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  1. Ironbones

    Commercial DC circuit breakers VS semiconductor fuses high speed.

    Hi all. Just to start off still learning. Could any one help me with this and put me right if I am incorrect. I would like to understand the preference or reason for opting for DC breakers or semiconductor high speed fuses, when been used in low voltage DC circuit. I understand that...
  2. G

    Looking for mft 500mA fuses

    Hi guys , does anyone know anywhere that stocks mft 500mA 600v fuses ? Cheers
  3. A

    Wylex fuse required in garage

    Hello everyone In my garage, I have an old Wylex Fusebox (see attached) containing a 5 and 15amp fuse. Both of them have now blown which means that they need replacing. From reading around the internet, I understand that I can purchase some Wylex MCB's. I've looked on Screwfix and there's a...
  4. driverman

    Domestic hager1361 cartridge fuses

    Afternoon Guys. Question from an out of date retired electrician. Existing Hager split-board using cartridge fuses (1361) for OC protection. Existing shower circuit (6mm) protected by 30amp cartridge fuse for old possibly 7'5kw shower unit. Shower being replaced with a 8.5kw shower unit. Are...
  5. Y

    Schuko adapter, but which one?

    Hi Quick question, I have the following appliance lying around and wanted to make use of it, it comes with a German plug with the following specs; 1000 Watt 220/230v 50/60hz What earthed/grounded schuko adapter will I need, a 5 amp or 13 amp? I know the UK version of the same model uses...
  6. M

    3 phase swa sub main fuse

    Hello All Just a quick one does a three phase 25mm sub main in swa 4 meters long have to be fused even thou it comes from a bs1361 100amp services fuse then from a standard three phase isolation switch fitted from electricity company? Being swa and 25mm in size would this be acceptable? Reason...
  7. cprfenom

    How are fuses installed in this isolator

    Hi All, Probably an obvious and stupid question, but how do the HRC BS88 Fuses get mounted in this Isolator
  8. T

    Wire from the blender caught fire, fuses tripped

    Hi there, a wire caught from a blender caught on to the hob in the kitchen, there was a loud bang and the sockets were tripped, is the blender needing replaced now or would it be possible to simply replace the wire?
  9. Bob Geldoff1234

    Veritas 8 compact lack of fuses?

    Just a quick question regarding a Veritas 8 Compact alarm panel I fitted.Where is the fuse protection for the bell,key pad etc? I noticed that there aren't any fuses any more. What happens when there is a short in one of the cables? In the past you would replace the fuse and it would work...
  10. G

    What size Fuses do I require?

    Hi, I have a three phase switch fuse supplying a 16A socket. In the specification provided it states the following: Design Current - 16A Main Protective Device 20A The circuit is fed from a C20 MCCB at the distribution board. What size of fuses should I be putting in the switch fuse? 16A...
  11. L

    Fuse switch sizing for a vsd

    Hi, Following on from my question about reusing a fuse switch to supply a control panel containing a vsd. The rating of the drive is 18.5kw. We will need to use a motor rated fuse. We are planning on using a 10mm cable from the switch to the control panel. My query is would a gM32m 40A motor...
  12. oracle

    Should rewirable fuses be pensioned off?

    The 3036 re-wireable fuse link was invented long, long, ago, but according to the standards list became a BS standard about 1957. Tried and trusted in standard form, it has probably been the most abused electrical component, with wrong fuse wire, paper clips, hair clips, copper wire etc...
  13. J

    Cig Lighter fuses keep blowing

    1991 GMC Sonoma compact pickup So i am guessing the previous owner installed an after market lighter socket as it has an inline fuse behind it. The lighter is also connected to a blade fuse in the fuse box. I checked continuity on the lighter and I have a closed circuit. When I got it the...
  14. S

    Filling in switch fuses on a certificate

    If a circuit has a switchfuse/isolator.....Do you record that on the cert as a seperate DB??? (Obviously as switch fuse)
  15. L

    Wylex Old Style HRC 60 amp fuses?

    Apologies for newbie question- I'm only an occasional sparky and get stumped by these things from time to time- What's the best way to get hold of these old Wylex fuses? I presume they're not made any more like this? Hope this picture comes over OK....
  16. sham

    Pat testing plug fuses

    Hello, I am new to PAT testing by myself as I just used to do it with an ex employer. We always changed the fuses of the plugs if they were overrated, mainly most had 13A fuses. Now I work for my-self I have carried out pat testing on new Items for a landlord, whether new items need pat testing...
  17. nbwriter

    A Useful Guide For Replacing Plug Fuses

    Hi Guys & Gals, I was working recently on fixing a 2KW electrical heater. I came across this thread on this forum: Domestic - Advice please fuse keeps blowing - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/advice-please-fuse-keeps-blowing.66924/ Although it was abit jumbled (and I cannot...
  18. Rocboni

    Bargain fuses On ebay

    Just won these on eBay for £1.20 feel a bit guilty to be honest, not sure if I'm going to take them 253199553457
  19. A

    Completely baffled by a 3 lamp chandelier blowing fuses

    Hello Right I cannot get my head around this one. I have a 3 lamp chandelier - I have done a drawing of the connections below. It has been placed on the 1st floor 5amp lighting main in the existing ceiling rosette (which previously had a 80 watt filament bulb.) I bought a LED dimmer switch...
  20. Vortigern

    Calculate this...Part II some pics of the main cut-out and fuses

    Yeh so thought I would check the main fuses and still can't tell what rating they are. I did contact the man from the DNO who said no hurry the next few months will do. @Leesparkykent he did say there are no penalty charges right now but come April there will be. We spoke with the energy...
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