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  1. T

    Led panels in false ceilings

    Hi can any one tell me if led panels or led recessed lights in a false ceiling need fire hoods? Massive void above false ceiling to ro the roof School premises manager
  2. multimick

    freezers in garages true or false

    just looking to buy freezer for garage (brick built ) and finding that some freezers apparantely are not suitable for outbuildings and need a minimum temp to function? sales talk or fact ?
  3. B

    Multimeter false readings

    Friend had a multimeter, not a very dear one just £30, was testing an outside light and said he tested the whole light inside belled everything out and tested the ballast which has built in ignitor and came to use his multimeter and it’s coming up with weird readings could this be why?
  4. L

    Fike Fire Alarms - False Alarms

    Hi all Just wanted to find out if anyone else has had issues with false activations with Fike Fire Alarms (twin flex) I have this one site where we get false alarms at least once a month due to cobwebs. Any ideas on how to stop these?
  5. L

    Domestic Running a lighting cable in ceiling plasterboard - wrong?

    Hi, I understand from the wiring regs that if I am to run a cable through a ceiling/floor joist I have to adhere to certain rules to keep it safe -50mm/armour etc. I currently have a plasterboard ceiling with some holes in it. My plasterer will put another layer of plaster board over this when...
  6. D

    City and Guilds 4141-01/02

    I keep reading about people wanting advice on courses, and this one keeps coming up. Mainly with Trade Skills 4U But I've tried to Google it (all roads seem to lead back to TradeSkills4U) and City and Guilds dosnt seem to come up at all ! what i find strange. Even Tried to look it up on...
  7. G

    LED lux meter

    Hi peeps I need an LED lux meter that can measure the full spectrum of light emitted. Any recommendations. I also need to convince the 'buyer' and engineer as to why normal meters don't work. Good solid advice please, with some links?
  8. rustynails

    Accessibility of distribution boards

    What are people's opinions on the accessibility of distribution boards. For example a 20 way TP-N board placed above a false ceiling...?
  9. B

    one side of the 13a double socket is giving me a trip reading for zs

    hi im doing second fix on one of the re-wire house, down ring and today i was doing my zs test i tested all sockets but one side of the twin double socket is reading trip then the other side of the same socket is fine,im useing megger mft 1553(no trip) setting.pls help
  10. S

    burgular alarm install advice

    Hi I'm looking for some advice on placement of pir. 1)How do most of your cheapo PIR sensors work 2)alot of ppl say to not face them to a window. However what if it's unavoidable due to the room layout? They say that sunlight can cause false alarms as the sun moves. Are there pirs that are...
  11. D

    Megger GS38 probe tips

    Does anyone know where I can find the test lead probe tips? Megger sell a pack of 20 £26.40! This seems a little expensive to me but maybe I'm just tight??
  12. T

    Kitchen 'Smoke' alarm?

    Refit in a 2-up-2-down cottage with added Utility adjoining kitchen. Have 1st fixed interconnects in utility and landing for mains s/alarms. Customer asked what was the position on having a heat sensor also in the kitchen? What are peoples thoughts?
  13. S

    accenta g3 alarm

    Can anybody tell me if a battery is needed for the alarm panel to work? thanks
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