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  1. Ashley-Joseph

    First day as a mate

    So tomorrow I have managed to find work as a mate installing conduit and cable trays. This is my first time other than collage working as a mate and I am nervous as I have never installed conduit on big buildings any advice would be helpful also I was told to take basic hand tools any advice on...
  2. J

    Qualify first or get experience?

    So I work in full time sales, wanting to become a full time sparky, I am a novice to the sparky game. I have an uncle that works as a sparky, he knows a chap that might be able to get me a few months working as a spark's mate(2-3 months contract work), which is great, but the question I wanted...
  3. Sparksaflyin

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Tips for my first niceic inspection

    Hi people. I’ve got my first niceic inspection in a few weeks. Any advice on what to expect? What type of installations to show them? Any tips to get through it smoothly would be greatly welcomed. Thanks fellas ( and girls )
  4. S

    Buying my first tester...

    I'm coming towards the end of my level 3 training and in the market for my first MFT.. There's a ton of different brands and each brand has various products so it's all a bit confusing. Can anybody recommend a good "first" tester? Also is it worth buying second hand? Since money is a bit tight...
  5. E

    First gold card applicant

    Hi, I've got my AM2 booked for November, and looking at the gold card requirements. the ecs state all new applicants from Jan this year, need the 18th edition. Will I need to do the 18th as a standalone, or will the AM2 qualify me to the 18th? Cheers
  6. E

    First NIC assessment

    Ive got my first NIC assessment coming up and a couple of my jobs (that i was going to provide the assessor with) have previously been signed off through the company i used to work for. Will this be an issue even if i did all the works? Would the assessor even check if the job has been signed...
  7. Bobby34

    First Job estimate price check

    I am in the process of doing my first quote and wanted to see what people thought in regards to my price as this is my first one since becoming registered so it would be great to see if I am in and around the right lines or whether I am way off the mark. The job is as follows: -Fitting three...
  8. 877

    Long time lurker, first time poster

    Hi everyone, I always search the forums but have never registered, thought it was about time I became legit :) 877
  9. V

    First fix wiring advice

    Hello, I've just joined this forum as I am hoping someone could help me out with some advice. My parent's in law are renovating a cottage and have asked me to basically project manage it as they've had some pretty bad experiences. I have very limited knowledge and experience in construction...
  10. J

    Best first step to remedy bypassed domestic RCD box?

    Moved into 60's semi and had work done to renew kitchen, including new induction hob, cooker etc. 3 qualified electricians came to quote and each mentioned that someone had bypassed one of the RCDs (?) in the main box (Branded GET/Schupa), so that circuits to the right of the attached photo are...
  11. oracle

    Electrical compliance in first world is not as good as the third world

    This is how we do things properly in South Africa When you contract an Electrician ask him for a copy of his Wireman's Licence, and a copy of his DOL Registration Certificate, don’t let him just show some paperwork that in any event will mean nothing to you. When you have these copies phone...
  12. J

    CU Cable Bunching..?

    Hi, Quick question that has been baffling me, I have seen many CUs whereby the cables enter shared entry points. Does this not mean the cables are now bunched according to the regs? And this all cables should have been calculated with the capacity drop? Or is a CU entry just a bit pedantic for...
  13. Les Macaulay

    Commercial First 4ft led tube failure.

    I am always raving about how led tubes will be much more reliable than fluorescent tubes. My first failure has shown after only 3 months. Approx 9 inches of the tube leds extinguish for a second then relight but not repeating for long. My question is ,"how common is this in the vast experience...
  14. oracle

    Inspection and testing to the First Edition

    Life was simple back in the day, raising a family and living in a shack. Then they invented electricity and people found life more exciting with a whole new way to die. Electricity was and is dangerous and in May 1882 the first rules and regulations were made protecting people from shock, fire...
  15. T

    Thanks to the person who first posted the attached

    Hi just to say thanks for the below PDF a couple of weeks ago. Can't find who posted it but anyway I am sure you know who you are. Thought I would post it again for anyone else who is going to sit the update/exam, a good resource. It was brilliant in the 18th Ed. exam. Really made getting to the...
  16. M

    First MFT advise please

    Evening all... Looking for some advice buying my first MFT - got my inspect amd test after Xmas. Looking at the usual 2nd hand auction sites (cant afford new) and looking at under 300. Think i have narrowed it down to- Kewtech KT64. Fluke 1653 Metrel MI3000. Not really looked at megger. Any...
  17. M

    Wanted MFT for first time

    Looking for an MFT - first one as have inspect and test course soon and would like to use my own during course to get experience. What's out there.. Thanks
  18. Spoon

    Got to meet my first forum member yesterday.

    As the title says, I got to meet my first forum member yesterday. I had a problem with my upstairs lighting circuit that was tripping the breaker. I have no test equipment and didn't want to keep tripping the breaker by dismantling things and seeing if it pops again. So I asked @telectrix if he...
  19. H

    First step to becoming electrician

    Hi there everyone, first of all I would like to say what a good and helpful website this is, I’m Huseyin, I would like to know what do I need to do to become a electrician, for example to start work immediately ?(construction site or firm). So far Iv looked at Not A Chance level 2 and level 3...
  20. N

    Streetlighting for first time

    Got a job doing streetlighting. Never done it before. Can someone please talk me through the basics? How they are wired. In particular the different photocells used etc. Cheers
  21. Zer0900

    Noob from Ireland, first time site visitor

    Hi all, house basher working with a local contractor in Galway. Currently waiting to be called for my final phase. Was googling testing and verification as i havent done much of it in recent years, and came upon this site. Most lads I call havent a clue how to do these tests. Hoping to find...
  22. A

    First rewire 3 bed terrace house

    so I’ve got my first rewire, I’ve done rewires before for other people but never had to do quote and make a list of all the materials needed. I went to visit the house and made a note of the things they wanted but I’m not sure if I’ve missed anything. I was wondering if there was someone on...
  23. pirate

    Tel, if you're calling it a day, could you sort out this one for me first?

