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  1. Nightmer

    UK Earthing a vintage brass lamp to the lamp base

    I have a couple of old metal/brass lamps to which adding an earthed lampholder would be tricky (either the entry for 3 wires is VERY small or the lamp holder is integral to the lamp and is original). All of these lamps have a screw within the base which appear to be for an earth wire - is this...
  2. S

    25mm steel conduit fittings

    Hi guys, Bored at home, so making a bench using old conduit I ripped out. Trying to use as much recycled as possible and was wondering if anyone had anything lying about. Looking for 8 x dome covers and 8 x tee’s, inspection or solid. All 25mm. Will pay postage ofc. cheers
  3. N

    SWA cable between light fittings

    Hi All. I am having my house rendered soon, before that I want to put cabling in for around 6 wall lights around the outside of the house (something like those GU10 up and down lights you see so often), obviously I want the cable hidden beneath the render however the cable won't go in...
  4. E

    Insulation resistance check on LED fittings

    Hi, Do I need to disconnect LED fluorescent fittings when doing an insulation resistance check? Thanks
  5. S

    Replacing bayonet fittings with E27 fittings (UK).

    A friend of mine is German and is used to using E27 light fittings rather than the standard Bayonet B22 fittings that are used in the United Kingdom she uses an adapter to convert B22 to E27 for her fixed ceiling lights as very few installations in the United Kingdom have E27. She has asked me...
  6. Zerax

    Cheap batten fittings... for a loft

    Does anyone know of a source of cheap batten fittings... I used to get cheap fluorescent ones but they all seem to be LED ones which are a trifle overkill just for a loft... with like 30 mins per year usage !
  7. L

    Install new light fittings (two on same switch)

    I’m trying to fit new ceiling lights in my living room that operate on the same switch. There are two sets of cables coming out of the ceiling for the first light fitting (I assume one from the switch and one from the other light). The new light fitting looks like this. Please can you tell me...
  8. B

    Replacing Orluna lights for GU10 fittings

    Hi, I'm looking for help finding the right product to replace our existing light setup. What I have is pretty much this unit: ORLUNA Detail Mini Recessed Fixed Low Glare downlighter | eBay - I've got some Philips Hue GU10 bulbs and so looking to replace...
  9. MarkRibbands

    Knightsbridge GU10 Fire-rated fittings - Loose push connectors - anyone else?

    Today I'm retro-fitting 21 x Knightsbridge mains GU10 VFRDGIC fittings. They have what looked like time-saving push connectors, similar to Wagos. But the xxxxxxx things don't work! They have two-gang connectors (2xE 2xL 2xN) but when I insert two 1.0 T&E legs into each they don't grip well...
  10. Lucien Nunes

    Foreign flags and foreign fittings

    If you've read my posts and noticed that I'm flying an Estonian flag, you might also spot when it changes to Italian this weekend. You might also have noticed over time that I am quite keen on certain European wiring materials and methods. For a bit of fun I'll post a few things that I like in...
  11. Darren Evans

    Domestic Help with choice of fittings

    Morning chaps! Having now assisted several local electricians on domestic 1st and 2nd fix, I have some questions for the forum :) What manufacturer/range of fittings would you guys recommend that provide a good balance between size of range, quality, price and ease of installation? The guys...
  12. K

    Shower digital mixer valve compatibility with regular fittings

    I have a pretty basic question on suitability of a shower digital mixer valve. Checked with the the manufacturer Mira, who insisted that it should only be used with their shower heads, etc. Asked why, looked around, etc but can't seem to find a clear answer why. Basically I have read the manual...
  13. P

    Switching of suspended dimmable led fittings

    Hi, I am installing 12 x suspended LED fittings in an office. They are on two switches. The fitting itself comes with a 5 core cable. How do I switch this. Do I need on/off and momentary switch or something else. See attached pic. Any ideas gratefully accepted.
  14. N

    Fluorescent tubes for older fittings

    Although I am C & G qualified and fully trained as a spark I am donkeys years out of date and wish to ask this question. "I have a two 4 foot 40 watt fluorescent fittings in my kitchen which now need new tubes. There appears to have been changes in the size of tubes with which I am unfamilier...
  15. J

    New light fittings, no rcd

    just a quick one, I’m doing 18th edition next week but have been asked to quote for changing pendant lights for new stainless steel lights. Assuming all bonding, wiring and tests check out etc, does this now require an rcd?
  16. P

    Domestic Why are some light fittings in my new home different to others?

    Hello all, I've just moved into a new flat. It's only about 6 years old, so a pretty new build. The hallway and 2 living area light fittings are standard B22 lights, but the 2 bedrooms have a weird fitting that looks more like the sort you plug a halogen bulb into, like a GU10 bulb, only they...
  17. buzzlightyear

    tip of the day on some external light fittings

    any body fitting out side lights with dome nuts on the front , and the bolt keeps going back to the wall on some light fittings .a tip for you rip a piece of carboard off the box that it came in, stuff behind the bolt head at the back and hay presto .the head will not move back .
  18. bigspark17

    Explosion proof fittings in garage pits..

