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  1. L

    LED Lights Flash and go off - not tripping

    I've put some new post lamps outside, onto existing wiring. They are setup as follows Switch > L1 > L2 > L3 > L4 > L5 > L6. Cabling was already in and is concreted in so it wasn't really viable to replace. All 230V. The new lights are LED 6W instead of the old 60W halogens, so the draw should...
  2. T

    LED Lights starting to flash

    Hi , I installed led downlights in a new build house about 3 months ago. They are not gu10 but the kind where the lamp is part of the fitting. Saxby Orbitalpro cct 1p65 9Watt to be precice. In the last month or so i have had to change 6 of them as they started flashing on and off .I replaced...
  3. UKMeterman

    Didcot power station 33KV incident 18/08/19

    Didcot power station cooling towers were demolished today, in the process there was damage to a 33KV substation. The strange thing is that there was signifcant flashover on the 33KV network causing alleged damage and injury to the public. Some videos here What do people think was the...
  4. R

    35mm 1G flush backbox with some 25mm knockouts

    Hi. I'm looking for a few 35mm 1G metal backboxes that have some 25mm knockouts on them. I've had them in the past (Rexton brand ones) from Tradesparky I think, but Tradesparky can no longer source them. None of the sites for boxes specify the sizes of knockouts so it's difficult to tell. I...
  5. W

    Replacement for Creda Flash Programmer 2S

    Please can someone help me choose a suitable reasonably priced replacement for my Creda flash programmer 2S. Ideally two zoned with the ability to power both a Creda EPH1000 and EPH 500 in each zone. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. FLASH PROGRAMMER 2 S INSTALLATION MANUAL...
  6. M

    Ford PATS Flash Code 16 55 Plate Ford Fiesta

    Hi, Long term guest viewer but could do with some advice if that's ok. As above, 55 plate fiesta 1.4 Style that wont crank. Immobiliser flashing red led doesnt phase out after ignition turned on. Flash Code 16 (CAN link error between PCM and Instrument Cluster). Battery is 13v. Fuses...
  7. M

    Led gu10 lights flashing on circuit

    New lighting circuit from board to kitchen with 6 gu10 led downlights then into hall with 3 gu10 leds then into front room with 8 leds gu10 all work perfectly the problem now starts when in dining room 6 leds gu10s there flash when turned On.if i remove 5 of the leds the remaining 1 does NOT...
  8. H

    Fike Twinflex call point question.

    Hi. I have a Fike Twinflex system with a 402-0006 manual callpoint as the first item in the chain, followed by 8 sensors then another manual callpoint 402-0006 at the end of the chain. The callpoint at the end of the chain is set to eol end of line and its red light flashes as i would expect...
  9. B

    EC Evolution+10 Panels

    Evening guys... Anyone come up against a company called Project Solar. They are selling this Evolution+10 panel which the salesman is saying will earn £5000 more than any "german panel" Apparently they are able to install them as 250 watt panels but do a pv estimate on 262 watt panels because...
  10. D

    Bussbar Flash Testing

    We have had to get a specialist company who repair bussbars, it is rising main bussbar 1200amp, they do alot of work for the rails, but do not carry out any flash testing, as it would be carried out on site. Can anyone advise what sort of flash test is needed, and better still anyone know...
  11. A


    Right so you've probably been getting fed up with me going on about Websites and SEO so this is my last post on it!! (Hopefully ;))! The website i use is - I have now just noticed that the site is published in Flash.. I have also heard that FLASH is BADBADBADBAD for SEO!! As...
  12. R

    work permit

    When non-routine work must be performed on energized parts, a detailed work permit must be prepared before the work can start. The work permit must document the following elements and be approved by a responsible manager or safety officer: A description of the circuit and equipment to...
  13. A

    flash and iphone - how big an issue

    How much has the lack of flash support affect the iphone users out there? What sites have you tried to get to that you find you cant?
  14. M

    Asbestos on PIR- replacement

    I am currently carrying out a PIR on a large commercial garage. There are 6 old 3 phase boards, 2 of which I have tested without problem (english electric red spot) but upon unscrewing and opening the doors on the others they have turned out to be the type with the white woven asbestos pads at...
  15. M

    What is flash testing?

    hi guys looking at getting a pat tester and was wondering what the flash testing function was for? Dont mean to be a doyle here but not sure what they were referring to it seems to add about £300.00 on the price of the decent testers matt
  16. P

    lighting chain testing

    i was watching the electrical engineers testing some mains light chains they bought from Argos [ fairy lights in bamboo shoots - ornamental thing it was]. They were hi pot testing, they were arguing over the test voltage. Ian said 500 vac and john said no its 3570 vac. They were arguing about...
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