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  1. V

    Identify this bathroom extractor fan?

    I have a bathroom extractor fan that has gone bad, so I need to replace it. If possible, I would like to just replace the motor, rather than opening up the ceiling to put in a whole new enclosure. The problem is, I don't know how to find a replacement. Maybe someone here can identify this beast...
  2. J

    Bathroom extractor fan with continuous power

    This must be bread and butter stuff for any qualified electrician which I'm not so please bear with me. I've just installed a Nuaire extractor fan in the bathroom. It has continuous trickle mode plus up to 30 minutes run on timer but I'm unable to take advantage of these because the fan is...
  3. P

    Extractor Fan Wiring Query

    Hello All, I have just purchased an extractor fan to fit in my Utility Room and trying to understand the accompanying wiring diagrams. The unit has an integral Humidistat and Timer. The 2x wiring options they show are as per drawings attached but I can't understand why, in Diag A, it shows the...
  4. D

    Extractor fan to timer type

    Hi I’m thinking of changing an extractor fan (in a WC) to one with a run on/timer. The current set up doesn’t have an isolator, and wiring runs from the light bulb to the fan, which is sited in the ceiling about 18” away. The fan is vented through a flat roof above. Now, I realise that i’ll...
  5. Thomas Connolly

    Extractor Fan Installation

    Good Moaning All, Quick question. Need to install and extractor fan in a newly built kitchen. The easiest point for me to run it from is a single socket about a metre away from where it's to be installed. However, the socket is a spur from the kitchen ring, it is Fused and is used for the...
  6. A

    Domestic Bathroom extractor fan switch query

    Hi there I hope this is the right place. I am having a house rewire, and the electrician has told us that it's against regulations to have a specific switch for the bathroom extractor fan. It has an isolator switch, and all switches are outside the bathroom, but at the moment his configuration...
  7. G

    Extractor Fan not working

    Hi all, Very new to electrics so please bare with me... Just moved into a new property. Extractor fan (manrose x100h) in bathroom not working. Took of face plate to find circuit was not connected. Connected wires to correct connections (see picture). Now the fan is running but independent of...
  8. fatah

    Domestic Newbie who wants to replace bathroom extractor fan

    hey, so im a DIYer and learn most stuff from youtube tutorials. At the moment am doing a bathroom renewal, and want to replace the extractor fan for a stronger one. I've a very basic understanding of house wiring and electricity, however i think i could do something straightforward like...
  9. R

    Ecovent toilet extractor fan

    Ladies and gent I need your help . So I came across this extractor vent in my school . One is in the Male and female toilets . Both of them are not working at all . Am tempted to buy new one but like to figure out what going on here . I opened both the extractor fans and find something...
  10. N

    Extractor fan ducting

    Hi all Have an en-suite that needs a shower light extractor combo fitted. Can’t fit the ducting grill outside due to grade 2 listing. Does anyone know of an alternative for the ducting to extract the moisture/air. The ducting will be going into the loft area. Thanks
  11. J

    Wiring extractor fan with timer

    Hi all I have just moved into a flat and my extractor fan doesn't work so i have bought and fit a new one but I cant figure out how to wire it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thomas Connolly

    Extractor Fan in Downstairs Loo

    Hi Folks, I've been asked to install an extractor fan in a downstairs toilet . One that sits in the glass of the window. (That part has been done already) I'm going to look at the job tomorrow so I'm assuming the window is just the glass and doesn't actually open hence the need for the...
  13. S

    Domestic Bathroom Light and Extractor Fan

    Hi New to the forum, competent diy'er (have added sockets to ring not spurs and added additional lights - know I shouldn't but...) and looking for clarity on wires at a light fitting for a bathroom light and extractor fan. Changing the bathroom light and didn't take notice of the connections...
  14. Gavin Lewis

    Light fitting for extractor hood

    Hi, I'm looking for a replacement for this light fitting from my cooker extractor hood (see pic). Unfortunately, neither the hood or part have any brand markings on them. Anyone recognise it, or have any ideas where or how I could go about getting a replacement for it? Many thanks!
  15. T

