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  1. DannyJS

    Electricians Mate Electrical Improver Looking for Work - Greater Manchester

    Looking to pick up work as an Improver, based near Manchester Airport, available now. Mainly domestic experience, some commercial, working with 2 local firms but not getting enough work and I am used to working overtime so keen to make more contacts and find more work. Punctual, polite...
  2. S

    Bosch GMS 120 Cable Detector

    Hi Everybody Has anybody on here any experience of using a Bosch GMS 120 cable detector? The scenario I have is that I am working on a stone built cottage ,plastered with sand and cement which I guess was rewired 30 + years ago where all the cables have been plastered into the walls and not...
  3. D

    UK Gaining Experience

    Hi all need some advice Its my first time posting so bare with me. Here is where im am at the moment : I have completed my level 2 and level 3 2365 in Electrical Installations. I have also gained my level 3 award in the requirements for Electrical Installations 2382:18 (18th edition wiring...
  4. OfficialAsh

    Looking for on-site experience

    Hello, I have completed my level 2 electrical installation C&G course. After browsing around for Electricians mates and apprentice roles I have noticed that many require either a ECS/CSCS card. What card do I need for my role (Mate or apprentice)? What option do I go for within either card...
  5. J

    Electricians Mate Looking for full-time work/experience as Electrician's mate in London

    My name is Johnson I’m looking for any jobs as electrician’s mate. If not available I’m willing to work for cheap or free to gain experiences around London. I'm happy to be an extra pairs of helping hand and ready to start (my location is in Woolwich common, Greenwich south east London SE18)...
  6. M

    Electrician Looking for Electrical work experience in or around Harlow, Essex

    Hi, Having completed C&G level 3 and AM2, I am looking for ongoing work experience in or around Harlow and am happy to do it unpaid. I do not have a van, only a car, but have my own tools and will buy more as required. I have completed the ECS exam and it is valid until November 2021, but...
  7. N

    Panel builder suppliers

    do panel builders need previous experience with manufacturer’s or is it ok to hire them
  8. S

    Have any novices gone down the security/fire root with little experience?

    Hello, I have been considering offering clients my services fire/security installs however I would consider myself a novice. I just wondered if any other sparkys had gone down this root with little experience as I imagine it's quite a learning curve getting to grips with control panels and...
  9. H

    Electrician Looking for hands-on work experience, Wiltshire area

    Level 3 qualified, some experience with maintenance and installation. Any opportunities welcome and doesn't matter at all if unpaid, can travel up to 50-60 miles as I drive. Are there any electricians or firms in the Wiltshire/Swindon area that would be willing to take me on to gain experience...
  10. J

    Help with electrical work experience in Tyne and Wear.

    Coming to the end of a level 2 2365 course, starting the level 3 in September and like many others, I'm looking for work experience in Tyne and Wear. So if you can put up with a volunteer for while give me a shout. I have own transport and own basic tools. Source URL: The Welcome Forum -...
  11. A

    Any Electrical work experience available in Birmingham , West midlands area?

    I am looking to gain Electrical experience in the industry . I have completed my diploma level 3 2365 and will be completing my AM2 in summer time but l will require work experience to complete my NVQ and l am willing to work for free to gain work experience however if someone is willing to take...
  12. i=p/u

    Canada Working in Canada

    Hi, would love to go to Canada and work as electrician. I've only started reading about and was wondering can anyone point me in right direction as they have already been there. #canada #express entry
  13. L

    UK electrical helper looking for experience.

    Hello everyone , I have just completed a course that gives me the qualifications below: 18th edition wiring regs Portable appliance testing level 3 qcf Part P Domestic Installer Level 2 I have done some practical but not as much to call myself a sparky. I would like to know how to go...
  14. D

    Work experience

    Hi, ive just started doing a course doing an electrical course through NTC. The question, is there any company/ individual/s looking for someone like me to work for them that’s just for the experience and not looking to be paid for it.
  15. T

    Electrician Work as a mate/improver in London. Own tools and transport.

    I am 27 years old, based in London, with aspirations to qualify and work as an electrician. I apply myself well with a strong work ethic and problem solving abilities, and have a serious desire to learn and succeed. I recently left a job with EDF where I worked in metering...
  16. Lister1987

    Apprentices Mature Student (32) looking for hands-on experience - Warrington and surrounding areass

    I'm currently in the early stages of my career development (read as currently 3 months in 2365 Level 2) and I'm looking to get some hands on experience, an apprenticeship at my age would be great but I'll take what I can get. Full disclosure; I am disabled but I don't let that stop me from...
  17. N

    Electricians in NY, no experience required

    We are hiring electricians of all levels from beginner to experienced Candidates are encouraged to submit their application as soon as possible. Located in: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island City, Far rockaway, etc ... Please PM for phone number. Ask for Abigail
  18. C

    Other Looking for work experience

    I'd appreciate some advice on retraining in electrical installation and maintenance with no experience. Just about to pay to do c+g level 2 at a training centre In Nottingham every Saturday. Then onto level 3. 18th edition etc. Is there any electricians in the Derby area that would help me gain...
  19. C

    Electrician Level 3 2365 looking for work experience , Walsall area.

    I completed my level 3 C&G in Electrical Installations 2 years ago and have had some work experience with a local electrician mostly doing home re-wires. I am hoping to find work with an experienced electrician who can help me to develop my knowledge and skills further.
  20. Paul Whybrow

    Advice on where to find experience

    Good Morning All, I wonder if any of you more accomplished Electricians could help with this?, I have completed 2365 level 2 and 3, 18th BS7671 have IPAF 3a and 3b plus asbestos awareness,. whilst looking for work and experience I seem to be struggling and was looking for additional ideas of...
  21. HandsOffEngineer

    Completed Level 1, seeking work experience

    Hello, I've just completed my Level 1 City & Guilds in Electrical Installation (distinction) and I'm looking to gain some work experience before I commence Level 2 in September. If there is anybody here who would be happy to have a 'student' along to observe and assist with labouring, then I...
  22. J

    Qualify first or get experience?

