1. dogbob

    How to connect IP65 LED flood to wall box

    I'm looking at installing an imported IP65 LED floodlight with CE rating on the back of my house. I guess that IP65 + CE makes them relatively safe. This one has a cable gland and 0.5 meter vinyl jacket cable coming out of the back. Here's a photo of the back of this light, from the dealer's...
  2. R

    Lap led flood lights weak

    I recently fitted 3 x lap led flood lights . I changed the original halogen flood light and continued to the second and then the third light from the same source. I wired the flood lights with 1.5 armour cable (brown black grey) Using the grey as the earth . Then the main feed had 4 wires...
  3. J

    30W LED Flood Light with PIR & Manual Override

    Gents Having a lot of trouble sourcing a 30W led flood with pir that I can reflex with an additional core to bi-pass the pir. Ideally it would be great if the flood came with this "bi-pass wire" but cant source anything that isn't sealed. Has anybody been down this road? Can anybody...
  4. Leesparkykent

    LED PIR flood with override

    Any one have any recommendations? Don’t really want one where you have to flick on and off multiple times to override.
  5. M

    Outside Led flood light has started to have a strobe effect when switched on

    Hi I have an led flood light just above the door on my shed. I went out to the shed tonight and as I switched on the LED flood light I noticed that it was acting out a strobe light effect. I switched it off then on again and it was strobing again... Anyone ever experienced this before and if so...
  6. S

    LED flood straight off ring?? C2 or C3??

    Carrying out a EICR. Stumbled on 2 x portacabins. Testing the ring in bottom portacab to find an SY 2.5mm has been spurred off the dado sockets, exits the bottom cab clipped externally upto the top of the top cab and supplies an LED flood. Automatically i thought its wrong. No spur. But im now...
  7. Pip

    Domestic Manual switching to over ride PIR Flood

    Hi Guys, Have a client who has a light unit with a built in PIR at the entrance to his property, Electric gates, Cameras etc. PIR has packed up so light now useless. The unit has a switched live to the lamps so bypassing the PIR, panic mode really as there are other floods on the same circuit...
  8. rolyberkin

    Mounting a flood light on a tree!?

    Have a client who is asking for a floodlight to be mounted on a tree to light up a car park. The tree is well established. Having conflicting thoughts on this, has anyone done it and if so how.
  9. A

    Looking for 200W LED Floodlight brand recommendations

    I'm looking for any recommendations (or avoids!) for 200W LED floodlights. The application is to illuminate a small field (roughly 30% smaller than a soccer pitch) for canine agility at an animal rescue shelter . The installation will be a donation with a small contribution from supporter...
  10. R

    Outside Flood Light Control

    Ive been asked to look at job later this week, which involves upgrading 70w sodium flood lights to LED. Can any one recommend any they have used? Also the customer mentioned they are on built in photo cells at the minute so just on all night from dusk, they would like them to be maybe timer...
  11. mjtefc9

    Domestic Extra LED Flood Light wiring

    Morning, I think I know the answer, but wanted to double check. We already have an LED flood installed outside, and I want to add another. Am I OK to just add the twin and earth to the attached choc bloc and run them of the same switch? Thanks Mark
  12. S

    Testing a flood damaged property, usual process?

    Good evening all, I hope everyone has been enjoying the long weekend! I have been asked by a surveyor client of mine to inspect, test and provide a detailed recommendation report on a property that has just been converted into two high spec apartments and while on the market suffered a leak to...
  13. stuarth

    LED PIR Flood lights (25 characters)

    Can any one recommend a good quality LED PIR floodlight, I need two for a job coming up soon.
  14. M

    Led flood lights failure

    Evening chaps, A few months ago I installed 6 x 30w led flood lights around a commercial building, I wired them in series from a ip66 box with a night and day sensor and a contactor, I went to each light via a smaller ip66 box in 2.5 sy cable, everything tested OK so off I went. I received a...
  15. B

    LED PIR Flood Light wiring

    Just after a little advice if someone would be able to help: I have recently purchased some new LED PIR flood lights to replace old halogen ones, the issue I currently have is that the old lights used 3 core and earth, Live, Switched Live, Neutral and Earth. The new lights only have 3 terminals...
  16. LeeH

    Outdoor LED flood dimmer?

