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  1. C


    Hello All, I came across the photo below on my Computer - I apologise if I got it from this Forum. Obviously the Alarm was NOT fitted by an Electrician ! I refer to the `Installed on` detail. I thought that this might amuse some Members ? Chris
  2. multimick

    bonding thoughts with a sure stop remote tap fitted

    hi all terrace house lead water incomer with old stop cock which i assume is redundant as plumber has fitted a surestop stop tap the one which works by air pressure switch,,i put the main bond on incomer before sure stop (only about 2 foot of pipe) he swopped it to after the sure stop...
  3. M

    Insignia gt900l anyone ever fitted one?

    Hi guys Going to be putting a new shower. Well it'll be a mixer shower but has a panel that has lights and speakers etc. This is wired with a 3a plug top on the end. Anyone ever fitted one before as i was unsure the route to go with supplying this. Do i take a feed from the cu on a 6a...
  4. Pat H

    A friend had a new consumer unit fitted

    I wasn't able to help as really busy but they were having a new kitchen installed. The fitter said they need a new ring main for the kitchen and so needed a new consumer unit. Had a look the other day. No RCD protection as it trips on the old ring main. The guy recons its the supply at fault...
  5. M

    type fitted breakers

    i see that in the 18th edition there is now a coding for type fitting , i have been coding any mix and match breakers as code 2 , after contacting lots of manufacturers there guidance is always that they have not type tested any other manufacturers products for there boards, as we know many...
  6. sythai

    MVHR - Anyone supplied/fitted one of these?

    Evening All Just seeing if anyone has any experience of these - MVHR? And who would normally install it along with all the ducting? I have a 'Eco' new build to price up with this set up. Meeting Client this week to get full spec on the project, just have brief overview and basic plans so far...
  7. R

    Eyelid Lights Fitted Under Soffit

    Wondering if anyone has fitted eyelid type wall lights under soffits? I think I've only seen these wall mounted but I want to light up my double garage door, I want the light to point more out towards the drive than light up the door itself so wondered if this would work? Also there is a sensor...
  8. J

    Getting an Isolator fitted - With pics....

    Hi Folks, First time post here..... I'm about to start upgrading my kitchen - and I've got a few bits of wiring to sort. No big issue, but the main thing that needs doing is the backboard for the consumer unit needs changing. Reason being - there used to be an electric storage heating system...
  9. M

    Bad experience having isolator switch fitted by Scottish Power/Actavo

    I "recently" contacted my DNO to have an isolator switch fitted beside my meter (my consumer unit needs changing and I didn't want to pull the fuse). I was told I needed to contact Scottish Power who charged me £85 but failed to turn up for the appointment, resulting in me having to contact them...
  10. Vortigern

    Don't worry an Electrician fitted these, no cert, no VAT!

    Ho hum, on my travels today asked to inspect (cursory!) state of wiring. Love the sink with induction hob. The thermal damage and exposed singles behind the oven and floppy sockets a treat to behold. Just a little light entertainment. Now...I know I need a course in photography but you can see...
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    DNO charges when needing isolator fitted.

    Spoke to the local DNO this week, as a job im quoting for needs an isolator fitted so i can run a small second CU from a henley block to supply an extension. I may also be running a supply to the separate garage in the foreseeable future. I only need them to either de-energise supply and i will...
  12. chas379

    Plastic face plates fitted to metalled back boxes

    Although I did not instigate the work outlined below, I need to give feedback to a committee if it is incorrect so your observations would be appreciated. Location is within a church 2 x Metclad boxes/faceplates with fused spur required change over to switched spur. After the work had been...
  13. U

    Old regs

    Hi all. Chatting with a friend earlier on and he happened to mention that his house has no RCD protection. Now this is an old house, he has never had any work done on it as far as I am aware of in the last 35 years. he owns the property but originally it was council owned. I am astonished that...
  14. haptism

    Anyone recently fitted a ceiling fan/light

    Hi all, been looking for some instructions for one of those rotary ceiling fans/lights (the ones with the 3 big blades) but cannot find any. Anyone know if these ceiling fans need fusing down to 3A (like the bathroom extractor fans do). I would assume not as they likely have larger motors and...
  15. Soulsurfer

    Zone 1 dual fuel towel rail ?

    So I have a client who requested a towel rail fitted at the end of the bath on wall, opposite end from shower (fixed) and taps and so is right bang in zone 1. Never fitted any before unless in zone 2 at least, OSG seems to okay it but through flex outlet, but I'm thinking it would be really...
  16. T

    Power Keeps Cutting Out After New Fuse Box Installed

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for any advice. I hope this is an appropriate place to post this thread. I live in a council flat and had a new bathroom fitted some months ago. A new fuse box was installed at the same time. Ever since we have had problems with the power cutting out...
  17. A

    installing sparky insists installation is safe and correct, 3 others under rate the cable

    Hi all, I'm having a terrible time after having building work done. The electric cable to my new hob was quoted and agreed 10mm, it's a neff 10100w induction, 43 amps. The electrics were subbed by the builder. The junior electrician fitted a 6mm. Another electrician from the firm came to...
  18. S

    Consumer unit options? Advice wanted.

    Hi, i am part way through a domestic job. The two storey extension is now second fixed and I'm ready to put on the CU. The rewire of the original part of the house is to follow. I'm looking at 16 circuits in total so too many for your 'normal' size CU so i'm looking at a duplex board, probably a...
  19. Davisonp

    What LED failure rate is acceptable?

    Hi, What do people consider is an acceptable failure level for LED bulbs? I have two examples, both from TLC "LEDLite" home brand lights. 1st, I fitted 6 of their 8W filament LED bulbs with 2 years guarantee in my parents house, and 3 have failed within the first year. (50% failure in...
  20. E

    RF / EMF Interference

    Hi Guys,Haven't posted for a while ,should be retired really but you are never too old to learn. Any solutions to Radio interference caused by LED lighting or Photocells would be be most useful . Many Thanks in advance.
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