1. rolyberkin

    Speech Sync Issue Samsung

    Bought a new Freesat 55" Samsung TV and couldn't watch strictly tonight due to a noticeable speech sync/sound issue on HD. Any ideas what causes this, have updated firmware etc and issue seemed to go away once Michael McKintyre got on?
  2. TomTrundle

    Megger MFT 1730 latest firmware no

    Hi Can anyone tell what the latest firmware no is for Megger MFT 1730 Thanks in advance best Tom
  3. trypod

    Megger MFT 1720 as new

    For sale Megger MFT 1720 firmware 2.08 Calibrated on 29th October 2013 Firmware upgraded 25th October 2013 £400 ono + £27.00 Special delivery PM for more info
  4. Simonslimline

    ELI on no trip with Megger MFT

    Does anyone have issues with this test and how accurate is a No trip test? I find my readings seem to change a fair bit testing the same circuit a few times. This is using a 1730.
  5. D

    megger 1710

    A friend of mine has offered me theses for £250. Very good condition but he now works for a company who provides them with testing equipment. Are they worth the price? And has anyone used these? I know the auto rcd is a draw back but I don't do huge installations so not much a problem. Thanks
  6. 9

    Domestic megger 1720

    Megger 1720 Just got one of these. How to do ze I was doing it on l/pe z with red and green lead but was getting a big difference between reading with my old megger. Both calebrated. Normal test procedure used. Main earth diaconnected However i phoned megger tech and they said use red and...
  7. N

    Difference Megger 1730 and 1835

    Hello, I'm a dutch electrician and I want to buy a Megger Installation Tester. I working in the Solar environment and find out that the Megger 1835 (incl RCD B) is good for me. Now I learned that there is also a Megger 1730 and this one looks the same. The 1730 is for the UK and the 1835 is non...
  8. B

    Megger 1730 error message FU5 or FUS

    Hi I have just been testing a freezer compressor as its tripping the RCD. The Megger was working fine but now shows FU5 and wont give a reading on the ohms scale. Anyone had this before? its still under warranty so I am reluctant to take it apart other than checking the fuses inside the...
  9. D


    Hello all brought a megger 1730 recently sometimes wishing i had gone down the fluke road.Could someone with experience of using both just give me their thoughts thanks
  10. M

    MEGGER 1720 Latest firmware??

    Hi all does anybody know which is the latest firmware version for the megger 1720 as mine has old version sold from new(((? All help greatly appreciated ))))
  11. J

    Megger 1730

    Megger 1730 for sale. Used but In very good condition. the black crocodile clip and the red test probe end are missing, but the everything else is there and all tidy would like to see £700 for it. thanks
  12. E

    Megger Testers

    Hi all, Need to get a MFT, used to meggers so want the same but newer. Apart from the test-meter sponser site, any ideas on where to get one at a good price. Thanks in advance.
  13. T


    Anyone other megger 1700 ownes been rang by megger to arrange for a fireware update to be put on it?
  14. F

    Fluke 1563 - Loop Impedance Test problem

    Does anyone have a problem with their Fluke 156X testers when doing Loop Impedance Testing ? Most of the earth systems I come across are TT and my meter will on the odd occasion show >2000 ohms and then on a repeated try I get the correct answer. I think the problem gets worst when the L-N...
  15. C


    My Megger 1553 is not very well does anyone have any feedback on the new 1720?
  16. G

    Wake Fronius IG TL Inverter to check software version?

    Has anybody updated the firmware on a Fronius IG TL inverter via USB? I've read a Fronius PDF guide that states if the software version of the 'Display Software' is lower than SW V1.1.1.0 and the software version of the 'Power Stage Software' is lower than SW V1.1.0.0 then an update is...
  17. rich.250

    Megger 1730 non trip loop....

    Has anyone else had the problem of it tripping rcds on non trip loop?? seems only wylex in my case. I have spoke to megger to be told i was performing the test wrong! Quite rude tbh. I have since spent a lot of time thinking about it and the external earth fault path it takes... so i have tried...
  18. M

    metrel mi3100 SF fault

    Hello, Anybody got a metrel mi 3100 tester ? My one was doing strange things today, like being unable to do a Zs rcd no trip test,and I wasn't able to select rcd no trip function. I'm now at home, and every function has an SF fault indication coming up, though I was still able to do a Zs rcd no...
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