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  1. Pete999

    Would Spitting images have a field day now in 2019?

    Having trouble posting some old vids but sure you get my drift.
  2. T

    Old field generator?

    Was at a county show today and they had this old beauty on display. Old field generator? Anyway, thought some of you may appreciate me sharing it.
  3. I

    Is the strength of a magnetic field directly proportional to voltage?

    I understand current is, however is voltage? As if you increase voltage the current must increase(unless resistance does). However does this mean voltage is 'directly' proportional to magnetic field strength?
  4. A

    Entering different field

    Hello all. I am a fully qualified jib spark. I am looking to go into the FMCG field/manufacturing. I want to do something more complex rather then just putting up ladder rack and tray. How can i go into things like variable speed motors. Conveyor belts. PLCs etc. Whats the best way to get...
  5. L

    Hi, looking for electrical hands on training - I'll make you money via satellite field

    Hello all, thanks for having me on the forum. If anyone requires assistance on site I'm more than happy to help. I want to become fully fledged electrician ideally in the domestic field. Happy to travel, within one hour commute from Derby provided on site training given. I been working in the...
  6. S

    Wanted memsheild 2

    hi I'm after 3 memsheild 2 30ma pods and 3 16A mcbs if anybody has
  7. T

    Auto voltage control box/regulator unit

    Greetings everyone, I am new to this site so please excuse what might be a dumb question. I have a 1932 Sleeve valve Panhard fitted with a dynastart. The charge is almost nil. I am due to check the dynamo side of things this week but I have a feeling the voltage control box/regulator might...
  8. S

    240v 1ph 1600W Table saw motor wiring question

    Hello everyone, This is my first post, so please bear with me. I am trying to work out how the motor to my table saw is wired. I bought it second hand and I think the previous owner has messed with it. One of the brush holders had been forced in and was touching the commutator. I am wondering...
  9. R

    speed up testing, cert filling

    Hi guys, I used to fil all my certs out on pads on the job and hand to customer, that was back when i was doing mostly domestic work. I now find myself doing a lot of commercial testing mainly for the same client. I have started useing the NICEIC online record results rough...
  10. J

    exporting the earth 50kw solar pv system

    hi new to this but seems like a good site to swap info and practices, ok my problem or question is 50 kw solar pv on a farm (or anywhere) but it is ground mounted usually in a field some 50mtrs away. so the main incoming earth to the farm is tn-cs after any advice on how to earth the system, we...
  11. P

    Elusive Training

    UPS TRAINING I have recently completed my electrical apprenticeship, All distinctions and loving the job but I want to move into the UPS field.. Has anybody recently moved into this field or know of a progression route that doesn't involve £4000 and another 3 years of day release college for...
  12. Q

    DC Volt stick

    Like the name says, do they make a volt stick that can detect DC?
  13. G

    DC voltstick

    Is there such a thing? If so I want one! Where to buy? Testing DC to earth sucks :)
  14. R

    massive supply cable volt drop

    a customer has asked us to wire up a caravan park thats he's building on some of his land but we're struggling to decide on the size of the sub main to power it all. he has 2 fields which will each have 20 caravans in them. The plan is to supply a busbar chamber in a mains room at the start of...
  15. C

    Apprenticeship Wanted in or around the Barnet Area

    Hello, My name is Christopher Ullah. I am looking for work as an apprentice or a Electricians mate, in or around the Barnet area. I have completed my Level 2 Electrical Installation and have attatained Distictions throughout the course. I have now started started my level 3; as the course is...
  16. S

    Dedicated AC circuit?

    Hi We need some advice on the following....... A potential new client has a hefty SWA cable across his field supplying five 6A caravan hook ups. Ideally he would like us to extend it over to his barn (20M) for a 4kWp system therefore avoiding having to install a new cable under ground. I have...
  17. S

    Solar Horizon - what are you using?

    Hi All, New to the forum so hi everyone :) Can I ask what you all using for your solar horizon measurements? This seems to take an age with a compass and an inclo. Have read about SolEye etc. just wondering what peoples experiences where and what was the easiest to use in the field. Thanks...
  18. Goody

    What type is this RCD?

    What do I put down on the EIC on “Type BS EN” field for an RCD WRS80/2, is it Type AC? Thanks!
  19. B

    RDC trips on pump/motor circuits.

    :banghead: Three separate circuits: 1. Pool pump. 2. Cold water tank pressure pump. 3. Jacuzzi pump. Front end: All three circuit above are protected by a single 40A RCD 30mA. Individual circuit MCB's provide over current protection. These are rated for the job i.e. 6, 6, 16 amp. All pump...
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