1. C

    are these figures right or am i way off

    could anyone take a look at these figures please and tell me if they are ok or not. thanks in advance watts where stated 60w x 3 60w x 3 Ib design current 1.30 1.30 In device rating and type B6 MCB BS 60898 B6 MCB BS 60898 Reference method METHOD B METHOD B Ambient temp in...
  2. happyhippydad

    Working on electrics with 2 supplies.

    I have little knowledge of PV. When working on circuits supplied by a domestic CU, is it fine to just have the main switch off in the CU or should you be isolating the PV as well? The stickers all over the CU's in this example all say to disconnect both supplies.
  3. M

    confusing figures between net and regbook

    Hiya lads a stupid query (maybe ) i was filling in an EICR for a mate and had left my on site guide and reg book at home so i decided to check the net for max zs values for 60898 type b mcbs 6a. 16a, 32a, and 40a but the figures didnt match up with the ones in the reg book. so question what...
  4. B

    Electrical Test sheets & Fudged Figures

    I need some advice, I've been doing the OM manuals for installations and come across an electrical test sheet which I believe is fudged. Background of the story, is the handwritten one (NICEIC System was playing up) went walkies. Lost, never to be found. The QS produced the handwritten one, but...
  5. Mark.W

    IR connundrum

    Hey Guys I've got a bit of a head scratcher that I was hoping someone could help with. I have a ring main feeding 7 points. When testing IR btw L&N I get 967Mohm but when testing N-E & L-E I get 455Mohm. I split the ring and tested as 2 radials and the results suddenly come back all clear at...
  6. B

    solar pv facts

    I have some goon coming round tomorrow to give me solar panels for free apparently. Free panels, free installation the full shooting match. I know very little about pv and I've never worked with it. Looking for some facts and figures please gents is this too good to be true?
  7. happyhippydad

    Voltage drop and it's effect?

    Hello all, just been thinking over Voltage drop!! 1. Where does the 3% and 5% figures for voltage drop (VD) come from? Appendix 4 (BS7671) gives the figures but why the different values between lights and sockets? 2. Also permitted voltage levels are -6% and +10% from 230V giving a min of 216V...
  8. G


    Recently there's been a lot of talk about scheme registration,and the need to be a scheme member to do part P work,now while a lot of sparks disagree with the way that the schemes infer that the only sparks that do a good job are scheme members,which incidentally we know not to be the case as...
  9. M

    Wind Calculations

    Hi Had our two day MCS audit this week. Three technologies produced two non conformances . Solar PV and solar thermal wind load calculations. Having read the entire section on wind calculations I am still at a loss as to how to do the calculation and what to do with the figure when...
  10. P

    Zs reading in workshop

    The last problem I have to finish the paperwork is that I have a Zs @DB reading from the house CU of 0.31ohms with a Ipf @ DB of 0.74 ka. On the test result sheet for the workshop, which has a 40amp rcd, 2 x 20amp socket radials and a 6amp lighting curcuit, what figures do I use to add to the...
  11. G

    March-April solar PV capacity figures and the July FIT cuts

    I've just spent the evening analising the Solar PV capacity figures for March and April to see what they would mean if DECC stick to their proposals for basing the level of FIT cuts scheduled for the end June / Start of July on these installation figures. Bluntly, it's not looking good, with...
  12. E

    Cut-out fuse shared by 2 properties

    Hi All, Been to look at a job, where customer wants to install 9.5kw shower. 3 Bed 2 storey flat. Calculating the load on board at present with diversity comes out at 68.8A, if the shower was added calculations came to 94.6A. Looking in the meter cupboard, the supply splits to 2 meters after...
  13. A

    PV SOL users – help! as my knowledge is limited!

    Put Sunny Design in the hands of a novice and this comes out: Based on 4kW systems + SMA 4000TL-20 LG LG250S1C 857 kWh/kWp Suntech STP250S 20/WD 853 kWh/kWp Samsung LPC250SM 851 kWh/kWp Hyundai HiS S250MG 848 kWh/kWp Sanyo...
  14. P

    Stats on death/injury through electrocution or fault.

    Hi just wondered if anyone had any up to date UK stats on death or injury caused by electrocution or fires caused by electrical faults resulting in death or injury. I have seen stats on domestic house fires but these were not specific as to the cause. Any pointers much appreciated:)
  15. S


    Ok, I bit the bullet and bough PvSol, now I'm trying to design 2 systems on it - PC about to go out the window :mad: Can't figure out how to add the panels onto the roof (already identified panels and inverter and roof size and boundaries) Did a test report and the yield is way below...
  16. S

    can someone please confirm my working out, just for piece of mind.

    please can someone confirm my working out of a annual return, as this is my first quote and just need confirmation that i have done it right. the system is a 22 panel 180W bp mono system and i am assuming the customer will be exporting 50% 22 panels x 180W =3960W or 3.96kW this will...
  17. S

    length of circuit calculation - head scratching stuff!

    Hi all, How do I work out the length of a circuit? I have these figures R1+R2 = 0.40 The circuit is wired in 2.5mm/1.5mm T&E I take it I need to know the resistance of the T&E (where do I find this?) Could someone give me the formula or point me in the right direction Thank you.
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