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  1. G

    LED flex Strip lights fixings?

    Hi quick question, I need to removed some LED tape lights I fitted under my kitchen cabinets a while ago in order to fit some profiles. The adhesive they originally came with is not sticky enough to reattach them. Does anyone have any suggestions what to use? Thanks in advance Graeme
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Recommendations for metal cable fixings

    I am planning a job in Bath for an EV Charger on a Grade 1 listed building. Have a long cable run at height, planning dept have raised issues with cable cleats! feel they are a bit chunky and would prefer something with a less chunky profile!! given they are nearly 2 and half stories up from...
  3. R

    Chemical fixing or Resin fixings to secure trunking

    Hi Have a job on a very old historic building and the architect is asking for the trunking ( white plastic 25x 40) which is horizontal for about 12m to be secured by chemical / resin fixings This is not something I have come across before,have used resin fixings before for a rawlbolt type of...
  4. S

    fixings for a stone roof

    Not electrical i know but have any of you guys installed on a stone roof? if so what fixings can you recommend?
  5. Spoon

    The use of plastic wall plugs for the 18th....

    I was just reading an interesting post about the 18th when the above was mentioned. there seems some debate about this. I initially thought that the idea of prohibiting the use of them was stupid, but I'm not sure now...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Dewalt wall dog screw fixings

    Got to fit some bits and pieces in my dads pub that he has a lease from a brewery on. Area brewery property manager who oversees the pubs is happy for me to do it as its cheaper than them getting other people in and I can get my old man to help speed things up. Marstons the Brewery have the...
  7. J

    Existing basement back box fixings

    Morning How is a good way of fixing back boxes to existing solid walls of basement flats. Builder said no fixings but need to ‘glue’ They are just dot dabbing exisiting walls and the finish is white plastic- so will get away with 25mm so no chase needed
  8. M

    Fixings for double plasterboard stud walls

    Hi.Im a new apprentice electrician and was after some advice on fixings please!? I today's had to fit an emergency exit sign in stud wall but it had double layered plasterboard. I thought plasterboard fixings(pig tails) would work but they never gripped and kept spinning out! Am I using wrong...
  9. S

    Surplus fixings - for sale

    We've just unearthed some surplus fixings if anyone is interested in buying them from us - we need the space and not pushing solar at the moment. Mainly Schletter and Renusol hooks, mix of plain, pan and rosemary fixings. We have some Trics pantile and slate hooks and a few schuco mids and...
  10. darkwood

    Bloody Hell its Windy!!!!

    Just driven over the highest Motorway in Britain and it bloody hard to drive ...Manchester M62 to Bradford was my trip.... i do like a challenge lol.. Ill tell you how windy it is at mo' just seen a women on the street and he E-Cig blew out :beatnik:
  11. happyhippydad

    Fixing to a plasterboard wall?

    I have been asked to fit the following A Glimpse Mirror and shaver socket. Overall dimensions: 50cm H x 39cm D and weight is 6.2 kg's. I think it should be ok on a plasterboard wall but just wanted some opinions (with regards the weight)? I wont be able to locate it on any joists because...
  12. S

    What are they called!?

    Hi all What are the clips called that allow me to hang 5", 6" florescent light fitting to a grid ceiling? Thanks All
  13. charlick

    BRE 489 wind Loads equation

    Hi. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to do the calculation in BRE 489 for solar pv wind loads. I understand the equation; F = qs x Cp, net x Ca x Aref But what i don't understand, is what to do with the number at the end. Do i look in say a schuco mounting rail...
  14. M

    Panels on sagging roof

    Hi I've got a roof to do a quote for, part of which is on an old part of the house which is about 4m wide. It has recently been re-roofed but still retains the old 'sag.' Over the 4m, it probably sags about 50-60mm at the centre. Now, I could discount that part of the roof but it could take...
  15. I

    Best Training Provider

    Guys Can you please give me feedback on training providers for the PV courses, I am looking to train. I want comprehensive training, to include proper erection methods on roofs etc. Looking forward to your feedback Regards Chris
  16. W

    Plasterboard fixings for light fittings....

    I know it depends on the weight of the fitting, but in general, will plasterboard fixings hold the weight of a fitting? Obviously better to put a noggin in between joists but not an option. Cheers
  17. O

    Plasterboard fixings

    I have one of these wall hung electric fires to fit for a neighbour of mine. It is a case of moving off the old dimplex type heater and simply mounting this one. The problem I have is that the wall it is to be mounted on is a metal stud (C channel) and the new one weighs 13kg. All other heaters...
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