point me in the direction of a cheap replacement. I expect buyer from megger will be expensive.
  14. La Poste

    Contactors vs relays.

    Does anyone know why contactors are more expensive than relays? In my mind they do the same thing in fact relays do more (IE normally on/ normally off terminals) so why the difference in price IE contactors are more expensive, I don't get it. Thanks.
  15. PeakSteve

    Solar surveying tools?

    I'm new to pv (done training, but not yet done an installation). Can anyone recommend tools, or a supplier, who deals with sun path surveying tools (I'm wondering if an old-fashioned sextant would be a useful purchase)? Any other advice or info would also be welcomed. Thanks and regards to all...
  16. C

    Extending/adding concealed cables?

    Evening I know the regs say that cables buried less than 50mm in a wall or partition need to be mechanically, or rcd protected, but if these circuits arent rcd protected what does everyone do when they extend a circuit? Add RCBO's? or mechanically protect the added cable? Not just for sockets...
  17. C

    Distribution Board on a Ring Main.

    Whilst working in a new customers house recently I came across a Distribution Board fed by the upstairs ringmain. It has 2 x 2.5 T&E's feeding it, I've checked it is on the ring by switching the ring off, disconnecting the feeds and testing for ring continuity. I am not going any further with...
  18. S

    PV Design Software

    Can anyone recommend a good but fairly chepar software programme for pv? I've looked at PVsyst and it's not really what I want. PV sol is expensive and looks quite complicated. What I really want is something that will produce the diagrams and monthly assumptions as well as matching all...
  19. A

    Van security - Whats best?

    After news of a local van breaking near me, we are looking to step-up security in our work vans. At the moment im taking expensive items out of the van at night and keeping them in the house. (drills, testers, etc..) pain in the ass but at the mo better safe than sorry. Any suggestions...
  20. P

    led flood light

    as the title led flood lights, has anyone used them yet? good or bad, only uses 3 watts cheap enough to buy but i can`t be bothered stuck up a ladder to have to take it down the next day if it`s rubbish.
  21. L

    Convert single to 3 phase

    Mrs's boss bin asking me about installing a 3 phase sunbed in his salon but only got single phase coming in From your experience is it expensive to get supply company to upgrade. I have very little knowledge on this subject as i do house bashing
  22. D

    Quick question guys regarding an old wylex board

    I have just been asked to fit an additional socket to an existing ring main. The problem i have is the board is the old wylex rewirable fuse type.. and to keep up with regs and RCD protection on sockets etc, is their a device you can put in place of the re-wirable fuse with rcd protection, for...
  23. P

    Website Design Help

    :)i Am Thinking Of Getting A Website Done But Dont Want To Spend The Earth Any Pointers Would Be Very Welcome Indeed,;)
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