1. C

    Additional fused spur

    As a rank amateur at electrics I had hoped to have an electrician complete the mains connection to my low voltage garden lighting. Owing to the lockdown this isn’t possible so I’m going to have a go. Question - I already have a fused spur, fed from a double socket, to feed an outdoor garden...
  2. J

    Calculating cable size - start to finish

    Hello everyone, I would like it if anyone would be able to help me in listing the steps For choosing cable size. Starting from protective device from a boards 'Zs' value, all the way to the cable size. Thanks in advance
  3. Leesparkykent

    BG Nexus Pearl Nickel

    Does anyone know if they make a 4gang switch in this range? Just had a quick google and cant find one cheers.
  4. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Help with JIB card/2330

    Hi Guys. First ever post on a forum so bare with me... Basically I am looking at applying for my JIB card. I have my 17th edition NVQ 2356 and 2330 level 2. Only problem is I never finished my 2330 level 3. I did the level 2 fine and the 301 and 302 of the level 3 but never completed. Can I...
  5. I

    Job to small to get a plaster out, what to use!

    Hi, Am moving a few sockets/switches on a job. Much smaller than normal works I do so seems a waste to get a plaster out for a few mins work. So what do you use to tidy up the plaster around sockets/switches. I was thinking this, anyone used? No Nonsense All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler 1kg |...
  6. Kamikaze

    LED Strip Self Adhesive Tape Kit

    Has anyone ever fitted one of these to the underside of kitchen cupboards and was it any good?
  7. Rockingit

    What jobs need doing in your own house, then?

    Thought I'd lighten the mood a bit: You know the one about the plumber with a dripping tap.....well, as Sparky's I reckon our own little lists of DIY are just as silly. Or is it just me?! In my house at the moment there are: 4 x GU10's need replacing, a socket to finish plastering around, the...
  8. O

    Domestic Isolator Switches

    I need some help. I am having a new kitchen installed and currently have one isolator box with three switches for dishwasher, fridge and washing machine. I want to change all the sockets to chrome but cannot find the same switch I currently have. Is it possible to still use the whote one I...
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