    Anyone have experience of these fittings. On asking my suppliers they wanted to know if i required zone1 or zone 2 fittings, but were not able to advise me what was what. The prices are eyewatering!!
  19. Bob Geldoff1234

    Lack of shower proof fittings

    I am doing a condition report and in the bathroom they have 8 led downlights. None over the shower but two over seperate bath. They are just ordinary gu10 downlights and not shower proof. I am thinking C3 but then on the other hand maybe just a comment and no code. What do you guys think?
  20. littlespark

    ...and I thought Ikea light fittings were bad

    Hi all. Got asked by a customer to change a couple of pendants in his house to something he had bought from Next. Nice enough metal twist design. Fragile glass globe shades and you get the shade retention ring tightener for those with chubby fingers. Mounting bracket has holes that match the...
  21. M

    New pendant light fittings with Led bulbs blowing MCB and RCD after 30 mins/hour

    Ok, so I have replaced the two ceiling roses in the lounge with two pendant light fittings with 4W Led Calex bulbs One fitting has two sets of twin and earth connected, the other has just one set of twin and earth (I assume this is a slave from the other fitting) I had the lights on for about...
  22. P

    Led light fittings constantly dim

    Hi new on here I am an adult apprentice fitted 2 new led fittings in an old house connected them up and at first switched on and off ok but my cousin called me telling me they aren’t switching on any more. I have went back and checked they are just constantly dim. It is not dimmer switches...
  23. Gavin John Hyde

    Long screw driver fittings for impact driver

    Im looking for a decent but not over priced set of the extra long impact driver bits, have had 2 sets now and both been a pile of s**t.. 1st lot arrived in small plastic bag and the metal was brittle and rough as hell... one snapped during use! the second set were so soft after just a dozen...
  24. Strima

    I'd rather install Ikea light fittings

    Than these horrible EM fittings from a national wholesaler. Designers need to try and install things like this themselves... 2x 1.5mm were a very snug fit. Beer time...
  25. D

    MWC - Required or not - LED Light fittings

    I've recently upgraded some light fittings that are probably 15-20 years old in an industrial unit to LED fittings 150W Low bay LED's internally 80w LED light fittings with separate photo-cells on external lighting column opposite warehouse. Is there a requirement to issue a MWC
  26. P

    Emergency light fittings

    Hello There is a high racking area in a warehouse with 12 aisles of 120m long each which needs the emergency lights upgraded.There are only a few twin head ones at the moment.I have been offerred new light fittings with integrated emergency backup( the cost would be obviously high).What would...
  27. NDG Elecs

    I love Ikea light fittings!!

    Fitted an Ikea light fitting yesterday, and normally I find they are a PITA. However this one was unusually electrician friendly. It came with a little hook to hang it from whilst fitting it, and a whopping great ceiling mounting plate. Well done Ikea (and yes that's a sentence I thought I would...
  28. E

    old thorn 2d square light fittings key

    anyone know the size of the heads of these? is it 8mm? cant remember and need to order 1
  29. NDG Elecs

    Talking light fittings...

    Yep, you read that right! I met two talking light fittings today! You couldn't have a convo with them or nowt though! They were brought over from Afghanistan via China. Loads of LEDs and Bluetooth connected. Each one had three speakers in them. I was fixing the dodgy connections as they both...
  30. Leesparkykent

    Help wiring light fittings

    So the Mrs went out today and brought two new light fittings...I called my electrician to put them up but unfortunately he died on the way round....Being the hero I am, I thought I'll put them up myself. I mean how Hard can it be? It's not like you need much intelligence to be an...
  31. T


    Why do all LED floodlights come all pre-wired these days ?.
  32. K

    Low Earth Voltage in bathroom from bonded fittings

    I have a hot/cold feed power shower in bathroom, shower frame and a radiator near by. I'm measuring the voltage difference between the three things and getting the following and wondered if anyone could help. Had two sparky's out who have not thrown any light on it so far. Shower hose (metal) to...
  33. M

    Best way to wire in new GU10 fittings

    Hi all, I'd be grateful for some advice on how to wire in some new GU10 fittings. I bought these fire rated Minisun ones: I will be removing the existing GU5.3 (MR16) fittings before starting. These fittings have a...
  34. Jymbob

    Recessing B22/E27 fittings?

    Hi all. We're getting ready to convert the loft in our house, and when it's done there's not going to be much spare headroom. With that in mind, I was wondering if there's any safe way to partially recess a standard B22 (or E27) fitting to get the maximum clearance between the bulb and my head...
  35. R

    Help wiring a lightswitch - Two-dimmer switch controlling two light fittings in kitchen

    I need help wiring a lightswitch because I can't get it to work. I have attached photos of the switch and what I'm going to call the 'wall wires'. The switch is two dimmers, each one turns on and dims one of two light fittings in my kitchen. Two of the 'wall wires' are tagged with what look...
  36. Andy-1960

    IP ratings of outdoor light fittings

    Just stumbled across this on YouTube and I have to say I agree with this guy... how can this fitting be suitable for outdoor use?? I had a quick surf and found the fitting for sale at Screwfix and they state IP23 and weatherproof.. how can it be IP23 AND weatherproof, the two things contradict...
  37. C

    E27 pendant no cpc down to metal fittings

    hello guys Client has bought fitting from online, metal cable cap at top with single twin flex dropping down to an e27 pendant with metal casing and no earth. I'm saying client can't use them what's your thoughts?
  38. A

    best place to buy lamps & fittings

    I'm wanting to buy some 100W equivalent LED GL/BC lamps and also LED down lights and wondering where is a good place to look? cheers
  39. S

    LED light dim after switched off

    Hello all I'm a commercial/industrial sparky and got roped into changing a couple of flood lights for led for a family member. They supplied some nice cheap fittings from Homebase. I've installed a gang ip rated switch, 1 switch per led flood light. When switched off, one led flood light glows...
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