1. D

    UK I want to make a feature lamp out beer pump

    Hi, I am trying to make a feature lamp out of a Guinness LED beer front, I need to transform from 240v to either 12v 50Hz 520mA or 24v 50Hz 220mA (pic) What transformer is needed? I have a LED transformer that gives 25-42V (pic) is this to powerful? Thanks in advance
  2. J

    Water feature installations

    Hi, I’ve been asked by a family member to fit a water feature into their back garden. The feature consists of a pump & LED.However I’m a marine electrician and I’m not very clued up on the regs etc of the domestic world. My plan was to spur off an outside socket using 2.5mm SWA cable to a...
  3. charlie76

    Water feature supply

    Evening all. I got called out to a lady who had received a slight tingle through the wet grass when standing near her water feature. I dug around near the feature to find the flex which comes with the unit had been very poorly glanded into a JB and another flex glanded into it run under the...
  4. Dan

    Likes and ratings feature has been repaired!

    My bad this was, I screwed up something when updating the forum. The likes ended up dying. They're back again now and it should be working okay again. :)
  5. S

    Fluke 1664 FC IR questions

    Hello Looking to buy a new MFT, anyone had any problems with the unique feature on the 1664 with the IR test? It says it won't test if sensitive equipment is detected but no where seems to list how or what tolerances this is. Can it be disabled? I've seen a few being sold on auction sites and...
  6. Dan

    Update: You can now bookmark individual posts :-)

    You can now see a bookmark link in posts. Click it and you can make a bookmark and leave a note. Click on your name at the top of the forum and you have a link To your bookmark list. Any logged in user can use this feature.
  7. M

    Fluke 1652

    Hey Guys, I purchased a fluke 1652 and am waiting on delivery, I need it for a lot of things but one feature I need and am not sure if it has it is the volt drop feature on some flukes. When you test a battery on start up or a generator for example some flukes will let you hold a V min (too...
  8. rich.250

    How to get a customer LOL

    Ring Main or Ring Final Circuit?( 17th Edition BS:7671) - YouTube
  9. M

    Driver problem mft 1553 Megger powersuite

    Evening all i have recently purchased the powersuite software, whilst using the download manager i have put my pat4 on the system no problem but i cant seem to find the driver for mft 1553 test kit i have? Anyone else had this problem or know how to solve it?
  10. P

    testing videos

    all the credit goes to chris kitcher for these videos. nice and clear look into testing. its a shame we didn`t have him at college things would have become clearer a lot sooner.
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