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fire alarm

  1. Robertbaker63

    which fire alarm certificate for additional detectors in village hall extension

    got to add in some breakglasses, ceiling detector and sounder to an existing fire 12v fire alarm system in a local village hall as theve put a new room on the side which cerrtificate would i have to fill out? im a full napit member
  2. Vortigern

    What fire alarm system do you recommend

    Just wonder if there are any recommendations for a fire alarm system. A simple system conventional. It is a building (mosque) quite small as it goes around 100 sq m. 10 smokes one heat for kitchen. Three break glass, two sounders. So quite a small system. I have arranged the wiring for sounders...
  3. N

    Fire alarm randomly went off

    Hi all, my fire alarm randomly went off for about 15 seconds last night, fastest I've shot out of bed for a while and my back feels it today 😂. No sign of smoke, new batteries about a month ago and its also wired. Pushed the test button today and all working fine. Now I'm worried incase it goes...
  4. P

    Fire/intruder alarm installation Perth/Dundee area

    Looking for any recommendation on who to get to install a fire and intruder alarm for a remote site (we won't be present most of the week) between Dundee and Perth, Scotland. Actual system is really simple as only one room, two doors, one window, but it needs to be remotely monitored by...
  5. S

    Protec Fire alarm

    I have some protec fire alarm items for sale if anyone has use or need for them. 3 manual call points 4 sounder bases 3 optical smoke detectors Thanks
  6. A

    Fire alarm qualification

    Hi guys, I am a fully qualified electrician nvq 3 gold card blah blah boring. I was looking at doing the tavcom practical fire alarm installation btec level 3 qual. Its very in depth etc but a bit expensive. Do any of you reccomend a particular course that's recognised? I just like the fact...
  7. D

    Residential Fire alarm installation west London

    I need a fire alarm installing in a house that was converted into flats 30 years ago. It comprises 3 units. Ground floor and basement maisonette, 1st floor flat, 2nd floor flat. There is a communal entrance hall and internal staircase serving the front doors of each unit. The fire risk...
  8. bigspark17

    Homeywell notifier fire alarm

    Wanting to do more fire alarm testing and a communal centre where i work have asked me to test there system. Problem it is a honeywell notifire who are closed protocol which could be a problem im guessing if anything untoward sprang up on the test i will have trouble with any reprogramming of...
  9. W

    Domestic fire alarm issue

    Hi all I have a small problem with a job im doing, 2 first floor flats above a shop with separate landlords area for the 2x flats which is a small stairwell out to a door on the street I have first fixed both flats, they will be each on their own single phase supply from the communal landlords...
  10. H

    Fire alarm installer not providing full commissioning documentation

    Our management company comprising five flats, of which I am the Secretary, had an electrician install a fire alarm system last October to satisfy the local authority. It was a wireless system and comprised various smoke detectors, sounders, break glass units etc. He was paid in full. Our...
  11. N

    Can you hide a fire alarm panel in a commercial premises?

    Fire alarm panel currently installed in a high street premises signed off by building regs. Looking to install a stud partition in-front of all electrical services (including the fire panel) which are access via an unsecured hinged wall panel. Does this still meet regulations? Can anyone help...
  12. D

    Fire alarm loop test

    How to perform this test and it's resulted meaning
  13. J

    L1 Smoke alarm / Fire alarm system

    Can anyone tell me - is there a difference between an L1 fire alarm system and an L1 smoke alarm system?
  14. S

    Fire alarm installation

    Thinking of branching out into fire alarm systems as Iv been doing a lot of HMOs and Iv been having a contractor in to undertake this. What qualifications do I need to add this to my portfolio
  15. S

    Fire alarm fault zone advice

    Hi guys, I haven't done much in the past with fire alarms but am starting to get more work leads with them so it is something I want to get into. Does anybody have a fire alarm zone fault checklist they wouldn't mind sharing please and what are the most common FA panel keys? By the looks of...
  16. DT1991

    Can anyone help with a fire alarm query.

    Can anyone assist me in finding out if all cables involved with a fire alarm system must be FP or similar. By fire alarm I mean sounders, call points, door holders etc. Thanks.
  17. N

    Smoke alarm or fire alarm?

    Regs seem a bit confusing on this, but landlord is converting a house to HMO. 10 en suites, plus ground floor kitchen, all on just 2 floors (just ground and first floor). I know fire alarms if there are 3 floors. But with this many rooms, even though it's only 2 floors, is he breaking any...
  18. gazdkw82

    Fire detector options

    The fire alarm in the hallway is to sensitive when cooking. It's old and needs changing anyway. It's a mains voltage smoke alarm. I plan to replace it
  19. gazdkw82

    Fire alarm detectors-lighting

    I'm getting rid of the 2 fire alarm detectors and putting some new mains powered ones. I'm going to take it off the light fitting in the living room and landing. How's best to do this on a plastered ceiling? Work around the joists and get a t+e through? Might seem an easy question but I've...
  20. B

    SOS/ fire alarm help

    Could anyone help me wire this, have 17v to 60v sos light and beacon so have power supply feed this and I need to wire this micro switch so when the door opens the light and beacon come on? Thanks
  21. B

