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  1. C

    Other Looking for work experience

    I'd appreciate some advice on retraining in electrical installation and maintenance with no experience. Just about to pay to do c+g level 2 at a training centre In Nottingham every Saturday. Then onto level 3. 18th edition etc. Is there any electricians in the Derby area that would help me gain...
  2. C

    Electrician Level 3 2365 looking for work experience , Walsall area.

    I completed my level 3 C&G in Electrical Installations 2 years ago and have had some work experience with a local electrician mostly doing home re-wires. I am hoping to find work with an experienced electrician who can help me to develop my knowledge and skills further.
  3. Paul Whybrow

    Advice on where to find experience

    Good Morning All, I wonder if any of you more accomplished Electricians could help with this?, I have completed 2365 level 2 and 3, 18th BS7671 have IPAF 3a and 3b plus asbestos awareness,. whilst looking for work and experience I seem to be struggling and was looking for additional ideas of...
  4. HandsOffEngineer

    Completed Level 1, seeking work experience

    Hello, I've just completed my Level 1 City & Guilds in Electrical Installation (distinction) and I'm looking to gain some work experience before I commence Level 2 in September. If there is anybody here who would be happy to have a 'student' along to observe and assist with labouring, then I...
  5. J

    Qualify first or get experience?

    So I work in full time sales, wanting to become a full time sparky, I am a novice to the sparky game. I have an uncle that works as a sparky, he knows a chap that might be able to get me a few months working as a spark's mate(2-3 months contract work), which is great, but the question I wanted...
  6. C

    Trainee Looking for Experience - Birmingham Area

    Hi Currently I'm working in a warehouse as an order packer which is amazingly exciting :rolleyes:. I'm looking for on-site experience as an electrician's mate around the Birmingham area. I've completed my levels 2 & 3 at college and obtained my ECS card along the way. I'll be looking to get my...
  7. Z

    Domestic Jobs not experience???

    Hi everyone, I just asking because , I finish my college Level 2, 2365 Diploma, but not many experience. Any advice how to start jobs for electrical mate , and how to make CV, please .
  8. M

    Weekend Work/Experience Domestic

    Hi I’m currently doing my 2357 course which I have funded myself and awaiting to do my AM2 in two months but I’m looking for some weekend work and experience in domestic work. I currently work on commercial sites and have done a few domestic job but look to gain some more experience. I am...
  9. C

    Domestic New Member with some electrical experience

    Hi, I've just joined the forum, I'm not a qualified electrician, however, I am a mechanical engineer and did work in a maintenance department of a factory during my apprenticeship - I also worked on power boats and had to do some electrical work as part of that job (many years ago). I've...
  10. Matt

    Trainee Electricians mate from London looking for experience

    Hello everyone, I would like to get some experience in installing containment, ladder rack or tray work. I don't expect renumeration - will work for experience. I am available one, two days a week or for the odd job you might have. Can not do more as I need to keep my regular job. Weekend...
  11. R

    RCD Reliability - whats your experience?

    RCDs Explained | Electrical Safety First - this article says that RCDs are 97% reliable. so presumably the other 3% won't disconnect in time, if at all, in the event of a fault.
  12. 1

    Free labour in return for experience?

    Evening folks, The ones that remember from my previous post remember the predicament I was in. In short, was leaving the military, was half way through the domestic installer course before realising it was not the best route to go down. I've decided to hold off leaving for another 11 months...
  13. L

    Electricians Mate Commercial mate or experience

    I am a fully qualified electrician nvq 3 2357 with primarily domestic experience but looking to go commercial full time, i have done commercial works but only a little. Willing to even take a mates job to pick up commercial containment and systems. Can anybody please help me? Im in newcastle...
  14. R

    Best way to get Experience

    So as many of you know I have been looking for work as a Mate/Labourer for around 5 months now, but no one will take me on due to not having enough experience. It really is a Catch 22 situation. So I have tried, phoning companies, emailing CVs, applying for Electricians Mates jobs on the job...
  15. L

    I have finished my L2 & 3 2365, now in need of practical experience?

