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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    When will you start back working following the lockdown

    Lockdown has been extended and it is possible it will be partially lifted in a few weeks. Jury is out on whether electricians are key workers unless it's emergency work etc but that's another argument. If you are self employed then you can't avoid working forever. There are bills to pay and...
  2. H

    Seeking some advice following am2 results

    Good evening, So I have recently sat my am2 and just received my results. I passed with the installation, theory, fault finding etc but failed on the testing due an issue with insulation resistance and also the initial safe isolation section. I can only think that I didn't carry out all the...
  3. Baddegg

    Following on from eicr thread..

    Started writing up the report this morning and reading through my notes..... What would cause an rcd to fail the test at the board, passed x1/2 @ 0 and 180 fails x1 & x5, so testing directly at the rcd but it passes at 6 sockets I tested at?....had it before where it passes at the board but...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Need a device for following

    I do the electrical repairs for a local care home, have fitted 2 fans in the kitchen store room. they have had a fire safety assessment by capita (one of the off shoots it seems) they have told them they should have a device that cuts the fans in the event of fire or the fire system sounding as...
  5. EricMark

    Energenie TRV heads not following Nest.

    Seems intermittent, some times as it should when the Nest thermostat changes temperature the 4 linked TRV heads change with it, but some times they don't alter, not an issue when temperature is dropped but it is an issue when temperature is raised as the pump is sucking on closed valves. Easy...
  6. pirate

    And following on from previous threads re Screwfix...

    There was a recent thread here alternately slagging/praising Screwfix. I would like to report that Screwfix recently donated a four figure sum to the Men's Shed charity branch where I am involved, and the first digit wasn't a 1. Maybe rounding up your online orders to the nearest pound isn't a...
  7. H

    No paperwork following new bathroom installation

    Hi am new to forum. Just had 4.5day bathroom installation. Bathroom v good however was told on initial survey we wont need to touch your electrics - was keeping original Mira Sport shower and spotlights. Day 1 was then told "our sparky wont pass them, you need new spots, need bathroom rewire"...
  8. littlespark

    The perils of blindly following sat nav....

    …. or the delivery of the new Range Rover Discovery Convertible.
  9. UKMeterman

    A short video on why following proceedures matter

    Have a watch,
  10. C

    Insurance inspection following fire

    Hello guys a surveying company has requested and EICR be carried out on a house following a fire which has been isolated to the bathroom or so it appears. The aim of the inspection is to develop a scope of works that will bring the house back up to a safe and fit for purpose standard, my...
  11. B

    following people

    Hi noticed we can follow people on the forum .So I am stalking Pete999 will I get notifications or what will I get if anything? Wont be getting a slap as verified this with pete999 Also should I be worried as I have a big hairy gorilla following me too ;)
  12. B

    Spare gear for sale

    After the hectic couple of months i have the following left over HILTI mounting system gear for sale.. 80 x 30mm End Clamps 20 x 35mm End Clamps 20 x 40mm End Clamps 30 x 42mm End Clamps 10 x 38-42mm Mid Clamps 160 x 10x200 Hanger Bolts 11 x Jointing Strips I Also have the following panels...
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