1. M

    Domestic Extra Consumer Unit

    Hi Everybody I have to say before I ask that I will not be attempting this myself, I am asking if this is possible and if so I will find an Electrician to come and do the work for me. In the image below I have the mains coming in, going through the meter then through a switch and off to the...
  2. A

    adding extra solar panels to motorhome

    hello guys this is my first post, i hope I am posting this one on the right section. aamseee I am looking for some advise. i have bought a Motorhome which has a solar panel (100w) and a leisure battery 110ah i am thinking of upgrade the solar panel by adding 1 or 2 two 100 Watts panels, my...
  3. S

    House has PV & batteries - how much to add extra battery?

    Hello. Sis has just looked at a house with a possible view to purchase. It has just had 30 PV panels fitted along with one battery, and this is used to run the fully electric CH 'wet' system. (This has only been installed for 1 month, so owners have little idea of how effective it is going to...
  4. L

    Extra power points

    Hi there new here I have been fitting a new kitchen and I want to extend the power supply in kitchen we only have one double socket on one wall and one on another. So I am wanting to ad a single socket below work top for washer with an fcu above work top to isolate. And the same for gas oven so...
  5. W

    Trainee Extra part time job

    Hi, I'm after an advice regarding a work market. I'm an improver and I hope to get gold card within one year. I'd like to find an extra job related to electrical installation. But my requirements are a bit unusual. I'd like to: - install and commission some kind of special devices, - go...
  6. J

    Old Wyler rewire able board with extra 45a fuse

    Hi all , someone was on the lookout for one of these the other day but I can’t find the thread. I’m removing a mint condition one next week so they are welcome to it if u can find them ?? Help
  7. J

    Domestic 18th Ed. 715.422.107.2 Extra Low Voltage Lighting Question

    Hi Re the above on page 295 of the 18th Ed. regs, it states that for prevention of fire from a short circuit... One of these areas is a device that protects against short circuit should disconnect within 0.3 seconds when a power increase of 60W (2.5A) occurs. I have looked at a few...
  8. Lucien Nunes

    Another socket puzzle: Why the extra terminal?

    Here's an old accessory made to BS1363. You can connect it to a ring and plug 13A plugs into it. What is the fourth terminal for? I've blanked off some text moulded into the bakelite so as not to give too many hints at first. Nothing else is hidden.
  9. mjtefc9

    Domestic Extra LED Flood Light wiring

    Morning, I think I know the answer, but wanted to double check. We already have an LED flood installed outside, and I want to add another. Am I OK to just add the twin and earth to the attached choc bloc and run them of the same switch? Thanks Mark
  10. P

    Adding an extra light to an existing 5A ring

    Just removed the unfused spur on a 13A ring that supplied an outside light through 2.5 cable and in-line single pole switch! To replace I want to install a 2 gang switch in the hallway (where the existing hall light switch is now) When I put in a 4 pole junction box and run a switch wire I...
  11. stuarth

    Forum issues (with some extra characters)

    Hi Staff I am experiencing a bizarre doubling of the original navigation bar fully working in the header ad hook. So I get 3 fully working navigation bars :eek: Also the cloud flare is driving me nuts, takes way more that 5 seconds to change the page if it dose change the page, I have to keep...
  12. pirate

    A story in four words at a time...

    OK, it's been done before, but hey...why not? I will start it off, in traditional fashion. all you need to do is add your 4 words, from time to time...
  13. T

    Fitting a dimmer in my electric funhouse with extra orange/grey cables? Pics attached.

    Just moved to a new house with... interesting wiring to say the least. Friend came by to install a dimmer switch, the result being that the lights switch on, but at their lowest brightness, and don't go up or down from there. It's a double-dimmer. At first i thought maybe it was the bulbs, so I...
  14. F

    Adding extra double socket to garage

    Hi Guys, been reading for a while but never posted. Just after a bit of advice to check what I intend to do meets with current regulations. I'm looking to add one extra Double Socket to my garage in my new build home. The set up is as follows: garage detached from house so armoured cable...

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  16. A

    Max Zs table

    hi folks, does anyone have a copy or link to the most recent maz zs tables? ive only got green book and know they've been updated, was it 10% extra roughly. i used to have a link saved on my phone but i must have deleted it by mistake, thanks.
  17. Pete999

    Pete's Videos For all you PATesters

  18. T

    Getting stung with extra work!

    Just started quoting for my company. How do people word/get round saying that any extra work needed due to departures from the regs? As i know a few people who have lost out big time with having to do extra work and not get payed. Many Thanks
  19. P

    Upgrade of current setup SouthWest

    Upgrade of current setup. The current setup on my house is 14 Upsolar up240p polycrystalline panels at 105 degrees, feeding into a Fronius igtl3.0 inverter. It is ok but the power drops off after midday so I'd like to expand it. It was put in, in February 2012 so has the higher rate of FIT...
  20. E

    WANTED - small (2-3kw) system

    Any suggestions for where I can purchase a 2-3kw system? in kit form,and what price I should be paying? I already have 4 kw system fitted on my roof to utilise the feed in tarriff but they face SSW and I have enough space to fit approx 10 panels facing ESE. We use quite a lot of electricity and...
  21. M

    Fuse Box Advice

    Hi There apologise if i have put this in the wrong forum, was hoping to steal some advice if I can, am looking to purchase my first home and have some quires I hope you can rest my mind with I am a home cinema and PC Geek so wondering how old this install could be, will it be up to the task...
  22. G

    Is it worth paying an extra £1200.00 for 1 more panel?