    4" extractor fans 5meters & 7meters

    Does anybody know of a 4" extractor fan than can do up to 5meter with one 90 degree bend in it? Also a fan that will do 7meters with two 90 degree bends in it? Looking at a new build in a old barn which they are using the old tin roof as the roof of the property. There is no access in the loft...
  16. G

    En-suite Extractor fan

    Hi, I need to replace my en-suite extractor fan as it doesn’t appear that the motor can’t be replaced. Current one is an airflow aura, which hasn’t lasted that long (approx 5-7 years). It runs from a switch outside via a fused connection unit to the fan. I have checked the fuse and across line...
  17. T

    Extractor fan with pir wiring question

    Hi all, I intend to fit a extractor fan with built in pir sensor in my downstairs wc. My question is regarding the wiring , could I take power from my ceiling rose to an isolator then from the isolator straight to the fan avoiding the light switch , as the sensor would turn the fan on ...any...
  18. T

    Cloakroom Extractor Fan

    Hi All, I'm installing a new extractor fan in my downstairs loo. The wall that the fan will be mounted to backs on to my garage and the ducting runs in to there before turning 90 degrees and exiting through the roof. This is a ducting run of around 4m. Given that the downstairs loo is just...
  19. S

    Combi boiler & extractor fan in zone 1

    Hi, so someone decided to put a bathtub under a boiler and electric extractor fan. Half the bathtub is taken up by the boiler. It has a cupboard around the top and the sides, but the base and pipes going into the wall are exposed. More space will go if a shower mixer is installed and there is an...
  20. Gavin John Hyde

    I won an extractor fan........................

    Had an email from Denmans, turns out I won the Christmas competition to get my order for free. Only ordered an extractor fan to pick up on the way past. so winnings equal £11+vat. Sort of wish i had placed that nice big order now rather than wait to check what i had in the back of the van.
  21. JayKay70

    Need help wiring a Extractor Fan

    Hi all, Looking for some help wiring a extractor fan. At present i have a fan that is running of a 3 amp Isolator+Transformer and then going straight to the light fitting, i am looking to replace this fan with a more modern type one as the one i have right now is a eyesore and don't fancy...
  22. D

    Is this NICIEC extractor fan installation safe?

    Hi, Quick Q from a newbie. I had a NICIEC registered electrician install an isolation switch and extractor fan in my downstairs bathroom. I’m now replacing one of the down lights and found what is a surprising mess of wires in the false ceiling, all joined together with a terminal block (centre...
  23. M

    Domestic Help With Wiring 3 Switches To One Extractor Fan

    I live in a flat in Leeds and am needing some advice. I have one extractor fan that connects to two bathrooms (Call them A and B). The switching on of a light for either should turn the fan on. Also in the kitchen there is a switch incase we need to turn it on there too. There is a ceiling...
  24. SparkyChick

    Extractor fans that don't need a fuse

    Hi all, I've been trying to find fans that don't require fusing down according to the instructions. Can anyone recommend any please? These are just replacements and I'm trying to keep the cost down for the customer so if I can avoid extra work to install fuses etc. I'd like to. Thanks SC
  25. J

    Wiring advice for multi room extractor fan

    Hi all I have installed the 92430AW XPLUS 2 MULTI POINT VENTILATION UNIT I wired it in like for like with an old unit. The fan stays constantly on. Do I just wire in the switch lines into the L1, L2, L3? Or is there a way to wire this in. It's probably very simple but it's confusing me.
  26. M

    Bathroom extractor recommendations

    Looking for a 100mm straight through wall extractor - customer wants super silent!!! Any recommendations?
  27. K

    Needs to replace my extractor

    Hi, My extractor is failing and i need to replace it. It can take a while to spin up sometimes and can make a high pitched noise while it is doing so. Giving it a tap normally sorts it out. Its a Steeple brand and has a timer. I need to order another one but I'm not sure if its a standard or...
  28. M

    Extractor fan, hourly timer....

