1. Vortigern

    Is anyone else having problems accessing certain areas of the forums?

    Just wondering is it just me or a general problem I encounter. First, I cannot comment on the DIY forum as I have insufficient priveleges. I have raised this a few times with forum admin but nothing has come of it. Secondly today I tried clicking on a thread to the plumbers forum and was told...
  2. K

    different nationality forums

    When I enter this url on my PC I get directed to the UK electrical forum. When I am on my phone it directs me to the Australian electrical forums. Don't get me wrong, I like hanging around with you poms (it makes me feel superior :D ) but I wouldn't mind seeing what is happening in the Aussie...
  3. Dan

    Superlec Direct Sponsor Electricians Forums! :)

    Superlec Direct is one of the UK's leading online electrical product distributors with over 35 years in the industry. Apart from our vast range of installation accessories we offer the UK's largest stock of cables, in particular all SWA cables. We also offer top quality branded electrical...
  4. J

    New to forums, a little bit about myself

    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm new to this forum, but may have read a few posts in the past. I've been in the electrical industry for 42 years and I'm a member of the IET. I have worked in nearly all sectors of the industry mainly industrial and commercial. I have been an NICEIC QS in the past and an...
  5. Dean House

    Look for advice of Easycert

    Hi, Just recently joined and looking for some advise/reviews on the Easy Cert software Thanks
  6. M

    New Guy to the Forums

    Good evening chaps. I posted this in the wrong forum to start with and a spelling error. So I'm here now, the right place. New to the forum, but not new to the game. I do check the forums for word on the street. I am trying to find out where I can take the 18th Edition exam only, in my region...
  7. B

    Hi There! New to the forums, also need a bit of advice! Cheers :)

    Hello World! I'm Brad, 26 from Surrey. Recently completed my level 2 & 3 tech certs to add to my existing level 3 P.A.T qualification I obtained in my previous job as a technical services technician in the entertainment lighting industry. I was there for 5 years, then made the leap into the...
  8. A

    Brand new to the Forums and need advice

    Hi Everyone I figured I needed to join a forum to ask for advice and learn from it. I have no formal experience as an electrician, but attempt to understand things when needed. I am actually a Sculptor by trade and an Artist. I am a member of the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen and we have to...
  9. dnjr

    Forums Vs bedtime .....

    Forums vs bedtime...
  10. Dan

    X-Class Forums - MB X-Class Forum

    X-Class Forum | Mercedes-Benz X-Class Forums - Free X-Class Advice and News - The largest X-Class Forum on earth. Well. Soon to be. We have 4 members and have been online an hour. Our competition has 16 members and has been online 9 months. It's a pick up using a...
  11. J

    New to the Electricians Forums

    Hey everyone. Been reading as a guest for a little while but finally decided to join the other electricians on the forum. Glad to be here and looking to learn more and help others as needed. Thanks for providing a place to come and talk about electrical problems we come across in the field.
  12. J

    Hello i am new to forums regarding test and inspect

    hello, new to forums, I am looking to get into the 2395/6 test and inspect and i am wondering what the kind of maths are needed for electrical theory any books that cover that stuff want to get all the maths (hard stuff) understood before booking the course vectors? as in power correction are...
  13. Dan

    I've sorted out our 'Find a Trader' sections a bit on all our forums

    Should be able to find these forum categories at the top of the forum homepage :) I'm hoping promoting all the forums on all the forum kinda gets more enquiries coming in. Check those out to see what you think. Find Professional Tradesmen for Free (And of course tradesmen find the work for...
  14. F

    Tilers forum mixed with electricians forum

    Hello. All recent posts on the electrician forums for the last few weeks have more tiling posts. Have the forums got mixed up somehow?
  15. P

    New member

    Hi guy's, My name is Nuno and I'm an apprentice. Done my level 2 and 3 and just started my nvq level 3.. this month have the AM2 and let's seehow it goes... Hope to learn a great deal with all the experience shared in here. Thanks
  16. kalishp

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Everyone, I am new on Forum and also new in Trade. Over last few months I have been working in hospitality sector as an electrician and data cabler. I am still learning so looking forward to research this forum. thanks
  17. Harrykendal

