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extractor fan

  1. T

    Bathroom extractor fan ipx query

    Hi, Buying a replacement extractor fan. It falls into zone one with the room setup. Looking at two fans. One is rated zone 1 one is rated zone 2 and both have ipx4 ratings from what I can see and from wider reading ipx4 is the requirement for zone one and two? is the ipx rating all the...
  2. impish15

    Shower extractor fan off socket circuit

    Hi Customer has an extractor fan that’s inside the shower cubicle high up on the wall. The extractor fan has no form of isolation and is wired into the socket circuit not the lighting circuit (I have never seen this set up before) and hasn’t been fused down. So because of the way the extractor...
  3. littlespark

    Condensing extractor fan

    Is there such a thing? Just a standard bathroom, but can’t get through a wall or take out a window. Are there specific condenser fans, or just use a normal one and fit a normal condensation trap and block up the end of the duct?
  4. P

    Bathroom Extractor Fan Question

    HI There, I would be grateful if you could help me, I have a very long duct between the bathroom and extractor outlet vent and for sometime, the bathroom stream overwhelms the extractor fan so much that I end up having severe condensation and moisture puddles, because it was a new build. They...
  5. B

    Extractor fan 3 red lights on and not working

    Hi i have these 3 red leds come on the extractor fan and it stopped working. Anyone knows how this can be resolved. Will a clean only suffice or this needs to be replaced?
  6. S

    Extractor fan not working

    Hi > I need advice regarding an extractor fan that is in the kitchen hood which has stopped working . I have been told it is old and the whole thing needs to be replaced . Is this the only option I have ?
  7. R

    bathroom extractor fan advice

    My extractor fan has given up the ghost this week and I was hoping to replace it myself, however I cannot do a like for like swap as the current fan is rated for zone 2, operated by a switch on the fan housing but located within zone 1, My plan is to replace the old fan with a zone 1 rated...
  8. N

    Connecting Extractor Fan

    Hi I connected black wire to neutral and red one to Live one, but extractor fan still does not work. Please see photos attached. Does it mean I need to split red wire into 2 and connect to the very left and very right sides to make it work, or am I missing something? would appreciate an...
  9. B

    If extractor fan in bathroom is autonomous does it require isolator switch or usual fused switch

    Hi to all, If extractor fan in bathroom is autonomous does it still require isolator switch or usual fused switch will do? It runs of 12v transformer outside. Not being linked to light switch. Can be fed from either circuits.
  10. B

    Will any led 12v DC transformer be suitable for 12v DC Extractor fan

    Will any led 12v DC transformer be suitable for 12v DC Extractor fan? Considering 4w rating.
  11. L

    Ground Floor Bathroom Extractor Fan Query

    Hi. My current axial Xpelair model 92614AW ground floor bathroom extractor fan is installed in zone 1 and doesnt work efficiently at all. Its wall mounted but doesnt go straight to the outside as there is now an extension on the back of the bathroom. I think either I need to get a more powerful...
  12. T

    Bathroom extractor fan to light switch

    Hi all, wonder if someone can help me. I've bought a bathroom extractor and I do have the wiring there already (previous extractor was there) but I stupidly did not review it before taking it off and now I'm lost. I've essentially got a single light switch outside the bathroom which controlled...
  13. HappyHippyDad

    How to use an extractor fan with a dimmer switch?

    Evening all.... My son is 14, he seems to be taking ultra long baths and showers and the bath/shower room is drenched afterwards. I have just bought a pretty good inline fan and was planning on fitting it on its own switch as the existing lights are on a dimmer. I would love the fan to come on...
  14. R

    Extractor Fan Helios ELS-VNC 100 connection

    Hi to all, I am struggling to connect up extractor fan Helios ELS-VNC 100. I would like that fan to be switched with lighting circuits and overrun for 6 minutes. Could you advise which terminals should be used for connection please? Could you explain difference with operation by terminal 1 and...
  15. 2

    What is the best extractor fan to fit in a small wetroom?

    Good evening looking for recommendations on a decent extractor fan for use in a wet-room? Extractor fan will be vented straight through the wall inside zone 1 domestic wet-room client not bothered about price just wants quality thanks chaps
  16. M

    Wiring an inline extractor fan with flex

    Hi, The house I've moved in to doesn't have an extractor in the main bathroom so I'm looking at placing an inline extractor in the attic directly above it. Problem is...I'm using smart lights that need to be powered on all the time therefore don't want to use the existing pull cord to control...
  17. bluewhale

    DIY - Wiring extractor fan with no timer to light switch.

    Hi there. Recently our bathroom extractor fan broke, so I got a new one but I'm having difficulty wiring it (homeowner DIY guy here). So... there are 3 wires coming from bathroom wall: brown (Live) blue (Neutral) yellow/green (Ground). Previously, old extractor fan used all 3 of those wires...
  18. B

    How to connect exhaust fan switch to bathroom light switch?

    Hi, how to connect the exhaust fan switch to the light switch? I have opened the exhaust fan before, there are: 2 permanent live wires 1 blue wire connected to neutral 1 black wire connected to switched live As I am new to electrical, can anyone advise me what can I do to connect the wires...
  19. B

    Kitchen extractor fan

    Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations for a kitchen extractor fan i.e. rate of 60l/s. We're almost finished renovating and we've just been told we have to have one (I know bit late in the day and I'm not happy but we are where we are). There are only a couple of spaces for one to be located...
  20. O

    Regs and extractor fan switch

    The switched connection unit for the kitchen extractor fan and the lower part of fan is now behind a larger fridge, so the fan can't be operated without climbing onto a worktop. I would like to replace the fan with a Manrose LP150STC, which has terminals for a switch on the live line, and bring...
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