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  1. A

    Replacing Ceiling Rose with Remote Controlled Fan

    Hi, Could you please offer a bit of advice regarding the following: We currently have a ceiling rose which is connected to a wall switch and Pull switch i.e. 2 way switching in the old colours. I understand how everything is connected, but, we are replacing the ceiling rose with a remote...
  2. K

    Smart Switch random question

    I have over 20 smart switches in my house. I have done them all myself and understand the process. Maybe this isn't the question but it is all I can think of...Is it possible to turn a single pole fan switch into a multi pole switch? Okay so the scenario is I have an office that has 1 switch for...
  3. M

    Fan wire extension?

    I have a fan low wat its a 8inch desc fan. It has the conning sticker on it "no seviceable parts" I baught it and its 2meter short of my extension lead i dont wana run another on it ao i wana make it longer... Is solering wire safer n better than wire connectors? And the wire is 0.75mm...
  4. H

    Curious problem - no power to switched toilet extractor fan

    Our toilet extractor has, or so I thought, been failing (delayed startup, bit intermittent) for some time, and yesterday it finally stopped working. Vent-Axia Silhouette 100T. It's going to be a bit of a pain to replace, so I though I would check the connections first just in case. Imagine my...
  5. M

    Ceiling Fan Wiring

    I move an old ceiling fan to my carport. I wired the fan in as I took it out. PROBLEM: at the wall box i am wiring a singe pole switch, but when ever i plug in the electricity it pops the breaker. However, when the fan is direct (hard) wired it does not trip the breaker and the fan operates...
  6. M

    I have a lamona hja2450 this morning the lights on the hob fan blew, I have changed the bulbs and no look, the extractor fan is still working fine

    Does anybody no what else I can do to help rectify the lighting issues. I have tried moving the contacts for the bulbs but no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. J

    UK Help! Wiring a 12v camper van roof fan

    Hello, as an amateur camper converter with limited electrical experience, I was wondering if some kind soul could help please? I bought and fitted a 12v Maxxair Deluxe roof fan, which I temporarily fitted unfused and straight on to the leisure battery - it worked fine. However, I then...
  8. K

    Installing a Celling Fan w/ light

    Installing a celling fan w/ light. Just purchased the house, and my wife and I are installing all new celling fans throughout the house. The house is an older house, built in the 80s. The celling box has the following wires coming out: Celling Box: (2) Black, (2) Red & (2) White & (1) Ground...
  9. C

    Bathroom Fan / Light Combo Question

    Hello new to the forum here. I just moved to Arizona from Illinois and electric here is a tad different with Romex. I have you basic fan / I ight combo and when I hooked up with different combos from boxes (pictures attached) I can not get it to turn on. Can anyone help me to explain what is...
  10. R

    I would like some help to bypass a touchscreen climate control (strictly fan speed and vent settings (eg, floor/dash).

    I would like some help to bypass a touchscreen climate control (strictly fan speed and vent settings (eg, floor/dash). Background - 2003 Acura mdx. For some idiotic reason Acura designed the climate control fan speed and vent configuration into the touch screen. Not a terrible thing but...
  11. FatAlan

    Another extractor fan question!

    Looking to install an extractor fan for a client. Issue is that they have a child that sleeps in an adjacent room and they like to keep the bathroom light on but obviously not with the fan going. The obvious solution is to switch off the fan using the isolator but this switch is going to be...
  12. B

    Can I use a touch switch for my bathroom fan and light? Like a livolo loght switch?

    Can I use a touch switch for my bathroom fan and light? Like a livolo light switch? View:
  13. C

    Is blocking an extractor fan dangerous?

    Our extractor fan was making a very loud noise when it is on. Stopped this by putting more pressure on it with duct tape but means it is stopping the fan from moving. Is there any problems with blocking the extractor fan from moving? Will it short circuit or anything?
  14. G

    Fan oven keeps tripping circuit breaker - how to diagnose?