    Attempting to become an electrician as a change of career. I have now completed 2365 lvl2 and lvl3 installation and inspection. I'm in need of some practical experience and maybe a job opportunity. Based in Birmingham, UK. Any advice?
  16. C

    Electricians mate/labourer looking for experience.

    Hi all, I have recently gained my electrical labourers ecs card and have been searching for a job to carry on my pursuit of becoming a fully qualified electrician. Although looking through pages and pages of positions becoming available, they all state previous experience is a must. Was...
  17. 4

    Trainee Recent Experience of a "Training" Provider

    Thought this might be of interest and use to anyone looking to undertake the various short training courses. So here is my recent experience - note I am HV trained, looking to move to domestic/small commercial Week 1 Monday Arrive at 08:00 as directed. Time seems to be for the convenience of...
  18. Sym

    Commercial Anyone here have experience of working in a Hospital environment?

    Hello, as a few of you might know I have got an interview for a job in a hospital tomorrow. I have already received some great advice from some members here, that advice has been truly appreciated. The hospital is now moving premises and the job entails PPM work and reactive maintenance. If I...
  19. Cableguy337

    Electrician Newly Qualified level 3 spark looking for experience.

    Hi I am coming to the end of my level 3 city & guilds qualification and am seeking to gain some hands on experience within the field as soon as possible. I am 29 years of age and am very serious this is the path I want to take. Not some wishy washy teenager. I have a basic knowledge of...
  20. khalid

    Electrician electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks

    I'm new to this forum & i have electrical experience as competence person but would like to pick up some knowledge on the following anyone can do electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks
  21. F

    Work Experience around London.

    Hi all, Im looking for some work experience in London and around the M25. I have the 18th edition, the domestic installer part P and the Testing and Initial Verification Certificats. I have 2 years on site experience. if anyone looking for a dedicated, resilient and hard working person, please...
  22. D

    Looking for experience,

    I am interested in becoming an electrician, currently I am in the forces at RAF Waddington, I am looking at doing a couple of days a month working/helping anyone who would have me to build some experience and aquire knowledge where I can. Obviously I don't want paying, I just want to learn, if...
  23. C

    Work experience in grimsby

    Good morning sir I am writing to you with regards to the possibility of giving me a bit of casual work experience, I am 50 years old currently retraining to become an electrician. I am studying level 2 electrical installations at Grimsby college., I just need...
  24. anthonyleeds

    Quickest way to gain qualification after lots of experience

    Hello, I worked as an electrical apprentice from age 16 - 23. I feel I'm very competent when it comes to domestic installations. Unfortunately, through my own fault, I never gained all my qualifications at college (I only completed part one of my course). I am now 33 and after a number of...
  25. A

    My experience of the AM2 taken at Birmingham

    Hi guys I’m new to this site however just thought I’d give my best explanation of what the AM2 was like. If this is in the wrong forum I’m very sorry as I’m not sure what to put it in. tia Birmingham AM2 The week before the am2 I had a refresher day. This was basically just half a day of going...
  26. C

    Unpaid on the job experience

    Hello everyone I'm currently at Grimsby uni doing level 2 electrical installations. I'm looking for some on the job experience in the trade and I can 1 maybe 2 days a week. I would work unpaid I'm looking for my area Grimsby . Regards...
  27. M

    After Domestic experience???

    Hiya chaps Are there any sparkies out there that mainly do domestic work? I'm at a company at the min which specialises in forecourt work but I'm not sure I wanna go down this route, I want to get some experience in domestic rewires etc, so if there's anyone in preferably the Cheshire area...
  28. cprfenom

    Anyone have experience in Canadian electrics or the process to challenge the exams

    Hi All, As the title says, is there anyone here with Canadian electrical experience or the processes in getting your skills recognized in order to challenge the exams? I am looking at options to move to St johns in Newfoundland
  29. Ash_C

    Returning Electrician with Little on-site experience.