    Fire alarm Sounder wiring

    Hi got fire alarm sounder beacon, call point and micro switch for when the door opens to wire, Wire 2 core straight to call point this will be connection 1 for perm and connection 3 for load with neutrals in a wago then to beacon this has 4 terminals T1 is beacon negative supply T2 is sounder...
  22. O

    Fire alarm engineer insurance queries

    Hi there unsure where to ask so i have joined this forum hoping someone will know. I am currently employed by a large firm as a fire alarm engineer for the past 10 years mainly service and small works including emergency light service. I have completed many courses over the years and am Bafe...
  23. I

    Emergency light & fire alarm testing

    Hi all, I occasionally being asked to do fire alarm testing and emergency lighting testing. I work mainly on domestic installs but wondering what sort of qualification/competency you must have in order to carry those tasks. And is it any specific schemes like NIC/NAPIT does have to be involved...
  24. S

    commisioning fire alarm

    hi guys, installed a fire alarm system today at a property that contains 3 self contained flats. I had EU fire alarm company out to go through the specification detailed by the council so we could design something that would be compliant with not only there spec but also bs 5839, now we have...
  25. Doomed

    Fire alarm what is this?

    Called to a hotel where the spark doing a refit took down something and then said that he had no idea what it was so they better call someone else. I then got called in and I have no idea what it is, apsrt from its the end of line on the fire alrm circuit.
  26. D

    Fike Twinflex pro fire alarm install

    Hello have few questions first can i even do this i am looking to install a Fike twinflex pro fire alarm system in my home i have gotten the ok from my housing association to do this but am i allowed to do this by law i have been looking into it and have seen most systems need design plans...
  27. C

    Fire Alarm annual check

    Hi, I have a customer who is wanting an annual fire alarm inspection on a small commercial premises. Is there a specific certificate/form I can use that I could get online?
  28. H

    WTF is this or I don’t recognise this unit

    Hi folks, some identification help required. Customer has helpfully lost the alarm but has retained the base plate. She thinks this was interlinked with some Kidde Firex smoke and heat alarms still in situ elsewhere in the house. I’ve not got wander lead out yet to see if the interlink...
  29. S

    Fire alarm courses in the midlands

    hi guys, I want to get some experience in installing fire alarm systems. Does anyone know of any courses in the midlands that do hands on training at all.
  30. T

    Exit fire alarm call point

    We have a door that will be in normal use but is designated as a fire exit, however, there are all glass windows site managers that think they know it all has said "can't it go on the wall some three meters to the left" even if building control accept it I don't think it would comply with the...
  31. Sparky10

    is a Fire alarm system required?

    Hi All, I've been asked by a friend of mine if they require a fire alarm system within a building they have just purchased. It is a building with 9 flats within across 4 floors, and was wondering what regulation they need to comply with and if they need a fire alarm system installed or not...
  32. Markc

    New build dwelling >200mt/2 fire alarm

    Hi all We have been invited to tender for a new build dwelling, two storey with a ground floor of 240mt/2. My understanding of Part B is the property will require a Grade B-LD3 fire alarm system. My tender allowed for a LD2 to include high risk areas, kitchen and living room (wood burner) The...
  33. R

    Electrician Fitter for Grade A, LD2 fire alarm system - North London N19

    Dear all I require a fully qualified electrician to fit a Grade A, LD2 fire alarm system in a 2 storey communal area. I can send plans and layouts of preciseley whats required so an accurate quote can be given. I would prefer individal electricains as we are a proffessional landlord and have...
  34. L

    Fire alarm cabling student accommodation

    hi all! I’m working on a new build student accommodation block wiring for fire alarm. I have been instructed to use perforated banding as containment across the stud walls above the ceilings as they won’t allow us to put any containment up. Now this to me feels a bit dog rough. Can anybody...
  35. Pete999

    Fire Alarm question.

    Just been thinking, my Lad does some maintenance for a Charity outfit, mainly Fire Alarm testing. Now the Charity occupy a unit, 2 stories, adjoined to about 6 other similar units, but basically all one building, the unit in question has it's own F/A install, not linked to any of the other...
  36. M

    Fire Alarm

    Can an conventional fire alarm system be used in conjunction with a elevator. Or does it need to be an addressable system.
  37. loplug

    fire alarm and emergancy lighting

    thinking of doing the following courses. NICEIC Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems NICEIC Emergency Lighting Fundamentals Has any one any experience of these courses. thinking of doing them because on occasion I install fire alarms and emergency lighting, but I have no qualifications in these...
  38. D

    Fire alarm wiring -Twin wire converted to addressable system

    At the moment this block of 9 flats has a Twin Wire system with communal areas wired and one detector in each flat . I have been asked the possibility of fitting a addressable type system but using the same cables. This is to identify the flat where the alarm has triggered. The addressable...
  39. S

    New member needs help, security/ fire alarm installers, maintenance/servicing

    Hi everyone hoping someone can point me in the right direction i have recently been approached by one of my clients who has a fire and security company that charges them a monthly subscription for ongoing servicing and maintenance, the client now wishes to use us and are looking for what we will...
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