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  1. R

    Who out of you guys offer finance!

    Hi, My name Richard and I'm new to the forum so hi everyone. I really want to offer finance to customers when I go out to quote work as I think it could give me a higher conversion rate. Do any of you guys offer finance at the moment and if so who with? Also do you think it's a good avenue...
  2. gazdkw82

    Solor PV grants/schemes

    I have made some enquiries about Solor Panel installation on my house. It’s something I know very little about tbh. Anyhow iv been forwarded to a company called project solo. They inform me there is a scheme running (not sure if that’s the right term). There scheme is not based on renting the...
  3. The Solar King

    Removal of Solar Thermal from the RHI

    This has been rumbling on for several months. DECC finally announced a consultation yesterday which can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/the-renewable-heat-incentive-a-reformed-and-refocused-scheme Biomass will also take a hit. The strategic thinking behind this is...
  4. H

    Green deal solar

    Hi Chaps The wife's just had a call offering solar on the green deal scheme now I know nothing about the solar game. Question is is it still worth having with the low fit tariff ?
  5. T

    Accountancy question

    I'm in the process of setting up on my own, and I'm looking into getting a van on finance. My question is having set up a ltd company if I get the finance on the van in my name can I claim the vat back and tax through the company or would the loan have to be under the company name (think I will...
  6. G

    Offering Finance to customer .....

    Pricing a few jobs lately that got me thinking. Customers desperately needing their home rewired ( both very unsafe ) but finance is a major sticking point. JRC Finance ? Interest obviously added on cost with staged payments. How does the legal side work ? Would it become a complete headache if...
  7. B

    Funding for retrofit LEDS

    Hello Ive got a job in a school replacing All the fittings for LEDS they have asked can we get any type of funding for this Anybody out there who can do this on our behalf or send us to somebody that can. Also Have found the retrofit GU10 lamp that dims properly in warm white if anybody is...
  8. E

    Green Deal Network

    I think it may be wise if we are planning on going in to the green deal scheme to list what we are planning on being accredited for as we will not be over all meausre then at least we have a network between installers and advisor on here. we could sub-contract jobs to each other if we are based...
  9. P

    Solar PV financing

    Hi, I am an MCS registered contractor currently installing solar PV. One of the obstructions I am coming across is the high cost to install. Potential customers are asking me if I can reccomend any finance companies who specialise in this area, with maybe a loan scheme which is tailored around...
  10. G

    Customer finance

    As a new MCS company trying to get work we have just had a meeting with a finance company rep offering us a 2 year contract to put a link on our website to give customers the option of paying for a system on finance in return they will then give us 1% of the total finance the customer has signed...
  11. gr7

    Credit for PV installations

    Apologies of this question has been asked before, I have searched and only drawn blanks. Is anybody aware of any credit companies offering long term loans for PV installations? I have a salesman with the relevant licence to advice on credit and would like to make use of this if possible. Any...
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