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  1. G

    Cord grip connection

    Good day, can i connect a pvc cord grip to a pvc conduit or pvc flexible conduit? The cord grip is also connected in a pvc junction box. Thanks everyone
  2. C

    Connecting rigid conduit to flexible conduit

    Good evening all, My first posting on this site. Some advice on the following would be greatly appreciated. Am I right in thinking that the best way of connecting rigid conduit to flexible conduit is by screwing the gland on the flexible conduit into a female adapter? Or is it acceptable to...
  3. Leader

    Where can I get these?

    I need to purchase the below but I'm having trouble finding the right cable in the right size. Any ideas? 1.5mm 3 core H05VV-FG 2.5mm 3 core H05V2V2-F I only need a couple of meters of each. Cheers
  4. C

    Garden lighting

    hello guys I have a garden lighting install coming up, Everything is decided apart from the type of cable to use. We have bedding lighting on a 30ma RCD so I assume I can do away with SWA or if anyone has any suggestions?
  5. R

    Spanish wiring method of wiring for recessed downlights

    Hi I am a qualified uk electrician with 17th edition and 2391 etc. Just bought a small apartment in Spain and am having new lowered ceilings fitted. An ideal time to install down lights and ceiling lights to replace all the wall lights. I understand the Spanish way of wiring. Flexible conduit...
  6. D

    Flexicon LFHU25B-25M Flexible Conduit - upto 7 drums

    We have for sale 7 drums which were bought for a job but never used due to the client changing their mind on what was needed. We're looking for £60 per drum assuming collection by the buyer from Rugby but we can quote for delivery. Please contact me if of interest. This is what the...
  7. R

    6491x Singles in a PVC flexible conduit....

    Gents, Is there a regulation on NOT been able to use singles in a pvc flexible conduit over a short distance i.e 1M. - and your thoughts please. This example would be on a commercial installation. Thanks
  8. W

    LED Strip

    Evening all, I'm looking for supplier of good quality LED strips (preferably 24v) with 3000 and 4000K colours. There's a lot of stuff about but want a supplier who does decent/recommended stuff rather that cheap crap from ebay! Thanks
  9. V

    flexible conduit, CAN YOU WIRE A HOUSE WITH IT?

    can I wire a house in flexible conduit and singles ?, as done in other parts of Europe, there does not seem to be any specific info in BS7671 or part P, Let me explain further I have 20 years experience uk trained ,i have done commercial and domestic but I have also pent a few years working in...
  10. M

    Flexible drill bits and drilling stud walls

    Hello i was wondering how people go about drilling down a stud wall to install a socket at 450mm without makin as much damage as possible. i have been looking at flexible drill bits which sound great but have had bad reviews, does anyone know of any decent ones? As most new build floors are...
  11. J

    Ceiling Rose/Pendant Wire Drop to bulb holder...

    Hi, I need to replace some ceiling rose/pendants in my property as they've become brittle with age. I've bought some new ones but they are all the standard length of cable. If I was to wire in a replacement length is there any standard/requirements to look for... i.e. high temperature...
  12. gazzamikes

    Flexible metal conduit and earthing

    Hi everyone, been down to a regular customer today and they are now going to turn the basement into a seating area/ restaurant. The building is so old that the basement is actually part of Norwich's tunnels so they intend to make it resemble an air raid shelter (they are designers from NY and...
  13. Had8Lives

    Pliable Conduit?

    Whilst looking in the osg for maximum spacings of conduit supports it got me thinking. What actually IS Pliable conduit?
  14. kingeri

    Flexible drill extenders

    Has anyone used one of these flexible drive shaft extenders? Looks like a neat idea but wonder how well they work in practice. Flexible extender goes between drill and bit so you can drill awkward areas, round corners etc.
  15. O

    Flexi Drills

    Hi guys, Trying to lay my hands on some flexi drills in the UK and having little or no luck. However I was speaking with a friend over the pond, who gave me the name of a manufacturer over there. Long story short they are looking for someone to distribute their products over here (and the rest...
  16. B

    Commercial 3 phase 12kw immersion

    Would you use heat resistant flex if fitted in a flexible conduit? It's a 4 wire connection. I'd prefer to use 4mm but I can't readily find it in harsh environment spec. Ta
  17. E

    Flexible conduit with mechanical protection

    Hi all, I have a job coming up, installing some pillar lights on a driveway that is being re-laid. My first thought was swa and wiska boxes as have done with a few garden projects), however... The lights will obviously be fitted flush to the floor so no place for my boxes and the internal...
  18. E

    MCS Thin film

    Does anyone know of any MCS accredited flexible thin film products? I'm quoting for a 150kW PV system on a factory with a curved roof. It would be the most simple solution. They seem to be mainly used in America. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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