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  1. M

    Using IEC cable under concrete floor

    Hello I've been asked to supply power to the middle of an office floor to supply the table with power, only a small office but they don't want trip hazards but the don't want floor boxes so to keep there costs down for them instead of it being permanent in case they move I thought of chasing...
  2. S

    Under floor heating over 3kw

    Hi guys Being to a job today where the builder has installed some electric under floor heating Total area is 20.5 m2 The mats are 150w per m2 The total load is just over 3kw. He has first fixed the wiring and checking it he has used a socket wired off the ring main to spur off to a switch...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    What lurks under the floor?

    Customer sent me a picture of some cables that lead to a socket, needs them moved.as socket is below a window that will be knkcked through to make a door. Apart from the lovely spider in the picture, if you zoom in there is some thing with a bright green eye staring at the camera!! WTF is that...
  4. KevinH

    Floor sockets + Building Regs

    I am 1st fixing an extension and in one area there is no wall space (glass walls like a sun lounge) for any sockets although customer insists he wants a power point in the corner. I suggested a floor socket as the floor is due to be insulated and screeded. The customer sounded happy with that...
  5. P

    No 1st floor lights

    I had an intermittent fault where the RCD tripped, it started around 2 months ago after removing a light for decorating, however the RCD has reset for periods since. Last Friday it tripped and now won’t reset, the bulbs are all ok. We have had an electrician out today for a few hours to...
  6. phillipdj

    Earthing to 1st floor flats

    Hi, I've come across this strange setup on a set of flats I'm doing work on and wondered what people think. There are 4 flats on the 1st and 2nd floor (ground floor is a shop) with their own supply from the street. The supply enters the building from underground at the bottom of the stairs, a...
  7. G

    Garden ground spot installation

    Was planning on finally putting some ground spot lights around the garden this year just looking for advise on best methods of cabling, installation and termination.
  8. alban moffitt

    Running cable beneath sub floor?

    A customer has asked for a complete rewire for their house that they are doing work on. he has had to put in a new floor everywhere downstairs as it was wooden joists and he wants it solid. He is building it up with hardcore then a concrete subfloor on top of that (about 4 inches). on top of...
  9. Cupa

    Floor socket - 2 sets of T&E?

    Before I moved into my flat, it had undergone a quick makeover and as part of that some wiring work was carried out including some extra sockets. I was told that under the kitchen breakfast bar there is T&E already there, it's just that the previous owner never installed a socket there but the...
  10. alban moffitt

    Running Cable under floor with UFH?

    hello all, seeking some advice on how to run cables underfloor with ufh as well. i am quoting for a complete house rewire as they are doing some substantial works and the electrics are in poor condition the floors consist of hardcore then sand then dpm sheeting, celotex on top of that with wet...
  11. R

    Under bathroom floor rewire?

    Hi there, We have had an electrician work on a fix price job to rewire the house. He has routed all of the cabling under the bathroom floor. I expected that he would routed another way which was more difficult, but wouldn't have gone under the bathroom floor. Is anyone able to confirm if this...
  12. pe2dave

    dry ufh. Floor temp probe positioning?

    Arranging ufh in kitchen+adj utility. Lots of conflicting advice re probe position. (What makes sense to me). 1. Fit in conduit for ease of replacement. 2. Fit 'close' to heating element (which is what it is sensing). Without touching. 3. Fit as close as sensible beneath the controller on...
  13. N

    New single floor office advice please

    Customer will be hiring a qualified sparks, but can anyone give me guidance as to how a single floor open plan office should be wired in terms of circuits? There will be 3 islands of 8 desks and 3 of 3 desks, each desk served by an under-desk 4/5-way with a Weiland-to-13a lead. 13a sockets will...
  14. James Harrison

    Electrician Unidare Storage Heater with Under floor air flow broken

    Hi, I'm trying to help my elderly dad who has a Unidare Storgae system with underfloor air circulation. The motor appears to have stopped working. Can anyone help. I'm in Winchester, Hampshire. Many thanks in advance.
  15. B

    Ground floor lighting trips out mcb

    Hi everyone, My first post but straight in with a couple of issues. I'll start with a 6amp MCB that keeps tripping out relating to ground floor lights. For your info: There is 10 x 3w led recessed lights in Kitchen, 8 x 3w led recessed lights ,plus a main central Led light (approx 100watt...
  16. Steve93

    "Arena" floor boxes.

    Need to install extra datas into empty floor boxes. they are arena? printed on the front. anyone know where I can source data modules and sockets for these?
  17. V

    Terminate live feed from tiled floor?

    Hi newbie here. Actually I'm a chartered electronics engineer but am often mystified by the dark magic of domestic wiring! I have a kitchen counter fed by a live feed which comes up through a quarry tiled floor. I want to move the counter and disconnect that feed. I obviously don't want some...
  18. T

    Floor Light Help

    Hi y'all, First post on here, One of my clients wants LED floor lights to replace their hallogen's. The floor is in the kitchen & is marble. The cutout current is a square, 150x150mm. I've installed one to the client as shown: However the client doesn't like that slight rise the plate has. I...
  19. R

    Ducting for hob in floor

    evening all, Been to look at kitchen job today. All pretty straightforward except for self venting hob. The hob will be in an island about 1.5m from external wall. The floor plate is already down and there will be 50mm celotex and then 75mm screed on top. The ducting kit with the neff hob is...
  20. T

    Potential earth loop impedance issues for second floor flat

    Hello! After years of renting I'm currently in the process of purchasing our first property. We've had an offer accepted on a 1 bedroom flat in Surrey. However there are questions over the electrics, and knowing little about electrical wiring I'm a bit stumped on how bad the electrics are and...
  21. O