    I've a 10 yr old Neff combination oven (B6447N0GB /05) that failed recently, and I can't get a replacement component. I found a brand new oven - exactly the same model and revision - I thought I was sorted, but it arrived damaged :( So now I have two ovens, and hoping to make a working oven...
  15. B

    Can I use a multi wire capacitor instead of a two wire in a fan??

    Hi Guys, I have a ceiling fan with a two wire 4.5 uf 250V capacitor that has gone bad (fan motor spins very slowly). I cannot find and 2 wire capacitors with this rating (closes is 3 uf) but there are some 5 wire capacitors with one of the connections of the 4.5 rating. Can I use that capacitor...
  16. B

    I bought a mortgage the electrician have been paid completely and he refused to come and fix the fan extractors also certificate for rewiring of the

    The electrician that renovated my house mortgage rewiring of the whole house (3 bedrooms semi detached) have refused to come complete the work (fan extractors uncompleted ) and the certificate for heating system inclusive of new boiler fixed. He says it takes 8 weeks for it to come through the...
  17. D

    Help with existing extractor fan

    Hello I'm. Swapping over a fan and need some help with the wiring. Basically the new fan has L1 L2 N Please can you tell me which cable goes in which. I have attached the pic of the switch the existing fan and the wiring diagram I understand the neutral but unsure which is the L1 or L2...
  18. O

    Extractor Fan (with timer) Wiring Help (UK)

    Hi, I can't find a manual for the extractor fan I'm removing to replace on the ceiling of my bathroom. It is a timed extractor fan with 3 points which I imagine means I just need to match the correct cables to the new fan. I don't understand what the meaning of each point is on the old fan to...
  19. M

    UK xpelair simply silent illumi shower fan complete

    Hi, buying simply silent illumi shower fan complete . Electrician says there is no connections via ceiling rose. Can it be connected through ring main. Thanks
  20. P

    Over door fan heaters

    Hi, Could anyone advise please, we only have electric in house, I am thinking of using a Over door Air Curtain, 3kW, in a bathroom to dry towels, The spur box would be in hall outside bathroom and it would be 1.5m outside zone 2. Has anyone tried it and would I be breaking any regulations, I...
  21. T

    Kitchen extractor fan

    Hi I need to fit a humidistat extractor fan in the back kitchen, can I wire this into a junction box that runs from the main ring without an isolator?
  22. The apprentice

    Fan & Down light

    Hi there iam an apprentice and learning bare with me i was just having a look there about the FICA test which is the test i take at the end of my apprenticeship iam just midway through my second year just nosing at the FICA what they require you to do so i seen on the FICA list and this is what...
  23. GBDamo

    Odd fan wiring.

    Had three extractor fans, 15yr old, all non functional which was odd to start with. All three were supplied with a three core and earth from a fan isolator, all very normal but the fans were not timer fans, odd. Was on the verge of going out to get new ones but checked the voltages at the fans...
  24. J

    Faulty extractor fan

    Hello, We moved into a new property 5 months ago and there is an extractor fan in the bathroom that has never worked. This weekend I decided to have a crack at fixing or replacing it. I'm new to DIY so bear with me here! Firstly, there is no isolator switch for this fan as far as I can tell...
  25. Z

    Is there anything I can do with a dual switch for a former ceiling fan?

    Greetings! I am seeking the advice from a more experienced electrician. I have removed a ceiling fan from my living room that had a separate on/off switch for the fan and the light. It has been changed to a regular flush mount light (i.e. one black, one white, and ground wire). Is there anything...
  26. T

    Questions about new bathroom vent fan installation/wiring...

