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  1. G

    Best EV charging testing unit?

    Hi Guys, Completed an EV charging course a few months back. Looking to explore that growing corner of the market. My Megger 1720 multi function tester packed up recently. Always pretty happy with my Megger, but I'm looking to get a tester that has integrated EV testing and comes with its own EV...
  2. D

    How to connect multi function timer

    Stupid question I'm sure...but...I have this Timer (V0DDTS), a live and neutral wire coming from the wall, a live and neutral going to the fountain pump...how do I connect it? Once connected what setting would give me 1min of power on, and then 5min of power off? Feel kinda dumb must be honest...
  3. Z

    Quickwire Splitter function?

    Was wondering, when would you need to use a splitter? Isn't there usually enough room in a light to terminate more than one wire to go out to the next light?
  4. static zap

    Art meets design function (Never ends well)

    Designers these days , want a look . It seems to take priority over functional use. I have a nice pile of "Slime" green bowls ,that stack like a clown act if left on their own together. Above a certain height they roll , in the direction most likely to cause damage / injury ! Anyone else...
  5. D

    Multi function tester accuracy record template

    Has anyone got a decent pdf of the above? Cheers
  6. Marti

    Megger LT320&RCDT310. Function Query from a student.

    G'd Evening People, Nearly finished my 2365 Level Three and really enjoyed the study; especially the inspection, testing and problem solving. To this end (ooh er, mrs) a friend has lent me a pair of Megger testers until I can fork out for the MFT. My query is that the LT320 seems to lack the...
  7. L

    Barrel monitor function

    Good morning, Could someone explain it point me in the right direction as to the function of a barrel monitor on an EOT crane? Thanks
  8. B

    Multi function tester calibration

    Hi guys Nice simple one Where do you get your mft calibrated and how much does it cost? I have a kewtech kt63 I’m struggling to find prices and companies in Essex that do it Any help is appreciated Thanks
  9. R

    Tis 1850 multi function tester problem

    Hi all I have a problem with my new multi function tester it's a tis 1850. Tester has decided it doesn't want to dead test (r1+r2, insulation resistance, earth electrode) It will test zs and rcd tests fine don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong or if the damn things nakered already. Any...
  10. K

    What multi function test meter?

    Hi all, I am attending a Competence in Testing course and that course requires for me to take my own test equipment. Can anyone kindly recommend a reasonably priced multi-function test meter that meets all the tests for 17th edition please? Many Thanks
  11. happyhippydad

    Fluke T5 or T150?

    Evening all.. I will be buying one of the above but am struggling to choose between them both. I am 70% for the T150 and 30% for the T5. Lots of people seem to rate the T5. What I particularly like about the T150 is that the buttons are on the probe so you only need 2 hands for all actions...
  12. L

    Honeywell Galaxy S2 Full Set

    Hello I was at a clients yesterday to sort a Galaxy S2 as they had just moved in and had no idea how to use it and change codes ect... anyway, whilst showing them how to use it they was not that happy about the loud double beep that is produced from the internal speaker when it has set...
  13. G

    RCD auto test function

    I use a Dilog 9083P MFT, which was recently calibrated. Have just finished extending a ring circuit at a customers house. All testing OK until i used the 'auto test' function to test the 30mA RCD at 5 x IʌN @ 0º, the trip time showed >40mS. All other tests were within limits (5 x IʌN @ 180º was...
  14. C

    zs test keeps tripping rcd

    fitted a new c/u and put a new ring main in kitchen last week ready for my assessment in the morning, everything tested ok and zs tested ok then, sent meter in for calibration check last thursday and picked it up today (megger 1552) certificate says everything passed no adjustment needed, so i...
  15. amlu

    manrose humidistat extractor controller.

    one like that: Remote Humidistat Fan Control & Timer there are connections for switched live, live, there is timer setting, there is humidity setting. can`t get how this is going to behave when installed. 1. fan on together with light, duration adjustable with timer, but only when humidity...
  16. S

    Voltage tester, am i thinking about this too much?

    Hi all, possibly a stupid question, but input from professionals would be appreciated. Im looking to buy my first voltage tester, (probably fluke) and have been looking at a few. I understand there are ones with a self test function, or without then you buy a proving unit with it. My thought...
  17. Skimpy Wan

    Fluke 1652C and 1653B query

    Hi, I am looking to purchase my first MFT for domestic installations next week and I wanted to query what the major differences between the Fluke 1652c and 1653b testers are. Having checked the Fluke website it appears that the 1653B has a memory facility and can be connected to a PC (which...
  18. T

    certificate software

    Hi all hope you can help. I have a megger mft 1730 with bluetooth function and would like to use the bluetooth function to fill in certs but I dont want to pay another ₤300 for the on-site software. Does anybody know of any other software that can work with this kind of tester? Thanks guys
  19. S

    volex rcd

    hi just a quick one, as far as I'm aware, RCD's (with two poles, specifically the VOLEX VR80 30mA) don't care which side the Line or Neutral go in. Am I right? Or is this model a special case? Can't think why, I know it works on an inbalance betwixt L-N, and the bumpf says you can wire it...
  20. D

    megger 1502 (north)

    hi i have for sale a used megger mft 1502, all working fine except the earth loop non trip function, fine on testing anything without rcd. its only the non trip function which does not work, everything else. £100 collection darren
  21. RogertheBodger

    New Voltage Tester

    Need a new voltage tester, been looking at the Megger TPT220, but it seems like the T5-1000 comes highly recommended. The Megger has an RCD/FI test function that allows for the simple testing of 30mA RCDs, RCBOs and safety breakers. A test between phase and earth on a circuit protected by an...
  22. M

    metrel mi3100 SF fault

    Hello, Anybody got a metrel mi 3100 tester ? My one was doing strange things today, like being unable to do a Zs rcd no trip test,and I wasn't able to select rcd no trip function. I'm now at home, and every function has an SF fault indication coming up, though I was still able to do a Zs rcd no...
  23. E

    Fluke problems

    Went to look at a job this morning and left all my main tools at home as the lady said it was just to price changing some lights. However when i got there it was a little old lady who had just recently had a flood and concequently all the plasterboard ceilings had collapsed in the downstairs...
  24. P

    Plunger switch help please?

    Could anyone please advise as to the following? Seeking a plunger switch ( car door sort of thing ) with a " momentary " function, to be fitted into a gate post, so that when the gate is opened a momentary signal is sent. Have been to all the usual sites and done all the usual searches, with no...
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