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  1. Dan

    Why we don't allow logging in with connected accounts (Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc)

    Some years ago when Facebook launched they were not so bad. As time went on, they joined the older crew (Yahoo and Google - And MSN, now Bing or whatever they're going by on their 4th or 5th attempt of being search engine and / or profile system) in allowing website owners to use their already...
  2. JK-Electrical

    A Post Found On Facebook

    My apprentice found this post on a Facebook group: Last week we were called to a house to swap a couple of pendants for customers' own lights. Easy peasy, or so we thought. After changing the hall light (aboout 1.5 metres from the CCU in the cloakroom, none of the ground floor lights would...
  3. W

    James Dewane Tool box

    Hi guys I have been looking into marketing for my business and have come across James dewane electricians tool box. I have read his book Sparks blue print and I'm tempted to sign up. Just wondered if there are any subscribers on here?? cheers
  4. Dan

    New Facebook Group - Trade Talk

    https://www.------------/groups/214225459029066 Get yourself over there. :)
  5. D

    Win some new CK Tools snips here

    C.K tools - Journal | Facebook - https://www.------------/cktoolsuk/photos/a.324737187541841.98358.276208699061357/1450200661662149/?type=3 Also on Twitter C.K tools on Twitter -
  6. D Skelton

    Save our trade!

    Sick of 5WWs? Sick of scam schemes? Sick of laughable training providers? We as fully qualified electricians deserve better. The public deserve better. Get on here, start hitting the like button, share share share and spead the word guys!!! We are boycotting the schemes, they can shove their...
  7. 1

    Water service in same cupboard

    Is the setup in this picture legit?
  8. EoinConway

    Ryobi eag 600rs angle grinder 115mm 600w 240 volt

    See link below, simply 'Like' & 'Share' our Facebook page to enter draw to win this Ryobi Grinder. The Draw takes place on Thursday (9th May) Link: https://www.------------/photo.php?fbid=516308318433161&set=a.366076833456311.81215.108458412551489&type=1&theater
  9. BigSi


    Was having a chat with another guy today (makes a change from having a chat with myself!), about his ‘follow us on facebook’ stickers on his van. He said that he has had a lot of work via facebook from friends, friends of friends, etc, seeing his profile when it’s updated and remembering it when...
  10. M


    Calm I Calm You | Facebook
  11. G

    Facebook like swop

    Need some likes for your Facebook page click on my link like my page and I will like yours in return AR Electrical Solutions | Facebook
  12. Dan

    Facebook Likes Required

    Hi lads and ladies. I need a favour. The following new Facebook pages all need likes. Clearly it's not secret now that this forum will be getting a dedicated classified ads website very very soon. :) As part of that, we have Facebook pages for each of them. Could you be kind enough to...
  13. P

    PowerSines - Smart Voltage Optimisers - HELLO!

    I recently joined to stay up to date on the 'Engineers Side' of Electricity. PowerSines is a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of energy efficiency solutions for reducing electric consumption - using voltage regulation as the core technology. Our systems are installed in...
  14. J

    Megger 1552 or 1710?

    cant decide whether to get the 1552 or the 1710, i would get the 1720 but its to expensive
  15. C


    (admin i apoligise if you class this as advertisement) hi guys, just wondering if you could give my page a "like", that is ofcourse if you are on facebook. Welcome to Facebook cheers guys!! danny
  16. Z

    Megger MFT1710 Multifunction Tester

    Hi guys, I was thinking about buying a used Megger 1552, but now I am thinking about the new MTF 1710 tester. It is a bit more expensive but since it is new it will have warranty and such. Anybody has experience with this new tester?
  17. R

    What does the Facebook Connect button do?

    f Connect button at the top of the forum home page - what does that do? I clicked on it and it wants access to my profile on FB. Did 'do not allow' because I'm not sure what/why it is doing this.
  18. V

    megger 1552 strap

    hi peeps ive just got a new megger 1552... can anyone tell me how to fit the ******* strap.. they should do an online video tutorial!! ta vitoboy:confused:
  19. W

    Air brush art work

    WHILST out shoppinghe other day i bumped into one of my best m8s from school . i aint seen him for years .. informed me hes taken up airbrushing as an interest and has made it into his work ..... i had a look at some of his work and frankly im amazed by it .. so if anyone is looking into any...
  20. D

    Facebook Style Status Display

    Just a thought? Facebook style status display, it would a status under your name in posts & on profile page etc. Found this one vBStatus - Facebook Style Status Display vBStatus - Facebook Style Status Display (v4) - Forum I haven't checked out the integrity or security...
  21. Dan

    Any of you use Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or similar?

    Just wondering if any of you guys (and gals?) use Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or anything similar.
  22. L


    have you got facebook
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