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  1. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Filling out online NICEIC Cerys with an iPad.

    Hi, I've recently moved from paper certification to online. All works ok with my laptop but can't seem to click on options with the iPad! Any ideas greatly welcome.
  2. N

    Filling Wall Chase............

    I’ve chased out two channels and I’ve applied bonding as a rough coat and im wondering what you all use to finish it off for a smooth joinless finish. Would multifinish or dob and dab adhesive achieve this finish?
  3. B

    Casting Resin vs Encapsulating Resin for filling outdoor junction boxes

    I have a repair job coming up - a garden has had 240V lights fitted, with which the junction boxes have been filled with magic gel - they haven't been filled correctly and there are problems with the outdoor lights (the 240V doesn't help with the sensitivity to moisture). I have an idea that...
  4. Dave Rudderham

    Filling in the gaps...

    I'm not sure if this is the right section for this, so apologies if it's not. At college (current Level 3 mature student) we've been taught how to chase and knock out a hole for a back box in new plaster, but we've not been told how to fill it back in. Would that be normally out side the...
  5. Gazthesparky

    Filling in test certificate

    Just a quick couple of questions its a Friday and now sitting doing paperwork with a couple of beers. Im filling in a certificate to cover a consumer unit change and having a mental block. There is a 3phase supply coming into the building and then the flat I was working in has a 6oamp supply...
  6. E

    When Filling Out A N.I.C Installation Certificate Online *DEFAULT PFC VALUE*

    Why does it try to give you the value of 16KA in the drop down box for prospective fault current. Has anybody else come across this or do they know the reason why? I always put my measured value in but still would like to know the reason they try to give you the above value.
  7. Gazthesparky

    Anyone Use icertify app?

    Im looking at starting a subscription with the icertify app for iPhone and iPad. it looks good from what I can see and £50 a year for as many certs you need. I currently use a pdf filling app on my iPad which is free but i am finding filling in certs is clunky and time consuming so looking...
  8. i=p/u

    Form filling info

    Has anyone made an updated sheet for form filling or direct me to the old page
  9. E

    Stupid Question- Do i need to go back for rcd test?

    Just done a small additional Immersion circuit install. Run cable through floor space and on surface in trunking. Fitted to a new MCB on spare way in existing consumer unit. Unit had a main switch and a seperate rcd protecting the MCB's. Do I need to go back and get the rcd test results for the...
  10. cbw

    Builders Supply

    Quick question, I have recently started filling in a minor works certificate and notiffying a CU change for this. Am I being OTT? I have allways done a Ze then a Zs at socket and RCD test, then normally write the results on the wall!, just not really sure of the best course of action! CBW
  11. J

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa EIC form

    Yesterday I added a new circuit to en-suite shower room for a blow heater. So I filled in an Elecsa electrical installation certificate. In the section under K (schedule of items inspected), do I tick the boxes in relation to what I've done or do I have to spend an hour climbing in and out of...
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