1. P

    breaker size for electrical panel in a detached garage

    I want to verify if the breaker size is correct for the service going into my detached garage. I have 6 AWG cable going from my main panel in my house to a detached garage. The cable length is close to 100 feet from the main panel to the sub panel in the garage and a 60 amp 240V breaker from the...
  2. V

    Adding a socket to a garage circuit.

    Hi everyone, I've got a garage with a circuit that looks like this: I believe it's a radial circuit coming out of the MCB with a current rating of 20A. It goes in to a switch containing a 5A fuse (fused spur?). It then has two wires coming from it: one for a bulb, and the other for a socket...
  3. E

    External garage electricity wrongly connected to neighbours supply

    I have found out that my electricity supply in my external garage is wrongly connected to my neighbours electricity unit in their house and their supply for their garage is connected to the unit in my house. This seems to have been the case since the house was built in 2005 but it has only...
  4. guediver

    UK CU prior to garage conversion

    To be clear: I will have a qualified electrician doing work for me and I have discussed this with them. I am looking for general advice to help my planning I’m having a new CU installed prior to a garage conversion (conversion to be done by me). Current CU is on external cavity wall which will...
  5. F

    Extra sockets in garage

    Hi diyer here, I'm wanting to add two extra double sockets to my garage / workshop. Currently have two double sockets wired with 4mm t+e with a 16 amp breaker In the consumer unit. It looks like a radial circuit as it doesn't loop back to the consumer unit. Can I just continue the circuit with...
  6. mikeysmith

    Garage buildout Question

    Hey all, I bought a big garage that I’m going to subdivide and rent out. I am going to hire an electrician to do all work. This is not a DIY question. I just wanted to ask for advice here before hiring an electrician, so I know what I’m getting into. Thanks in advance. The space is 2500 sqft...
  7. D

    UK Wiring a 17mtr x 15 mtr Car Enthusiasts Garage UK

    The garage is 17 mtrs x 15 mtrs in the UKh The house has a 100 amp supply to the house consumer unit. The garage consumer unit is fed from a 63amp RCD to a 40 amp B rated mcb in the house consumer unit. The feed cable to the garage is 10mmsq SWA 3 core with the swa bonded to the earth...
  8. T

    220 volts ran through one hot wire

    I recently tore down all the wiring in my grandfather’s garage he wired himself and i’m genuinely surprised it didn’t burn to the ground after 40+ years, but there’s some things I need some help with. He’s long gone so that’s that. First off, he only had 1 hot wire supplying 220v to his air...
  9. P

    Found a spur on a spur (I think) in my garage

    Hi all, I recently bought a new house and I went to check the installation on my garage. There is a double socket and a fused switch (3A) which is connect to the light. When I opened this fused switch, I noticed it is actually a spur. The way it is wired is that a SWA spur coming from the...
  10. I

    RCD or Main switch in garage board

    Hi this may be a simple answer to my question but I can't find the answer in the regs If im fitting a garage board from a consumer unit with RCD protection do I need to have RCD protection in the garage board? I'm guessing I don't need an RCD at the garage board but I can't find a definite...
  11. I

    Separate connections to a EV charger and garage supply

    Hi all, Newly qualified electrician here who is in the process of re-wiring my own property. I have recently converted my old CU (if I can call it that!) in my 1950's property to a full RCBO C.U. (No SPD). Main fuse is 100A. Double pole isolator fitted prior to C.U.. 100A double pole switch...
  12. V

    How to supply a garage with 32 Amps for a car charger and another 32 Amps for sockets?

    Currently, I have a side garage port (with a garage door, but open on the garden side) supplied by a 2.5mm2 radial circuit. The plan is to convert the port to a proper garage next year. As the bedrooms are currently under refurbishment and the floorboards easily accessible, I would like to make...
  13. D

    Garage Subpanel Questions

    Hello everyone, I have a detached garage with a Subpanel that had all been wired by previous owners of my home. The lights in this garage are turned on and off by using the breaker. I wanted to add an actual light switch, something I've done in the past without a problem. When I opened up the...
  14. J

    new connection to garage and then to modular home

    can I use 4/0 use 2 3 strand cable in 2 1/2 " conduit 160' to power 200 amp panel then power modular home 50' from garage in vermont do I need a shut off in between or is this ok
  15. K

    should I use THHN wire or NM rommanx wire?

    I used 1 inch emt conduit in the garage for 50 amp circuit for ev charger. I plan to use 4AWG wire. Please let me know which wire is est for passing through conuit, I also have less than 3 feet wire goes in the wall
  16. H

    How far from the house can I install a 7kw EV charger? Would 40m be possible?

    How far from the house can I install a 7kw EV charger? Would 40m be possible?
  17. J

    Garage Electrics - Fitting a light and another socket with fused spur.

    Hi all, I have recently bought a house. The garage is at the end of the garden and has a double socket. The socket is on the ring and not a spur. It has 2 live, 2 neutral and 2 earths. It was basically falling off the wall so want to replace it. The garage has no lighting so I want to fit a...
  18. S

    UK Garage Lights Is this Safe

    hi, i am just wondering if i can please ask if the set up below is okay/safe, i've recently had some low voltage led lights installed by a family friend and i just wanted to be on the safe side and ask if the set up is safe at all, (sorry overly cautious) thank you
  19. C

    Garage door external key switch

    I have been asked recently if I could fit somebody an external key switch for there garage door - As at the moment they have to go through there house to push the available buttons on the unit inside the garage. I told them this is possible, but my query is finding a suitable IP rated key...
  20. JasRam

    Installing a 100 amp Subpanel in garage

    Hello All, Just looking for a bit of advice on the diagram I have laid out for adding a 100 amp subpanel coming from my 200 amp main. This will be going to an attached garage that requires about 45 feet of wire. The garage is drywalled, so I will be using conduit over the existing drywall, as I...
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