    So I work in full time sales, wanting to become a full time sparky, I am a novice to the sparky game. I have an uncle that works as a sparky, he knows a chap that might be able to get me a few months working as a spark's mate(2-3 months contract work), which is great, but the question I wanted...
  23. C

    Trainee Looking for Experience - Birmingham Area

    Hi Currently I'm working in a warehouse as an order packer which is amazingly exciting :rolleyes:. I'm looking for on-site experience as an electrician's mate around the Birmingham area. I've completed my levels 2 & 3 at college and obtained my ECS card along the way. I'll be looking to get my...
  24. Z

    Domestic Jobs not experience???

    Hi everyone, I just asking because , I finish my college Level 2, 2365 Diploma, but not many experience. Any advice how to start jobs for electrical mate , and how to make CV, please .
  25. M

    Weekend Work/Experience Domestic

    Hi I’m currently doing my 2357 course which I have funded myself and awaiting to do my AM2 in two months but I’m looking for some weekend work and experience in domestic work. I currently work on commercial sites and have done a few domestic job but look to gain some more experience. I am...
  26. C

    Domestic New Member with some electrical experience

    Hi, I've just joined the forum, I'm not a qualified electrician, however, I am a mechanical engineer and did work in a maintenance department of a factory during my apprenticeship - I also worked on power boats and had to do some electrical work as part of that job (many years ago). I've...
  27. Matt

    Trainee Electricians mate from London looking for experience

    Hello everyone, I would like to get some experience in installing containment, ladder rack or tray work. I don't expect renumeration - will work for experience. I am available one, two days a week or for the odd job you might have. Can not do more as I need to keep my regular job. Weekend...
  28. R

    RCD Reliability - whats your experience?

    RCDs Explained | Electrical Safety First - https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/guidance/safety-around-the-home/rcds-explained/ this article says that RCDs are 97% reliable. so presumably the other 3% won't disconnect in time, if at all, in the event of a fault.
  29. 1

    Free labour in return for experience?

    Evening folks, The ones that remember from my previous post remember the predicament I was in. In short, was leaving the military, was half way through the domestic installer course before realising it was not the best route to go down. I've decided to hold off leaving for another 11 months...
  30. L

    Electricians Mate Commercial mate or experience

    I am a fully qualified electrician nvq 3 2357 with primarily domestic experience but looking to go commercial full time, i have done commercial works but only a little. Willing to even take a mates job to pick up commercial containment and systems. Can anybody please help me? Im in newcastle...
  31. R

    Best way to get Experience

    So as many of you know I have been looking for work as a Mate/Labourer for around 5 months now, but no one will take me on due to not having enough experience. It really is a Catch 22 situation. So I have tried, phoning companies, emailing CVs, applying for Electricians Mates jobs on the job...
  32. L

    I have finished my L2 & 3 2365, now in need of practical experience?

    Attempting to become an electrician as a change of career. I have now completed 2365 lvl2 and lvl3 installation and inspection. I'm in need of some practical experience and maybe a job opportunity. Based in Birmingham, UK. Any advice?
  33. C

    Electricians mate/labourer looking for experience.

    Hi all, I have recently gained my electrical labourers ecs card and have been searching for a job to carry on my pursuit of becoming a fully qualified electrician. Although looking through pages and pages of positions becoming available, they all state previous experience is a must. Was...
  34. 4

    Trainee Recent Experience of a "Training" Provider

    Thought this might be of interest and use to anyone looking to undertake the various short training courses. So here is my recent experience - note I am HV trained, looking to move to domestic/small commercial Week 1 Monday Arrive at 08:00 as directed. Time seems to be for the convenience of...
  35. Sym

    Commercial Anyone here have experience of working in a Hospital environment?

    Hello, as a few of you might know I have got an interview for a job in a hospital tomorrow. I have already received some great advice from some members here, that advice has been truly appreciated. The hospital is now moving premises and the job entails PPM work and reactive maintenance. If I...
  36. Cableguy337

    Electrician Newly Qualified level 3 spark looking for experience.

    Hi I am coming to the end of my level 3 city & guilds qualification and am seeking to gain some hands on experience within the field as soon as possible. I am 29 years of age and am very serious this is the path I want to take. Not some wishy washy teenager. I have a basic knowledge of...
  37. khalid

    Electrician electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks

    I'm new to this forum & i have electrical experience as competence person but would like to pick up some knowledge on the following anyone can do electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks
  38. F

    Work Experience around London.

    Hi all, Im looking for some work experience in London and around the M25. I have the 18th edition, the domestic installer part P and the Testing and Initial Verification Certificats. I have 2 years on site experience. if anyone looking for a dedicated, resilient and hard working person, please...
  39. D

    Looking for experience,

    I am interested in becoming an electrician, currently I am in the forces at RAF Waddington, I am looking at doing a couple of days a month working/helping anyone who would have me to build some experience and aquire knowledge where I can. Obviously I don't want paying, I just want to learn, if...
  40. C

    Work experience in grimsby

    Good morning sir I am writing to you with regards to the possibility of giving me a bit of casual work experience, I am 50 years old currently retraining to become an electrician. I am studying level 2 electrical installations at Grimsby college., I just need...
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