    I will soon be installing a new vent fan in my master bathroom - a combination fan/light/bluetooth speaker from a local big box store. My current switch box has 3 switches: 1 for the vanity light which will not be touched, 1 for the fan, and 1 for the light. I have a 14/2 wire entering the...
  27. G

    Extract Fan 1 Amp fuse - but UK only

    Hi All, Been asked to fit a bathroom extract fan that a customer has already purchased. When checking the manufacturers instructions they are stipulating a double/ triple isolating switch - nothing unusual there - but they are then stipulating a 1 Amp fuse and then in brackets 'UK Only'. This...
  28. P

    Bathroom Extractor fan isolator location

    My client wants a wall fitted extractor fan for their bathroom. Normally i fit the isolator outside above the door but the client is against this. Is there any reason why it can not go above the fan at high level so zone 3. I can not find anything saying you can not but i can not find anything...
  29. M

    bathroom fan timer problem

    Hello dear forum, I have a ceiling fan that seems to work alright when i switch it on. However when i put an electronic timer switch, instead of a physical switch, the fan does not work, the switch circuit does not seem to be powered, i.e. the leds are off, the buttons do not seem to have any...
  30. S

    rewiring existing ceiling fan with light on a 4way & 3way(separate?)

    existing fan w/light;2switches(3&4way);can i put fan one 1 switch and light on the other switch? So I want to be able to turn off the light and keep the fan going. I currently have to unscrew the light bulb in order to have the fan running without light. Can I have the light on one switch and...
  31. L

    what connection to make for the fan switched live wire in a fcu

    can anyone help with the connection for the switched live from the bathroom fan in this fuse box. it is the unconnected yellow wire with a red sleeve and i assume it goes into the top right OUT connection with the single red wire. Thanks in advance
  32. Baddegg

    Finally some common sense from a fan manufacturer?

    Seen a few threads on here over the years so this might come in handy for someone.....wiring instructions state no need for local fuse if fed from 6a lighting circuit, Silent Extractor Fan | Greenwood Airvac SR100 -
  33. L

    Fan heater cutting out due to auto timer

    I recently installed ‘FX20VE Downflow Fan Heater with Pullcord and Timer’ 6 in total and am wondering if there is any way of disabling the auto timer that keeps cutting out after 30 minutes. This is because the heating is intended to be controlled by a wall thermostat.
  34. J

    whole house fan wiring to switch

    I recently installed a whole house fan (Master Flow # WHFS24M) as well as a thermostat to control it (Master Flow #PT6). I also wired it to a switch to be able to cut power to it as well. The switch is a dual rocker 3-way switch. I've broken off the terminal fin to effectively make it 2...
  35. I

    Domestic Power Shower Installation

    Hey, What's the standard way a power shower is installed, I've done electric showers but not power shower before. Also is a fan mandatory in a bathroom
  36. D

    Hi and thanks for having me. Can I wire an Au plug to this fan?

    Kinda was hoodwinked on Ebay. Pic had black wire, taped and end hidden. No mention of no plug. I guess you get what you pay for. Liv'n'learn. Anyway, I can return it, but was wondering if I can simply wire it to a plug and use it. Tried Google but no mention of Fans with 2 red wires. Apreciate...
  37. H

    Bathroom extractor fan isolation switch issues

    Hi I need some advice should I try to fix this isolation switch for the extractor fan or buy a new one. The switch part of the product has come off. It seems it was previously attached into the plate using some resin of some sort. Over time it became loose and has come off. I can manually insert...
  38. S

    Whats wrong with the fan

    So I moved in to a brand new duplex and the fan in the main bedroom seems to buzz and only seems to buzz of a night time or after the fans on for a little bit. But also can go all day with out buzzing and bam as soon as were in bed buzzes and it's all random buzzing or humming something like...
  39. D

    Bathroom fan wiring

    I need to replace an existing fan which has 3 wires and earth. They are red blue yellow. The new fan i have needs switched live, live and neutral. I have a fluke voltage pen so can i just identify which is the switched live cable by putting switch on and seeing if pen bleeps and then turning...
  40. B

    bathroom fan

    Hello all, I'm looking to wire in a bathroom fan to the exisiting GU10 50w downlights. WOuld this be a simple case of running a 2 core cable from the live and neutral of one of the GU10's to the live and neutral of the fan? This is the fan I have for the job: Plastic Inline Extractor Fans - -...
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