    Hi, I have two quotes one for 11 panels (in a 8 / 3 configuration - a samil inverter on the 8 panels and a soladin inverter for the 3 panels) and then a quote for 12 panels ( 8 / 4 configuration with a samil inverter again on the 8 and 4 micro inverters on the 4) difference in the 2 quotes is...
  23. A

    socket and see pdl 310

    hi here I have a socket and see pdl 310 has calibration until april 2014 was only bought new 2013 and needed calibration cert for part p assessment, I have just bought a multifunction tester, this tester is great and never trips rcd on loop, the tests it performs are loop, pfc, voltage, polarity...
  24. Jay Sparks

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa annual assesment

    Hi Guys &b Girls, Ive just had my annual asessment for Elecsa. I got talking to the assesser and asked him about this "third party" signing deally!! I asked him if I would need to be registered in a different way and PAY any extra fee??? He said this new "third party" thing is a load of crap...
  25. J

    2 core cable to metal light switches

    Went to a flat recently where the cable is run through metal conduit to metal back boxes on a TN-S system. Built in the 60's the flats have aluminium strand cable that is sheathed by a braided woven material (vic cable?) and although old is serviceable. The matal conduit is earthed back to the...
  26. D

    Adding aditional lighting to switch

    Hi, I'm trying to change the double light switch at the top of my stairs to a 3 way switch (for lighting in attic). I thought it would just be a case of adding another cable to lights and swapping the original wires from old switch to new switch. On the old socket: Switch one = Bathroom...
  27. La Poste

    A nice scam

    I don't know if this is true or whether it is Daily mail sensationalism but: Energy companies have been accused of rigging the electricity market to the tune of £600million and forcing every British household to find an extra £25 each to pay for it. The Government believes some providers are...
  28. D

    Niceic Qualified Supervisor role

    Hi forum, Have been working for a company for a few years they've asked me to become QS for the site I work at I've got 17th / 2391 they have offered a salary increase of just over 1 % not sure how much I should be looking for before I respond. Thanks
  29. i=p/u

    have i got correct testing forms

    the house im working on at moment has had a conversion to attic, i had to change the board for extra ways.. do i use eic for new circuits and eicr for existing circuits or can i put on one eic and comment on what happened , i.e changed board for extra ways
  30. 1

    shower code ?

    what is the old shower IP code in terms of drip? went to a job recently and the show was really old it had a drip code of 1 drip, I beleive that this was in the old 16th edition. Can anyone tell me what the shower old codes mean in terms of drips e.g is one drip in complience for zone 0 under...
  31. T

    Sanyo HIT Panels: anyone have practical experience?

    I am being offered Sanyo HIT panels at a fair hike in cost, but supposedly they are much more efficient (and also happen to fit my awkward roof quite well). Has anyone used these, and how much better is generation vs monocrystalline?
  32. P

    5 x 10V 2A panels but what to do with them

    I have been given very old panels from where I work. there are 20Cells on each panel and I have tested both at 2A at 9-10V. Open CCT voltage is not much more than that. They are 4"x4" poly silicon cells. I am in Ireland so no real payback of a proper grid tie system. I have a large 1500VA UPS...
  33. P

    can i spur off a cooker with a d, socket

    can i spur off a cooker with a d, socket
  34. carl9254

    Minor Works Cert

    What tests do you do on a minor works job?? I know some certs ask for different ones but my main question is if it asks for zs and the job is an extra light or something extra off a lighting circuit then do you leave zs as it will all be live?? Thanks.
  35. U

    Jobs that seem to go on and on!

    any ideas on how i should deal with this. under quoted a couple of jobs lately, seem to take forever, lifting boards etc etc! do u charge extra on top if things take longer due to unforseeble probs???? cant keep working for free me thinks?? any ideas
  36. tony mc

    Castline Form Fill PIR Sheet

    Hi all I know this free down load is used on the domestic front by forum users. https://secure.castlinesystems.co.uk/formfill_level_p_download.asp A quick question when filling out the PIR page. There is a facility to include extra pages re observations and recommendations. This is a...
  37. S

    extra socket

    hi all.new here. im irish so im not sure if its different in englang.in london fo a while. i want to install an extra socket for a tv.i will be tapping into another socket that has already has 2 wires in each termaina.can i hop of that or what do i do.access to the circuit below floorboards is...
  38. U

    stand alone rcd

    anybody reccomend any good stand alone rcd? have a cct board, no rcd protection, cant get rcbo for type of board as mentioned in previous post, need to protect 6A upstairs light cct as light has changed in bathroom.............a stand alone rcd was mentioned?! any pointers? cheers all for...
  39. M

    bathroom fan RCD

    I was reading on another forum the other day and there was much confusion about if a SELV circuit fir a bathroom should be RCD protected. Some said it should, some said it does not need it because its 12 volt. I'm wondering if the difference is if the fan is located in the equipotential zone...
  40. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Can my firm take my rate off me? (JIB related)

    My firm is JIB registered, and employs me as an approved electrician. I also get 40p over the rate (whoopee!) Due to hard economic times (and also the fact that they dont really want to employ any of us any longer, prefering to use subbies), they seem to be making some cutbacks. I, and at...
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