    Hi everyone, I am after some advice, I qualified back in 2011 (NVQ Level 3 Electro technical Studies) and since then have not been 'an electrician' but a medical equipment engineer based on my apprenticeship being a shambles (I was a white goods installer for the majority of my 4 year term as...
  30. Jay 1987

    Currently studying level 2 dip elec anybody in wales that can help with work experience ?

    Hey guys New to this forum. Is there anybody in wales or surrounding areas willing to show me some basics? I’m studying my level 2 dip and would really appreciate a veteran to show me a rookie the ropes ?
  31. M

    Domestic Traniee electrian looking for work in or around the oxford area.

    I am currently finishing my level 3 2365 at college. I currently live in London but will be moving to Banbury, Oxfordshire in December. I completed my 17th edition in February and have 3 years experience in domestic electrical work. I’m willing to undertake any aspect of electrical work. Also...
  32. K

    Electricians Mate Herts Electricians mate required

    Hi Guys We are looking for an electricians mate to join the team! Candidates are preferable from the followings areas - St Albans, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Hatfield, Luton, Welwyn Garden City, Borehamwood, Watford. Applicants will have around 1 year experience on domestic/commercial...
  33. Dan Carroll

    Free labouring for experience Glos/Worcs

    Hi all. I am a 33 year old RN Veteran and have decided to change my vocation. For the past 15 years I have trained and I am currently working as a mechanical helicopter engineer. Since leaving the forces in 2017 I have come to realise that aviation engineering is no longer for me. I aspire to...
  34. Dan Carroll

    Beginning of a journey

    Hi guys. I'm not currently an electrician, nor have I completed any training as of yet. But I have decided after 15 years as a mechanical helicopter engineer, to become an electrician. Expect plenty of questions. I'm not 100% sure yet on the route I am going to take to get there, but I have a...
  35. James bishop

    Domestic Looking for electrical work experience Birmingham/solihull west midlands

    Hi, I'm looking for some work experience as a electricians mate/improver, I have completed my level 1, level 2 2365 diploma in electrical installations and level 3 2365. I'm looking for some hands on experience to build up my employability. I'm 20 years old young and energetic and looking for...
  36. J

    Newbie introductions

    Hi there Just joined the forum, I’m on here seeking domestic installation knowledge. I’ve been an Industrial Electrician for 12 years mainly attending breakdowns and carrying out rountine maintenance with Installation work making up about 20%. I’ve just been moved onto a shift pattern which...
  37. DeanoRN

    Commercial desperately Looking for experience after completing lvl 3 2365. (west midlands)

    Hi all, ok before i start, i have another thread i made back in January but i have no idea how to delete it but since then a few things have changed so i decided to make a new thread. Anywho as the title suggests i am looking to gain experience in the commercial/industrial sector, i have just...
  38. Alan McMaster

    Anyone got experience in Maintenance on Stairlifts?

    Could be starting a new position with a stair lift company and wanting to know of anyone with experience in this sector to maybe give me some pointers. From what I have gathered there is 3 main PCBs that control the lifts, inverter for speed control and then motors and limit switches. Probably a...
  39. K

    Thinking of sending this to local sparks to get some hands on experience any thoughts

    Dear sir or madam I would like to offer my services on weekends on a voluntary basis to help with the wiring and installation of electrical equipment. I am currently working as a security engineer for an accredited company installing cctv, access control and fire alarms. The purpose of my...
  40. A

    Anyone have any experience with z-wave switches?

    Hi guys Noob here and I wanted to get some help with wiring some switches for my home automation smart hub. Its a simple task really, I am just replacing a regular light switch with a z-wave one but I am confused about the marking on the switch. All this L1, L2, C stuff really. Watching some...
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