    MF smoke detector installation for ground floor

    Hi All, Moving inappropriate ground floor smoke detector installation from hall corner to middle of ceiling. Original wiring is OMGrade under flooring above (currently lifted); JB (not MF) feeding mains and interlink via even nastier chocbox housing plastic screw connector box. Just about...
  22. M

    Low Ze, high(ish) R1+R2, Got a plan but just had an idea

    So Ze=0.02 and R1+R2 = 0.73 on a first floor ring main. Nearest submain is about 35m away, so that Ze's plausible, and even a slightly indirect route makes Ze=0.03 realistic. So MCBs are going to need changing to Type Cs. Unfortunately for that first floor ring R1+R2 of 0.73 is too high for a...
  23. S

    Twin&earth and SWA installed loose on floor

    Hi All, The contractor working for Magnet Kitchens at my brother's house has run the sockets ring in 2.5 T&E, plus an SWA for the cooker supply, by laying these cables on the floor under the units. I'm fairly sure this isn't acceptable - at least these cables should be clipped up against the...
  24. D

    Running cable over steel beams below chipboard floor

    My builders have left a 20mm gap above the steel beams supporting the new first floor by setting the timber joists 20mm above them. Is it acceptable to run cables through the gap and over the beams? Cheers Dave
  25. PJElectricalSW

    Electric Under Floor Heating Survey

    Hello everyone I wondered if you would be able to help me with a project at the moment, I am looking for information about your experience with electric UFH. I am not going to lie to you, I do work for a UFH company so you will you will be helping me massively with my current project. I would...
  26. E

    recessed floor lights and idiots that install them

    yet another new installation ruined in less than 5 years due to terrible workmanship, -not a single drainage hole in 24 lights, -about 8 of them full to the brim with water as half of the lids werent even secure making the ip67 rating ip-zero -insulation stripped all the way to the copper on...
  27. C

    3 zone valves (underfloor, 1st floor rads, 2nd floor rads

    Hi, so I have 3 zone valves in place for my heating; 1 - for underfloor heating 2 - 1st floor heating 3 - 2nd floor heating for some reason the plumber has put a zone valve at the pump of the manifold. The 2nd floor has a missing room stat cable so will have to opt for a receiver for a...
  28. D

    Wet Under Floor Heating Modification

    Hi Guys. I have a flat with a 9KW electric boiler, dedicated for the wet underfloor heating system. The tenants have reported that all the digital room stats were not working, as when they increased the temperature to get more heat, nothing was happening. Within 15 minutes in the property I...
  29. J

    Can incoming mains run above ground under suspended floor?

    Hi all. I'm looking for some expert advice on the above. I am having an extension built and the footings are a raft slab which can be built/poured under the existing incoming mains cable (it's in a black pipe approx 50mm dia). There will be a suspended floor approximately 100mm above the...
  30. TonyJohnson

    Under floor heating in a shed?

    Hi, I have been asked to finish a job in a shed installed 2 years ago. Just reading up on the regs, as it is heating there is an element of a higher fire risk.... What the deal if its in a wooden shed?
  31. E

    Why are all storage heater replacements on the top floor?

    can anyone answer me this riddle?
  32. L

    Bonding of conduit in kitchen floor

    Bit of a debate today, advice please as regs book not possible to get in my hands until tomorrow. New job, apartments, in the kitchen there are 2 x 25mm conduits from an external wall to an island within the kitchen that is free standing, to be able to get the hob supply across and lighting with...
  33. B

    2nd floor flat non-fire rated downlight

    Hi Guys, Just after a bit of advice, Just done a EICR of a second floor flat nothing major to report just a few C3's But... What i was wondering there a few downlight's (Gu10) in the property Kitchen/Living room all of them Non- fire rated do they need to be fire rated as its in black of...
  34. Amar

    2 Bed Ground floor maisonette

    Hi folks, I have been asked to rewire a couples ground floor 2 bed maisonette, purely because they want a load of extra sockets, new 10mm shower supply, mains smokes/heat, new kitchen layout and spot lights etc. Which is fine but all the ceilings and floor and walls are concrete. My idea was...
  35. N

    Bungalow under floor heating

    Hi Just been to see a 3 bed new build bungalow everything's straight forward, it's just the underfloor heating I'm wary about as haven't ever wired it before, I need to speak with the plumber and ask him the spec I know, each room comes back to the manifold , the owner says the thermostat...
  36. T

    Under floor heating questions for your edification and entertainment

    So...Got a call late last night client who I have done work before asked advice re builder doing electrics. Advised re CPS membership he checked on ESR builder not on there. Asked builder was he CPS member. Builder said seems best we part company client left in the lurch with no kitchen just...
  37. V

    Wiring repair of floor edge sander

    Hi, Can anyone help with the repair of a Bona Mini Edge sander? Replacing the mains cable, the internal wiring was damaged and I think it has been rewired incorrectly - its not working.
  38. E

    All the top floor lights have all gone out but the bottom floor lights and plug sockets are fine

    Hi everyone, Yesterday my sister switched on the bedroom light and all the lights o the top floor went out! there are six lights in total and none of them work at the moment. The lights on the bottom floor work and all the plug sockets on both floor's work fine too. I know next to nothing about...
  39. T

    Blanking off floor socket boxes

    I am trying to find a solution to blanking off floor socket boxes. This is made difficult by the fact the boxes have absolutely no brand name on them anywhere, and the size is not standard. I thought of getting a strong enough plate to screw on to the existing box and the the carpet man can come...
  40. O

    Circuits to kitchen island under (wet) under floor heating

    Pretty much as the title says - can anyone point me in the direction of guidance what distance I should allow between under floor heating and 2 x cables to an island in a new kitchen. Thanks
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