    I have a customer who has a extractor fan in a storage container used for ventilation. They would like a timer fitted which enables the fan to come on for 10 minuets every hour. Im struggling to find an off the shelf timer that would let me do this? Anyone got Any ideas? Cheers
  29. Manny Luck

    Need some advice about extractor fan installation

    Hi, I have no electrical experience whatsoever, but I have a question about some wiring that was done for my mum. My mum had some work done in her home by a not so respectable person and I was wondering who is responsible for reporting it. I think it falls under Part P. He installed a new...
  30. O

    Extractor for 2 bathrooms

    So, got a client in a concrete structured block of flats - 2 bathrooms with "wall to wall" windows so nowhere to put extractor fans. Fortunately between the 2 rooms is a cupboard - so I'm thinking of putting a single extractor in the cupboard and running the ducting in the cupboard then a...
  31. A

    Bathroom extractor switch

    Hello I have changed the switch for my bathroom fan extractor. The first picture is how it was initially wired. The 2nd pic is of the old switch. The 3rd picture is how i have i wired the new switch. The issue is there is electric current in the outter screw when touching with a tester. Is...
  32. P

    Humidistat problem it just won’t knock the extractor fan off

    hi everyone, my first post I’ve got a s&p HIG2 humidistat in my bathroom which has worked brilliantly for the last 14 months. Last weekend the fan just won’t stop it’s running constantly, I’ve ajusted both settings to low and still no joy Ended up turning off the isolator switch but that also...
  33. O

    "low" extractor fan ..........

    OK, its best to mount extractor fans high on walls, or in ceilings but how effective would one be mounted lower down the wall? scenario - the outside wall is part wall and mainly sloping ceiling - so its possible to mount the fan at waist height and then have a short run down to the eaves. Any...
  34. I

    Elta fan help

    Hi, I hope you can help, we have an elta raptor fan sda400 4-1, taken from a pub. My electrician friend tried to wire it into the controller on the hood but the fan stayed at 1 speed very slow and made a vroom noise ask it went round. It was originally wired into a cut off switch but I just want...
  35. S

    IPX4 or 5 needed for extractor over bath with shower mixer tap?

    Hi all. I need to fit an extractor fan on the wall above my bath. The bath has a shower mixer tap, but due to the slope of the roof this will not be used for showering but to rinse hair etc in bath - the shower handset clip is mounted just above the bath - photo attached. I'm unsure about the...
  36. P

    Extractor Fan Vent + Transformer

    Hullo. I was having work done by a builder who turned out to be rogue, new builder took over job and told me that he would need to change the extractor fan I had chosen as is wasn't 2.25m in height from the bottom of the bath. He changed it to another one, but when I checked it it wasn't...
  37. R

    Can anyone ID this 'bathroom extractor fan' (as was??)

    Hi Been asked to sort some bits out at a flat and found this behind a ventilation screen. I assume it was the backing of a centrifugal fan and someone has tried to do an imaginative DIY fix?? Just to confirm, the box is surface mounted. The vent from the box is at the top . Wonder if anyone has...
  38. Sigurd

    Powering extractor fans

    We are installing two extractor fans in a church hall which is used fro meetings, lectures, etc. Also occasionally for Lent lunches and coffee mornings. As you can guess, finance is an issue. Is it safe and legal to power these from standard 13 amp sockets (which are fed from professionally...
  39. S

    Extractor fan wiring help

    Hi, I am looking to replace my old extractor fan in the toilet with a new one (Manrose VNF100S). There are 4 wires (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green/Yellow). The old fan was operated by switching the light on and would stay on for a few minutes after the light was switched off. There were 3 wires in...
  40. B

    Bathroom Extractor Fan Help

    Any help for this problem is massively appreciated. I live in an apartment block and my extractor fan is bust. Took it off hoping to replace it myself, but I'm honestly not sure what type of fan I'd be needing. I know I'd need a timer fan, because the wiring is there, but the vent is so small -...
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