    New Apprentice To This Forum

    Hello all, I'm an apprentice electrician currently in my 3rd year of college and just though I would join this Forum to ask for any help along the way to finally becoming a qualified electrician. I have already posted a thread asking for help on testing and inspection figures, so If anyone...
  18. Dan

    British Forums Now Online

    My and @Lou thought we'd knock up a new forum yesterday so looked through some domain names we have, and rather than start something else business or automotive-related we thought we'd try something new so we went for more of a social theme with So far we've sorted out the...
  19. V

    New member

    Hi, Thank you for allowing me to join this online community of Electricians. I recently moved to the UK from South Africa where I worked as a Principle Technical Official for Eskom. I am currently job hunting and also looking to find out what courses I need to do in the UK to be able to be...
  20. G

    Advice needed

    Ill try make this as compact as possible so I'm currently 24 (25 in July) and I stopped going uni after my second year couldn't see myself doing it anymore, after a while of figuring things out i recently stumbled across apprenticeship specifically electrician one (preferred route) and courses...
  21. M

    Trainee section?

    Is it just me or has the trainee section vanished, I'm asking as I have a question that hopefully someone in that area can help me with :)
  22. Dan

    New Insurance Deal Gets Forum Members Cheaper Insurance!

    Insurance for Electricians - Checkout the new insurance pages. Get yourself some quotes and let me know how they seem to you guys compared to your existing prices. Thanks
  23. G


    Hi, Been on this forum for a number of years and had some good advice. Retired Electrical engineer who does DIY for myself and family. Also look after all their computers/tablets. Geoff
  24. T

    New Member

    Just wanted to say Hi, new member, fast approaching 40, just been made redundant and looking for a complete change Dave
  25. P


    Hello everybody, looking forward to dipping into the huge font of knowledge that exists on this forum. Phil.
  26. K

    Hi all

    To whom it may concern. I am looking for a position as an electrician mate preferably permanent but would consider part time/full time contracts if available. I recently achieved Level 2 & 3 Diplomas in Electrical Installations at East Durham College i'm now looking for work experience Or...
  27. B

    Morning all

    Hello everyone. Been lurking for a while but time to say hello.
  28. P


    Hi, largely office bound these days after starting on the tools 30 years ago and find this place really useful for keeping up to date with new stuff. Cheers, Paul
  29. S

    Hi All, here's my intro

    Hi, along with a 2 colleagues / friends we started Acton Delta Ltd. back in 1991 - 25 years & counting!! :) We're Industrial and Commercial Electrical Contracting Engineers, Designers and Manufacturers of Control Panels & Plant Automation We employ around 25 staff and try & keep fresh blood...
  30. balodis

    Nice to Greet you chaps

    Hi Everyone I am new to the forum and this is my first posting. I have been an electrical contractor for 25 years and currently teach Electrical Engineering at a one of the largest further education colleges in the UK. This is what I've been doing for the last 7 years, although once a sparky...
  31. R


    Self-employed design engineer, electrical building services. Mostly doing rail work, some commercial. Currently working on CrossRail.
  32. P

    Chelmsford Electrician

    Hi All, Posting my intro, NAPIT registered electrician based in Chelmsford. Phil
  33. S


    Hi everyone, Self employed and loving it!
  34. C

    my introduction

    hi guys my name is chris and i run our installation department as well as design electrical control panels and systems. these range from small starters to large PLC control systems thus forum has come in handy many times. those times when you think you know but like mto hear someone else say...
  35. A


    Hi all, Ending the silence, not that anyones that bothered
  36. S

    Quick Intro

    Hi Guys I am new electrical engineer like i worked for 1.5 years. I am still working t=on improving my skills. I work for residential villas mostly
  37. S


    Hi there all
  38. F


    Hi all quick introduction Been in this industry for around 30+ yrs in nearly all areas of electrical, prefer the commercial side of the industry. Someday would like to get into the renewable sector. I have only started my own company in the last year but unfortunately I'll health has put me on...
  39. S

    New intro

    I have been in the electrical field for 27 years also I have passed the master electrical certification
  40. T

    Hi everyone (responding to Dan's chaser)

    I am a graduate surveyor based in Edinburgh currently studying towards becoming chartered. This is a great resource and I have lurked on many an occasion. Nice to meet you. Tom
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