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  1. P


    Dear Friends, I hope i will find some solution with you. I have installed a system with Goodwe inverter GW10k-ET, hybrid it has 9.3 kwp modules and 6.4 High voltage BYD battery box. This is the situation: We turn on the whole system, everything works perfectly, now we want to simulate a...
  2. littlespark

    Help me out, friends

    Happy Boxing Day. Could I ask a favour from my friends on the forum and get you to get onto Facebook, search for the Direct Pets page (they’re in Berwick upon Tweed), look for their Trails and Waggy Tails competition photos and click “like” on the picture of my pup Bridie. It looks like this...
  3. S

    Went for dinner to friends,

    0f the girlfriend who is a builder to also see his completed build which took 3 years to build, 236 speakers in the house I was shocked, the cinema room is damn impressive and all I was interested in was the plant and comms room, sad really.
  4. Wilko

    Ha - who needs friends anyway?

    One of my so-called friends sent me this. I think the implication being that I'm less than perfect ... Not sure, what was the question again?
  5. K

    1 year on but have questions..

    Hi guys, So been in the job for a year now, I have done 1st fixing and a lot of ducting in that time, all in residential new builds. The problem is my friends & family have been asking me to do jobs for them in their houses (outside lights, extra sockets, 2 way switching etc). I feel like...
  6. H

    Which trusted trader

    anybody think it would be a good idea? Find Trusted & Local Tradesmen - Which? Trusted Traders niceic do apparently.....................anybody else been invited to a "give your thoughts" get together?
  7. A

    Wago JB / Ceiling Rose JB Question

    Hi All, Quick one for someone to clear up for me! I have a 12 downlight circuit going in my kitchen. I have no ceilings yet (temp light wired off a ceiling rose fitting screwed to underside of joist for now) but the loops to each light location are in, I will be using a "inline" type junction...
  8. BigSi


    Was having a chat with another guy today (makes a change from having a chat with myself!), about his ‘follow us on facebook’ stickers on his van. He said that he has had a lot of work via facebook from friends, friends of friends, etc, seeing his profile when it’s updated and remembering it when...
  9. i=p/u

    working close friends of family and the likes

    dont you just hate when working for close friends of family, then you bill them and then makes you fee un comfortable after all hard work..... example; pat tested 60 items, changed 5 socket fronts and added new double socket beside cu. charged the guy £151.50 , have me mother and all ringing me...
  10. K

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB new rules / how to fight with them ?

    Hello guys Recently 2 of my friends have been to Sidcup to apply in person and to pay 230 pounds (!!!!!) to have in the same day the JIB card. Both of them are fully qualified ( 2391, 2391, 17 edition ) and a lot of experience as well. They received BOTH Electrical Labourer card ( ????!!!!! ) ...
  11. Z

    Budget Solar 4KW system for £8000 fitted

    Has anyone had any dealings with Budget Solar based in Bolton? They are advertising an MCS fitted 4KW system using JA Solar 250W mono panels and a Fronius IG TL 3.6 inverter with 5 year workmanship warranty for £8000 all in. Is this kit OK or is it a case of 'get what you pay for'? BTW found...
  12. E

    Feeling sorry for the customer....

    Just went to a call out...Landing light not working. Arrived to find 2 pensioners. Took all of 5 minutes to find a loose connection at switch and rectify it. Straight away I thought times are hard but I can't charge the earth for something that took me 5 minutes to rectify, especially to an old...
  13. R

    What does the Facebook Connect button do?

    f Connect button at the top of the forum home page - what does that do? I clicked on it and it wants access to my profile on FB. Did 'do not allow' because I'm not sure what/why it is doing this.
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