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fault finding

  1. M

    UK What sequence to do when doing fault finding (AM2)

    Hi everyone just to let everyone know that I did my AM2 last week and I only failed on the fault finding part. I was very confident before going into the fault finding test but I lost my way and the pressure got to me. I'm so chuffed that I pass everything else. Just to explain what the test...
  2. G

    UK AM2 Fault Finding

    Hi guys, got my AM2 fault finding Resit on Monday and have a question. How would I check for reverse polarity? If I test say from the board L N or E to say a switched spur if I put one probe on the board side L then the other probe on the spur N and I get a reading, surely that means the fault...
  3. Baddegg

    Fault finding easier in the dark!

    Fault in lighting circuit, started poking about in the loft in the dark and managed to find it....:tearsofjoy:....
  4. kenny maccuish

    Found during fault finding

    Hi guys just wanted to ask if there are any Irish electricians here that can tell me whether these examples of making off SWA are accepted in Ireland. Just had to fault find a light not working in a garden and opened up a couple of manholes to find PVC 4x4 waterproof boxes with SWA going into...
  5. GBDamo

    Intermittent fault finding.

    Was called to a commercial lighting issue on Friday where the circuit had tripped, RCBO protected. On arrival reset the RCBO and all held, three lights weren't working, two were lamps and one had a black scorched ballast, replaced this and all works. The circuit has eight lights, two PIRs a...
  6. P

    Am2 testing: Fault finding

    Hello everyone, I have finished my 3 years at college and now have my AM2 tomorrow. I have confident in the installation but need some help on a bit of the testing and fault finding. We will be usin a megger tester. How do I carry out PEFC and then PSSC on a three phase DB. Also could do...
  7. telectrix

    Fault finding. never trust Appearances.

    as title, just been called out to a fault, 1st floor and attic conversion no lights. arrived at the house to find as title. 1970's CU in cellar. MCB labelled cellar and upstairs lights. cellar light working. all cabling in cellar surface. top of cellar stairs is a switch. T/E and 3core/E...
  8. Adam_92

    Testing and fault finding

    Hi looking for some assistance which tests would you remove an rcbos functional earth? Isit when you do your rcd tests? And another one if anyone can help me clear this up when fault finding how would you go about splitting a ring? What would you link out at the consumer unit?
  9. A

    Fault finding an intermittent RCD trip

    Hey all, really hopping someone will be able to help me with my issue. This problem relates to my personal home, but i can't seem to figure out the issue. Quick background. The main switchboard at my house feeds into a sub-board in my shed. This sub-board then feeds into another sub-board which...
  10. T


    Hi all & thanks in advance for the time. I'm due on Monday to complete my trade test. (FICA IN SCOTLAND) The part of my test i am to undertake is Fault Finding and rectification. For the test i will be put in a booth by the assessor and issued a job card that briefly describes the...
  11. A

    imersion heater thermostat fault finding

    Hi all, hoping someone can offer some knowledge/experience of immersion heater fault finding. My parents-in-law's imersion heater stopped working, on inspection I found the time switch had failed open. Also the isolation switch neon indicator was dead. The heater itself had a good resistance...
  12. M

    Fault finding an intermittent RCD trip.

    Hi all, I’ve had a headache of a fault and can’t think what to do next. The house has an RCD main switch, and I’ve verified the circuit which has the fault to be the kitchen ring final. The RCD has tripped once without interference, and several times when a switched fuse spur is turned on...
  13. GBDamo

    Tips required for fault finding on track lighting.

    The track in question is Eutrac single circuit (i think) and the offending fitting is hung from one of these. EUTRAC - There are three pendant fittings on this one particular section of track; the one either side of...
  14. P

    Fault Finding Terminology: NET AM2 section C2.

    Hi all, Sadly I have to retake the fault finding section of the AM2 next Monday. We used a multimeter to determine faults. There are millions of types of fault, however only 4 types of wiring faults are being tested: Open Circuit = unambiguous/obvious = no ohm reading. High Resistance =...
  15. J

    Ring main MCB tripping, nothing plugged in.

