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  1. Pete999

    Living away from youre imediate family, and Mental health

    Just read an article regarding Mental Health and isolation, want to try living in a foreign location for 12 months first before you start whinging about solation and mental health. I must be a complete looney by now if that report is anything to go by, " SHUT UP TEL" 12 months on my own was soul...
  2. S

    Kids, once married do you get on with the other side of the family?

    Weird situation for me only met them a couple of times and they don't speak English (might be a blessing) and live over the other side of the world lovely family but it just seems odd. Daughter in law is lovely and they live in London, I know she gets homesick fro time to especially in the...
  3. D

    Kilimanjaro Climb

    Hello Everyone, I'm tackling the above next month to help raise money for a struggling family in Northern Ireland, and it's all through our glorious industry, please do read on: The Electrical Industries Charity is set for a Kilimanjaro challenge which aims to raise £100,000 to help the...
  4. O

    Holiday 2017

    The Misses and I have been discussing what we should do for our holiday next year. Our son will be 18 and our daughter will be 16 having done her GCSE's. My idea is to go to Florida, rent a villa with a pool for 2 weeks and do some of the park's, Kennedy and some sight seeing. Ouch it's...
  5. K

    1 year on but have questions..

    Hi guys, So been in the job for a year now, I have done 1st fixing and a lot of ducting in that time, all in residential new builds. The problem is my friends & family have been asking me to do jobs for them in their houses (outside lights, extra sockets, 2 way switching etc). I feel like...
  6. driverman

    fixing heights domestic

    Hi 2nd attempt writing this! As some of know wiring new house for family member. After great discussion / debate on another thread re those damn extractor fans with timers etc. I've decided to go with wall mounted 1g light switch outside each en suite (customers request as doesn't like pull...
  7. Phil L

    working for family

    How do you guys price for family jobs I've upgraded the board and run in 35 mtrs of 10 m2 for cooker plus 45a cooker switch and spur all chased in tidy I know what it cost in materials but what would you charge for labour
  8. P

    RCD keeps tripping??

    No, don't panic, this isn't a plea for help, just sympathy. Asked to check out a bungalow this morning, (friend of the wife) apparently the "big switch in the fuseboard keeps tripping?" Oh well, turned up with the family in toe as I thought this won't take long. Old Wylex board with BS 4293 RCD...
  9. R

    HV authorised person training

    Does anybody know of a HVAP training provider in the south? Company wants to send me on residential one up north but can't leave family down here.
  10. i=p/u

    working close friends of family and the likes

    dont you just hate when working for close friends of family, then you bill them and then makes you fee un comfortable after all hard work..... example; pat tested 60 items, changed 5 socket fronts and added new double socket beside cu. charged the guy £151.50 , have me mother and all ringing me...
  11. T

    underfloor heating query

    Hi Guys, Recently installed an underfloor heating system in a new extension(two rooms a utility room and family room). the system had two zones one for the utility and one for family room each room having its own room thermostat. the manifold was located in a outbuilding where the combi boiler...
  12. N

    Work Experience??????

    Hi All, Not sure which forum to use to get advise so this will do.... Have completed C&G2330 2,3, on NVQ3, got CS card, shortly have Part P and 17th, done few installation jobs, rewires and fault finding repair stuff... having great difficulty finding work experience.. Have applied for loads...
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