    Like I said, don't just give it up, choose what you want to do, and do no more...or words to that effect! I'm back on my Men's Shed charity thing today. I was about to install that 6mm in free air for that huge cooker when a guy dropped in a reel of 25 metres of 10mm, so just used that instead...
  24. D

    Finding first electrician job

    Hey, I'm wondering how to find your 1st ever electrician job. I'm looking to get level 2 and level 3 CG electrician qualification in a college. Every electrician mates job offer often requires a few years experience, so I am confused on how to get your first job as a mate. Whats the best sector...
  25. B

    Our first property - seller says CU is older than 2005 - no cert required

    Hi all We're moving in to our first property - it's a 1950's build. The house has been bought buy a property developer who bought it from the previous owner so that they could purchase a new build (part ex). We had a survey done recently and one of the things that has come up is the lack of...
  26. S

    First Interviews..............

    Lad in another thread posted up about going for hi "informal" interview, soooo for the oldies on here what was yours like, I think I was shitting myself 16 years old walking down from Victoria Station to Vincent Square to the offices of EIL, the only bonus was that my Uncle worked there in the...
  27. buzzlightyear

    why bother in the first place

    this was fitted by a traveling circus ,fitted by two clowns .was fitted around December , call out to a fault on the ground floor ring .no test cert .nothing .and a new alarm fitted by a electrical firm .love the way the tails have been put in by both parties.
  28. J

    First time wiring domestic heating help.

    Hi everyone, I am about to take over a new build with most of the wiring completed. The only thing left is the heating, i have limited knowledge of domestic systems as i usually do industrial work. From my brief conversation with the plumber we have a polypipe underfloor heating regulator for...
  29. Pete999

    First Volunteer for Age UK tomoz ( no not electrical before you all start)

    Like the title, first job in the morning Volunteering for Age UK, wish me luck if you feel inclined to.
  30. Pete999

    13Amp plug check card Electrical Safety First

    Anyone want one of these FOC only got one spare, first come first served PM your address and I'll pop onee in the post,( Only 1 left ) UK plug pin gauge - https://www.pat-testing-training.net/articles/plug-pin-gauge.php
  31. M

    Hi this is my first post, looking for advice

    I have just completed my level 2 2365, I'm about to begin level 3. I'm now looking for some experience as an electricians mate as I'm finding it difficult to find a job being a female without the full qualification. Any advice would be great!
  32. P

    First post and (probably) stupid question on replacing an extractor

    Hi there, first post that I’m hoping my totally novice terminology will make sense to people... I had an envirovent silent 100ht installed but want to replace with a simpler silent 100s (that turned up today). I’ve removed the cover of the existing and notice the power cable has three cores...
  33. C

    Just finished my first day's training!

    Hello all, just wanted to say hello. Started my first day's training today after jacking in my recruitment job. I've always wanted to be a sparky and I guess it's never too late! I have a lot of work to do... I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction of additional...
  34. C

    Home Lounge Lights do not turn ON first time!

    Hi, I am new to this Forum, so excuse if I do not enter details correctly! I am hoping a bright spark! can answer my question: basically, I am puzzled by my Home Lounge Lights (not fluorescent). The Lights do not turn ON first time, but always turn ON second time (that is after I turn the Room...
  35. M

    What are the first steps in becoming electricians mate?

    I am looking to become an electricians mate in the Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey area. I have experience doing small electrical jobs and City & Guilds Level 2 and 3 in Electro Technology. Any help or advice on how to progress would great.
  36. C

    NICEIC Certification Scheme First NICEIC Assessment

    Hello, Ive got my first NICEIC Approved assessment coming up with Tim Leibe. Ive been with Elecsa in the past but decided to go for the full scope. Just wondering what to expect, questions he may ask and if anyone has had dealings with Tim in the past? Any help would be great.
  37. TonyJohnson

    Hi Folks, everyone has a first day.. Today is mine

    A newbie to the site but been in the game for 13 years... hopefully i can help others as well as them help me... Cheers Tj.
  38. T

    Bought a dud off ebay, first time for me, just a word to the wise.

    Bought a Van radio with satnav and dvd bluetooth etc. etc. Turns out the sat nav software was playing up so got on to the people who sell it (sat nav software, not the radio) and they checked my version and told me it is pirated software. I suppose I should know better at my age. But Erisin are...
  39. C

    Intermediate switch first in 3 way?

    So.. we've dropped a clanger. 3 way switching for large Hallway. Switch wire drops to 1 gang switch(2way), then 3-core to 4-gang switch, then 3-core to 1-gang(2way). This means our 2nd switch isn't an intermediate - but a 2-way. (Not aware of anyone who makes a 4-gang switch with an...
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