1. M

    Electricians Mate Looking for practical experience / mate position - anywhere in country considered

    Hello. My name is David and I am in the process of retraining to become an electrician, something I have wanted to do for a while. Finally I have done it, and have now completed most of the required qualifications, so am now looking for a position that will give me the practical experience and...
  2. M

    Electrician Seeking electrical experience in Birmingham willing to be ripped off!

    Hi, my name is Manjot and I am a hardworking 21 year old who's training to become an electrician. I have almost finished my Level 2 C&G. I live in smethwick and would like any sort of practical electrical experience. I have a part time job which supports my lifesyle so I won't require high wages...
  3. A

    Electrician Looking for someone with electrical work experience, don't have to be license.

    Looking for someone to work 3-4 days a week, doing electrical work, don't have to be license, but experience is a must. Have your own tools and transportation please, Thank you...reach Hamid.. Assurance Electrical LLC 908-367-0593...
  4. Kallo444

    Experience with 2-wire Bticino intercom

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have experience with Bticino intercom systems? I am trying to replace my old Bticino unit with newer model as per the diagram below. Everything seems to work fine, except the most important part. When a visitor calls from the main entrance the new intercom unit does not...
  5. C

    Advice on Finding Work - No Experience

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right place to ask since it's more of a general question. I'm looking for a bit of advice. I completed my level 2 and 3 a few years ago and I'm now looking to get into electrics full time. The problem I have is I have no on-site experience. I technically have...
  6. J

    Electrician Looking for experience (Stockport / Manchester or surrounding areas)

    Hi, I’m currently retraining to be an electrician and would like to gain some practical experience, I am in the Stockport / Manchester area and would be willing to do this for free to gain the experience. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks in advance, Jamie
  7. R

    My plan, to retrain and getting help with experience

    Hi all, My first post and would like to share my thoughts on my plan to retrain. Currently a Network Manager but started out as an CAD Draughtsman, then moved into electronics as pcb layout designer and electronic test engineer. An opening came along via a friend to work as a network...
  8. Raptor0014

    Anyone with experience of installing a Generator AMF in a domestic setting?

    Evening all, I've been asked to install a generator backup to a property, however they are going to be using a AMF panel. The generator they are using is a Pramac P9000 and they will be using Pramac's own AMF. I will be changing the consumer unit at the same time as it's currently an old...
  9. D

    Just introducing myself.

    Just saying hi, amateur diy er with 50 yrs experience of worrying you professionals. I have back up from a time served sparky(big brother) retired !
  10. SofianM

    experience needed please give me shout if you need a helping hand

    Hi Electricians Looking to gain practical electrical experience in the London area preferably commercial but will consider domestic as well. I'm willing to travel and dont expect to be paid whilst learning. Please give me shout if you need a helping hand. I'm confident and competent person...
  11. D

    Out of country experience

    I trained as an electrician in South Africa for 4 years in domestic electrical maintenance and installation and some factory installations. I have recently moved to the UK and would like to start up with electrics again, however I don’t have the relevant qualifications for the uk. Can any one...
  12. danJ04

    Looking for Work experience around Kent/South East London

    Hi All, my college course requires me to complete a certain amount of work experience and thought looking around this website might solve some of my problems. I have some prior installation experience from wiring up around my house, but as of now I have no professional experience but am willing...
  13. T

    Anyone with experience of EV charger courses?

    Hello again! Has anybody got any experience of EV charger installation courses? there are plenty about if I google it, of course, but would like to hear from anybody who has been on a course and found it helpful or otherwise! Many thanks
  14. LandlordSafetyCertificat

    Electrician New to this forum and with more than 10 years experience

    Hello everyone, We are new to this forum and providing our electrical services in London and M25 area for last 10 years. Looking to get more clientele. Thanks LSC
  15. I

    Electrician mate/labourer looking for experience, Coventry

    Hello everyone, After years of working as an injection moulding operator, I decided to quit and go back to my passion. Currently studying Advanced diploma in electrical installation level 3 which I enjoy a great deal and so far scoring +80% on exams, alongside I've also enrolled to BS7671...
  16. J

    Electrician Testing experience Surrey area

    Hi guys I’m wondering if anyone can help. I currently work in industrial maintenance but am looking to get more testing experience as I completed the 2391 and 2392 back in July 2017 and due to the limited amount of testing I do I’d like to gain some more experience (evening weekend preferably...
  17. impish15

    Electricians Mate Looking to gain experience

    The Position you're Seeking is Part Time Hi everyone. I am looking for experience as an Electrical Mate, working for FREE. I’m based in Bromley, South East London/Kent Would like to gain some experience. At the moment free Wednesdays. Looking to set aside more free days. 34 years old with...
  18. Sonia Norman

    After some practical experience

    I'm fully qualified 2330, 2394, 2395 18th edition. But due to Ill health I've been out of the game for four years. I just want some practical experience working along side someone to get my confidence back. I live in Southend on sea in Essex. I'm ex RAF honest reliable and trustworthy. I'm happy...
  19. S

    Electricians Mate Looking for work, preferably London and SE England but all areas considered, some experience

    Hi, I am looking for a job as an electrical improver / electrician's mate. I am available immediately, have my own car, tools and test meter. I'm located in East Sussex but willing to travel or work away from home. Any work, part or full time or temporary work would be acceptable. I have a...
  20. impish15

    Electricians Mate Looking to gain experience in South East London/Kent

    Hi everyone. I am looking for experience as an Electrical Mate, working for free. I’m based in Bromley, South East London/Kent Would like to gain some experience. At the moment free Wednesdays. Looking to set aside more free days. 34 years old with a full driving license thanks for...
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