1. D

    100m drum of 2C+E 4mm FP200 for sale

    Hi, I have a 100m drum of 2C+E 4mm FP200 going spare. White, genuine Prysmian, still sealed, perfect condition. It's in west London, but I may be able to deliver. I am travelling from London to Preston on Thursday, and back on Monday, so could drop off if you're anywhere along the way. I think...
  2. Adam_92

    1.5mm2 fp200 cpc size?

    probably a daft question to most of you, but in an 1.5mm fp200 is the cpc the same size or is it 1mm because my supervisor has told me it is the same as t&e but I’m pretty sure it is the same size :/ I’m trying to find it in the on-site guide.. Thanks Adam.
  3. 1Justin

    Use of FP200. Will it get messed up by too much flexing?

    I have electrics to add in a listed barn. It's a unlined shell of a building, grubby cobwebby beams and timbers with external claddding. Customer must have all black wiring so as to hide it as much as possible. Everything will be clipped with metal accessories. Trunking/conduits are too big and...
  4. H

    White FP external use

    Hi, Had a look at a job today and noticed external lighting had been wired in white FP, clipped to wall surface. I informed them mechanical protection must be provided and they insisted the board had RCD protection and it wasn't required. Anyone else seen this before.
  5. S

    Multicore Fp 200 Gold or LSX

    Hi guys So many moons ago when fp 200 was but a glimmers in whoever's eye We had ...MIMS or pyro as we all knew it . It came in many guises and with many cores .Idea for running a ring circuit with just one cable . So my question is this . How easy can you get it seems a 7 core 2.5 mm2 reel of...
  6. S

    Rigid white cable - garden lighting.

    I've been asked to provide an estimate for renewing some twenty/thirty year old garden lighting. Currently it's wired in this thin rigid white cable, picking it up it feels like the sheathing is metallic. It looks like it goes all the way back to the CU. Obviously I'm going to rip it out and...
  7. B


    Hi I need some help wiring only been doing electrical 2 weeks and this is my assessment, I've got to run a piece of FP200 2 core + earth to a light switch then a 3 core + earth to the next light switch then from the light switch to the ceiling rose can someone create a drawing or explain to us...
  8. J

    Voltage drop for fp200

    Hi, Am running a radial power circuit in 4mm fp200 with a 20A rcbo but am a bit worried about the voltage drop. I have a 70M run clipped direct and by my calculations I will need to go to 6mm. I am using table 4d2 but don't know if there is a table for fp200.
  9. P

    regarding supply for a fire panel.

    hi guys, I hope im in the right place to ask these questions. (im a newbie to forums) I have been asked to fit a double pole isolator from a dedicated supply so a fire company can fit a fire alarm system. would this be certified on a regular EIC or would I have to use a some other...
  10. V

    Fire panel wiring

    Hi all Does anyone know if its ok to wire from the DB to fire alarm panel in standard 2.5 twin or does the supply need to be fire rated (pyro/fp200)? Thanks in advance
  11. E

    Fire Panels

    Does a fire panel and smoke alarms etc have to be in pyro if they are contained within containment ?
  12. E


    Is it ok to use split trunking for power and fire circuits that will run in the same trunking ? Job a real mind bending containment criss cross up down left right right again job grrrrrrrrrrrr.
  13. W

    Can FP 200 be burried in the wall without RCD???

    Hi. We are looking to quote to install domestic heat detectors interconnected to the existing smoke alarms for a social housing provider. Do you think that FP200 could be used to save us installing RCD protection to the circuit as the cable needs to be concealed. Our NIC inspector tells me that...
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