    Hello everyone, Bit of a confusing one. I have a ring main on a 32A mcb. The MCB keeps tripping, sometimes the circuit will stay on for around half an hour then suddenly trip. This is still tripping with nothing plugged in. I have checked all sockets and made sure all connections are tight...
  16. K

    Disappearing voltage under load

    Hi all, quick one that I’m guessing one of you guys will solve quickly! Currently been doing some work on an old wartime building and trying to get power back onto some son floodlights after some demolition work internally, I’ve got 240v across line and neutral at the junction box (that’s...
  17. M

    Fault finding in DIYers paradise

    Hi This is my first post on any forum, I’ve been an electrician for 15 years and this fault finding job has got me stumped! Attended a very old cottage, usual story of fuse blowin at the board. Turns out to be a 6amp 30mA RCBO, the circuit has a fluctuation neutral earth fault on it ranging...
  18. Andy-1960

    Philip Schofield (off the TV) fault finding!

    Sean Atkinson - https://www.------------/seanatkinson91/posts/10154801307041601
  19. B

    Identifying fault on 240V outdoor lighting

    Good morning, On a current job I have an outdoor lighting system with a fault that is 240V. Problem is that it keeps tripping the rcd. It turns on for around 10 seconds and then trips. There is nothing wrong with the rcd. How do I locate the ground fault easily using my multifunction tester...
  20. B

    Fault finding examples and answers

    Has anyone got any examples of AM2 fault finding, MCB trips when calling for hot water? Will this be hot water valve? Motor tenant complains of tingling feeling on DOL? Open circuit on CPC?
  21. B

    Fault finding helpppppp

    Hi, did much AM2 a few weeks back and failed on fault finding, the test centre don’t give you much indication what you failed on but rang them up and was pretty close with 4/7 faults and you need 5/7 to pass, the faults I had were these, Data - just plug in tester Bonding - open circuit 16A...
  22. B

    AM2 fault finding today

    AM2 fault finding today wish me luck
  23. B

    Fault finding on ring final circuit

    Fault finding on ring final, is this the readings you would expect to achieve and are these the correct way to find them thanks
  24. B

    AM2 fault finding help

    Hi don’t do that much fault finding and could do with some help, AM2 7 faults to find using on a continuity tester so can only be one of four things, but not really sure what readings to expect? Short circuit = tester should show a few ohms but may have some resistance in leads and bleep Open...
  25. F

    RCD Tripping Hell with high load

    Hi all. First time poster here with a hell of a lot less hair than I had 3 weeks ago now! so please be nice, I'll try and explain best I can. I am not a sparky but have some idea of electrics. I also own a multimeter. Short version. 100A, 30mA RCD trips INTERMITTENTLY on WYLEX 8 fuse board...
  26. Sparky_marky2

    Fault finding - insulation testing

    Hi everyone, did some insulation testing on my mates house as his RCD was tripping manage to isolate it to the ring circuit, Live-Earth for the ring circuit came to 0.01Mohms and all appliances have been disconnected and removed. However I have disconnected the Live-Earth behind one socket...
  27. O

    Anyone fancy a bit of domestic fault finding?

    Yes this is for a house!
  28. M

    Fault finding for fica test

    Got my fica test tommorow only have the fault finding left to do ,but struggle with it as I don't do it much ,does anyone have any tips who has maybe recently passed it ? Thanks
  29. A

    First post- fault finding

    is anyone aware of any electrical fault finding guides or books (if one exists). Possibly with examples of common faults found in domestic installations? Massive thanks! I'm at the end of my 2357 nvq 3 just interested if anything like this exists?
  30. jaydub

    Aqualisa Shower Fault Finding

    A customer has an aqualisa shower which has recently stopped working. So far I cannot pinpoint the exact model but I believe it to be an 'axis'. Now, it's got power to the processor unit, however there doesn't seem to be anything going on at the shower controls, which is joined to the processor...
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