1. Nitram

    Further Training.........

    After a change of direction in 2000 I decided to get qualified as a sparks.. I got my CG 2360 pt 1&2 and 17th and from that point have been working as a mate for agencies at first, afterwards I worked as a sub to a couple of firms (with a fully qualified sparky or under a qualified superviser)...
  2. J

    Ways to further my career as an electrician?

    A little bit about me; I'm 22 years old and have an NVQ Level 3 17th edition. I went into an apprenticeship straight after school at the age of 16. After 3 years I am now qualified with an aditional 3 years experience. I'm now starting to think about my future and I want to explore what choices...
  3. J

    Looking for experienced Solar Edge installer in Lancashire/Cumbria

    My Solar Edge installation was damaged yesterday by a lightning strike close to the house. The inverter is completely dead - no lights, and no display - and my best guess is that there was a power surge from the panels to the inverter. There could be further issues, but to take matters...
  4. S


    Hi guys just been to carry out an EICR on a TT system. Small flat and I came across the following: my question is is the cat codes valid I think. Now I have not done the cert yet and I'm between jobs so quickly wrote this so don't bite my head off for not using the correct terminology or using...
  5. mhar

    Inspection question

    527.2.1. A flat with a multitude of downlights. I am not convinced that the G5.3 fittings are firerated and they are mounted through a double boarded ceiling which is a fire barrier (confirmed with the original architects). The fittings are made from a pressed metal which is very thin and...
  6. Z

    Last date for 2391 and 2391-303 Technical Knowledge of the Design, Erection and Verif

    I contacted ElectricalTraining.co.uk and asked when the last dates for the 2391-301 Technical Knowledge of the Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations they give me this info via email. Hope this helps people who are considering doing these courses. Due to centre...
  7. imago

    Assessment on Friday.

    I've opted for the ever popular CU change at home for my assessment Friday. So I started with a Wylex rat's nest, changed it for a nice Hager which should do the job. Then blood sweat and tears getting the gas bonding through, during which I discovered some 'alternative' junction boxes under the...
  8. Goody

    Domestic How many years of trading to become a Domestic Installer?

    Hi, How long should a self-employed person or a company be trading before registering to become a Domestic Installer? Thanks
  9. gr7

    Credit for PV installations

    Apologies of this question has been asked before, I have searched and only drawn blanks. Is anybody aware of any credit companies offering long term loans for PV installations? I have a salesman with the relevant licence to advice on credit and would like to make use of this if possible. Any...
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