1. apreen

    UK Looking for voluntary work for experience

    Hi, I am just wondering if there is anybody out there interested in allowing me to do a little voluntary work with your company to gain a little more electrical experience. I was working for a company in cannock second fixing modular prison units with CU’s, showers, water heaters, HVAC...
  2. P

    UK Looking for testing experience (unpaid) East London and surrounding areas

    Hello fellow sparks, I’m looking to do my testing and inspection course which starts on the 30th of April, but I have not got much testing experience. My only source of learning is hitting the books and lots of YouTube videos which I learn a lot from but of course it’s not the same as hands on...
  3. Sparkystalbans

    BMS experience London

    Anyone any suggestions as to where to start ?
  4. M

    I Need Work Seeking Work Experience.

    I’m looking for a couple of days a week work experience I’m in my second year of Electrical Installations Studies at the Manchester College UK. Willing to work for free to gain experience. Able to travel across Stockport and Manchester.
  5. P

    I Need Work Looking to get more experience.

    Hello! I am looking for a company to allow me to get more electrical experience. I am mid 30’s, ex military officer and currently training on the adults electricians course. I have already passed my 18th Edition & Building Reg’s/Part P exams. I am waiting to attend the Test & Inspection course...
  6. F

    Compex Electrician experience

    Good evening, I was wondering if anybody out there has any experience working as a compex electrician please? I’m 35 and have been an electrician for about 5 years now after deciding to retrain later on in life. I mainly have just domestic electrical experience but am seeking a new path within...
  7. C

    13 months onsite experience, y3 apprentice in Haringey - London

    Hi, I've just finished a contract working on a new build where, over the past 13 months, I've learned much of the ins and outs of modern electrical installation.The company I worked for were really happy with my work and wanted me to continue working for them. However, they also needed me to...
  8. D

    I Need Work Electrical experience in Manchester

    Hi everybody! I am certified but looking for experience to gain ECS card. Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6-8 hours voluntary work. Please call 0770 20 80 226. Regards Dimi
  9. Cankeredlamentations

    I Need Work Looking for additional experience Leeds (West Yorkshire)

    Afternoon all, Current situation is - Adult learner (I'm 38 in a few weeks) I have my Level 2&3 (obtained last September) started learning at college on an evening about 3 years back and went from there) My 18th Edition (obtained Jan this year) and have now obtained my ECS card (came...
  10. EleElectric

    I Need Work Looking for Work Experience

    Hi all, hope you're well I'm hoping to find an electrician around Leicestershire/Northamptonshire that would be willing to allow me to come out on jobs with them and generally help them out in anyway. Recently I have done a small bit work experience with an experienced spark but he is retiring...
  11. M

    I Need Work Looking for practical experience / mate position - anywhere in country considered

    Hello. My name is David and I am in the process of retraining to become an electrician, something I have wanted to do for a while. Finally I have done it, and have now completed most of the required qualifications, so am now looking for a position that will give me the practical experience and...
  12. K

    I Need Work Newly qualified looking to gain experience

    Hi all, I have recently completed qualifications in Part P, 18th Edition and Initial Inspection & Testing. I am now looking to gain practical experience and am willing to help experienced electricians in order to achieve this. I have my own car and am building up my toolbox. I am in the North...
  13. M

    I Need Work Seeking electrical experience in Birmingham willing to be ripped off!

    Hi, my name is Manjot and I am a hardworking 21 year old who's training to become an electrician. I have almost finished my Level 2 C&G. I live in smethwick and would like any sort of practical electrical experience. I have a part time job which supports my lifesyle so I won't require high wages...
  14. A

    Electrician Jobs Looking for an Experience Electrician

    looking for an Electrical experience person, ( Don't have to be license ) in NORTH NEW JERSEY AREA to work 3-4 days a week, probably more...must have your own tools and transportation please...Contact Hamid...Assurance Electrical at 908-367-0593
  15. A

    Electrician Jobs Looking for someone with electrical work experience, don't have to be license.

    Looking for someone to work 3-4 days a week, doing electrical work, don't have to be license, but experience is a must. Have your own tools and transportation please, Thank you...reach Hamid.. Assurance Electrical LLC 908-367-0593...
  16. Kallo444

    Experience with 2-wire Bticino intercom

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have experience with Bticino intercom systems? I am trying to replace my old Bticino unit with newer model as per the diagram below. Everything seems to work fine, except the most important part. When a visitor calls from the main entrance the new intercom unit does not...
  17. K

    I Need Work Whitstable, Herne Bay, Canterbury. Want to gain experience

    Based in Kent - Whitstable, Herne Bay, Canterbury area I’m currently working towards completing C+G level 3 electrical installation. I work full time nights but the variety of electrical work i do is limited so I’m not gaining much on site knowledge. I’m looking to get out on jobs with an...
  18. C

    Advice on Finding Work - No Experience

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right place to ask since it's more of a general question. I'm looking for a bit of advice. I completed my level 2 and 3 a few years ago and I'm now looking to get into electrics full time. The problem I have is I have no on-site experience. I technically have...
  19. J

    I Need Work Looking for experience (Stockport / Manchester or surrounding areas)

    Hi, I’m currently retraining to be an electrician and would like to gain some practical experience, I am in the Stockport / Manchester area and would be willing to do this for free to gain the experience. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks in advance, Jamie
  20. R

    My plan, to retrain and getting help with experience

    Hi all, My first post and would like to share my thoughts on my plan to retrain. Currently a Network Manager but started out as an CAD Draughtsman, then moved into electronics as pcb layout designer and electronic test engineer. An opening came along via a friend to work as a network...


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