1. H

    Level 3 2365 & 17th edition looking for a start in the trade. Swindon area, 40+ miles range

    Hi, as the title says I've recently finished my Level 3 course, I'm based in Swindon but have my own car and I'm willing to travel up to roughly an hour or so for work. I usually do up the electrics when it goes wrong in my parents house which hasn't been more than a light switch or rose, but I...
  2. O

    Kev the kitchen fitter likes wago's

    Saw these today .......... kitchen fitters work ......... and a 3rd party company coming in to test and certify! bear in mind this wont be accessible for long at least these have earth sleeving! Apparently these push fit ones are perfectly good for everything - even joints that may...
  3. R

    Electrician Fitter for Grade A, LD2 fire alarm system - North London N19

    Dear all I require a fully qualified electrician to fit a Grade A, LD2 fire alarm system in a 2 storey communal area. I can send plans and layouts of preciseley whats required so an accurate quote can be given. I would prefer individal electricains as we are a proffessional landlord and have...
  4. Andy-1960

    So.. Can you get better than a Kwik Fit Fitter? I think so!

    My wife rang me on Saturday with a message .. help I have a puncture - flagged up by the cars on board computer. She has a 18 month old Audi, so as the tyre had not gone completely down and looked normal she managed to make it home. As it was after 6pm and all garages are closed, I called Audi...
  5. M

    Smart Metering

    evening all!! I have been offered a job as a smart meter installer with SSE (swansea) starting in April. How long are you roughly out of the house each day or is there a set amount of meters to change? And is there anyway to earn more as in overtime on weekends? Or are you expected to work...
  6. M

    Renewal of trade card

    My trade card is just about expired I know i have to do not have to do my health and safety again is its my first renewal since i served my time but in the renewal form (SJIB) it has many different occupation discipline, where you may select 1 main and 4 additional definitions to be on your...
  7. E

    Solar Pv Installer required

    I am looking for an qualifed solar installer for installation and testing of a.c & d.c wiring etc inbox me if intrested working around northwest and midlands
  8. E

    NICEIC Certification Scheme How do i find out if someone is NICEIC or not?

    I know with napit there is search a member and you just type in their post code. I need to find out if this kitchen fitter is BS me. I have his post code and company name. Can anyone help?
  9. Z

    Ho can one become MOCOPA authorised Single and Three phase metering engineer?

    Hi guys, How can I become a MOCOPA authorised Single and Three phase metering engineer? That is a meter fitter? Thank you!
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