    Im after dimming 4 of the floods below, the seem a nice fitting for the money. Suitable IP rating would be preferable but I'm propaged to use an enclosure if necessary. http://www.screwfix.com/p/luceco-guardian-slim-led-led-floodlight-10w-black/4483h Cheers!
  17. simpson93

    Dimmable flood light

    Afternoon all, looking if anyone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a dimmmable 10w flood light (integrated) Well aware I could use older style with dimmable lamp but looking for something that looks a little better. Cheers
  18. punkin

    High bay or flood lights

    Hi, I work in a steel factory and we are in need of better lighting. I’m thinking of putting up some LED flood lighting in instead of using LED high bay lights. The flood lights are about 50% cheaper than High bay. We currently have 8 foot fluorescents at a height of about 6 meters. Are there...
  19. rolyberkin

    Screwfix or TLC LED PIR

    Hi All Not bought an LED floodlight for a while, looking for a mid priced recommendation has anyone any recent experiences fitting either the Screwfix LAP or Luceco brands or the LEDlite from TLC? Thanks.
  20. S

    Emergency lighting on a pir

    Hi All I'm looking to light a path with a 500w flood light. However I need it to be on a PIR with emergency capabilities. ie If the power goes off the light says on. Is it possible to buy such a thing and if so where from?
  21. M

    Security lighting ?

    Good afternoon gentlemen, i am looking to buy some outside security lighting, and i dont know if i should be looking at led's, or halogen, i want to light up an area about 20ftsq, but i also want the neighbor's to know that i am aware, and light up their gardens too. I buy stuff from ebay and i...
  22. P

    LED floodlight?

    Hi, just a quick one! I'm about to replace a halogen floodlight to a 10 Watt LED flood light, the switch inside the house has a pull out fuse under it, currently it's got a 13amp fuse in there, will that be OK for the new 10 watt LED light or should I put a 3 or 5 in there? Thanks
  23. T

    external led lighting

    hi guys, first post so be kind :) i have the job of illuminating a large building that is 6 floors from the outside. at present there are flood lights being used to light up the signage but it doesn't illuminate all the way to the top of the sign as they are vertical (and possibly not angled...
  24. happyhippydad

    Now which cable for this farm job?

    Just a bit more from this job I've been going on about at the stables.. The chap has 10-15 meters of flex plugged in (just below Consumer unit) taking power to each individual flood. What sort of length of flex is acceptable? I'm going to be changing it all so they are on seperate MCB's in CU...
  25. R

    Flashing PIR Floodlight problem

    Hi, I have an external floodlight without a switch on the inside. a few months back it started to come on, then go off for like 3 seconds, then come back on again, then off, then on. i changed the unit and the new one was fine. then the same started to happen again with the new one. surely i...
  26. linuxthefish

    Commercial Key Switch?

    Hi, how can i unlock one of these switches without a key and what are they called? Thanks!
  27. W

    Upgrade outdoor bulkhead to PIR Floodlight - Does it need to be certified?

    Hi, a bit of advise needed I think. Following the theft of a bike from my garden this week I am hoping to upgrade the old outdoor bulkhead light by my back door with a PIR controlled floodlight. I'd like to use the existing wiring to feed it and fit a separate PIR which is linked to a new flood...
  28. the pict

    Whats a new circuit

    I have quoted for remedial work after water damage to a domestic dwelling, after a weeks dehumidification and drying out the IR on lighting and ring finals are still unacceptable basically no resistance at all, So a rewire job, is this then a "new circuit" with the usuall implications, Pict
  29. W

    security flood light

    can anyone tell me if it is possible to install a security flood light coming from an upstairs ring main as a socket is close to where the light needs fitting but the occupant doesn't want any cables or anything showing outside or the decor disturbing inside in any way. is it possible to put a...
  30. S

    Domestic Floodlight being installed

    Hi i have been asked to install a floodlight outside a garage. There is no DB in the garage but there is a flourescent. What would i have to do to pick up a feed for the floodlight? The flourescent is the only way i can see of getting a feed. I would be greatful for any help.
  31. Mark.W

    PIR Flood Light

    Afternoon Chaps I went to look at a job today where the owner wants a PIR Flood Light installed at the rear door. The property in question is a veterinary practice and the problem is the upstairs flooring is laid with Vinyl tiles throughout, so there is absolutely no way the flooring can come...
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