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  1. B

    Garage RCD conundrum.

    Can anyone help with this one I've been scratching my head over for a week? Called to a customer whose garage RCD keeps tripping. TNCS supply, three core SWA submain to RCD garage unit, two radial circuits (6A lights, 16A sockets). IR test from main board on whole garage installation 0.01 mega...
  2. D

    Garage Power Supply Problem

    The power to my garage is supplied by a fused spur in the house. When switched on the fuse in the spur blows and the RCD trips! I found that a live wire had loosened and was hanging out of its connection! Could this be the cause of the problem?
  3. C

    Powering my shop

    Hello everyone. I’m a DIY person and I’m about to give my shop a little juice. I had previously ran UFB 35 feet to a 220 outlet for my brothers RV. Now that he’s gone, I’ve built a 24x24 shop. My intentions are to run 16 led shop lights that will pull 7.04 amperes. Also a shop fan (unsure of...
  4. hayley3

    Garage door stops working but

    If I unplug it, turn circuit breaker off and then on again and THEN plug the garage door back into the outlet, it works fine for a while. How can I troubleshoot that to figure out the problem? Thanks!
  5. C

    Possible bad ground in detached garage

    I have a hybrid vehicle, and I've use a Clipper Creek charger to plug it in for the last 2 or 3 years. A few days ago it was fine, and I unplugged to run an errand. When I came home, though, the charger was flashing on both "Power Fault" and "Charging Fault". After some research, this "usually"...
  6. P

    Electricity to garage

    Hi, can anyone advise me what it takes to have an electricity main run to my garage and who I should approach? I own a garage in a complex of garages and would like electricity to be run to it, but my property is no where near to the garage, so I cannot take a feed from anywhere. So I am after...
  7. B

    How to feed garage board

    First fixed X6 new double sockets in garage the other day (didn’t have sockets to 2nd fix) now it’s TT system, now the board I’m working on is fed from a bigger garage 2.5mm SWA 16A RCBO, the board where I have first fixed the sockets has a Main switch and MCB for lights and sockets, Would it...
  8. B

    Garage door wiring kit

    Hi, after some advice on garage door wiring, know someone who’s having an electric garage door fitted, I presume it’s just fitting a switched spur and then garage lads will do the rest?
  9. L

    Edition 18 garage cu

    Hi I’m after a bit of advice please. I recently had an old asbestos garage taken down and have replaced it with a brick structure inc a study done in line with building regs. I was going to reuse the old (fairly modern) board which was run from main cu with rcd but no rcd on garage board so I...
  10. J

    Outbuilding or garage supply

    To supply power to new garage 20 meters at bottom of garden from main house. Plan to run a three core 4mm SWA to garage, fit a metal clad two way dB with 30ma RCD in garage. Using one off the three cores together with the armour as cpc. At the house end terminate swa in An adaptable box...
  11. J

    Outside garage supply

    To supply power to new garage 20 meters at bottom of garden from main house. Plan to run a three core 4mm SWA to garage, fit a metal clad two way dB with 30ma RCD in garage. Using one off the three cores together with the armour as cpc. At the house end terminate swa in An adaptable box...
  12. tinkering

    Running Cable to Garage

    We are going to run Teck90 or ACWU cable underground from house to garage. There will be just a 60A breaker in the house and garage for now but want to lay a large enough cable to carry 100A in the future. We have approximately 60 ft of ACWU #3/0 aluminum to make the run. It is about 2" in...
  13. B

    Spit gun on prefab garage

    Got prefab garage to first fix, debating whether or not to use the spit gun to fix to the concrete or just stick to plugs and screws. Always used the nailer on much more substantial lumps of concrete, worried about shattering parts of the panels off. Anyone successfully used the nailer on one of...
  14. M

    Garage feed under neighbors drive

    Hi chaps A client's neighbor has given permission to pass an swa under his driveway to reach my clients neighboring semi detached garage. New build nightmare scenario with shared driveways. An agreed level of making good the driveway shall be confirmed probably by third party as my client...
  15. B

    1 new socket in garage and 2 lights - Help if possible

    Hello, I am looking at adding one new socket to my garage and two wall lights. I have a plan of attack and would like the advice of the professionals if at all possible ?. There is an existing socket in the garage which is part of the ground floor socket ring circuit. The existing ring circuit...
  16. Midwest

    David Gilmour garage clearance

    David Gilmour is flogging off some of his guitars for charity some are reaching considerably more than the guide price https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/WorldAuctionRecord?src=hash I’m gonna check out my garage again this weekend.
  17. W

    Domestic Garage wiring

    Hi all. Quick question for any pro sparks - all the cabling in my garage (separate from house) is run through metal conduit. I need to move and replace the light fitting, sockets, and switches, and rather than cut and try to bend the metal conduit, I'd like to replace it all with plastic stuff...
  18. Martyn Campbell

    Domestic Wiring to Garage under floorboards SWA Required?

    Hi, My Garage is attached to my house and currently there is a standard 3 core cable running from my consumer in there. I have just had my consumer upgraded/replaced and starting renovations on the bedroom directly next to the garage so would like to replace the cable as well. As the cable...
  19. Jbol1985

    House consumer unit to garage consumer unit

    Hi all I’m planning to install a consumer unit in my garage. The unit will eventually power a 32amp hot tub, 2 double sockets and a small lighting circuit. The distance from the house CU to garage CU will be about 10m. I plan to run single cables through 20mm steel conduit under my concrete...
  20. D

    New circuit to detached shed/garage in garden.

    Hello I am new to this forum and need a little help from an experienced spark to help me design a circuit to wire a detached garage (two sockets and ceiling lights) from a house ring main to 18th edition standards. This will be notifiable so everything has to be pukka. Cable can be in steel...
  21. A

    Garage Conversion Certification Advice

    Good afternoon, I am a time served domestic electrician but have been factory based for the last 8 years meaning my SJIB card has lapsed. I am currently converting an internal garage at my house and am doing the electrical work myself. I am installing 2 new sockets on an existing circuit and...
  22. M

    re routing armourd cable from 32a hot tub

    Hi have a TT CU in property with RCDs, Earth strap appears fine and solid. A 25meter cable has been run from RCD as a single 32 amp cct to a hot tub that is no longer present.. I want to reroute the cable to a garage for lights and sockets. The main question is do I need to use another RCD...
  23. S

    Advice on replacing fluro batten with LED in garage

    Yesterday I replaced one of my 2 Fluro battens in my garage with a 60W LED. This was the more complicated one (lots of wires) or so I thought but I had it working fine after a little patience. Today I have gone to replace the second fluro and what I thought would be a simple job - only 3 wires...
  24. R

    Requirements for new ring main in garage

    I need to fit a number of new 13A sockets in my garage to power some new equipment. I am planning to put in a new ring main and a new consumer unit to connect these sockets. The garage is a few metres from my house where the main CU is. Do I have to carry the ring main all the way back to the...
  25. D

    Terminate SWA in Wiska or straight to Garage CU

    Hello all, I wanted to know the best approach of connecting to a Garage CU. Currently planning a small wiring project that i want to do in a few months time, when cash and time allows. My plan is to do the work myself and go through the proper channels of notifying the work to the local...
  26. M

    Garage consumer unit

    Fitting a garage consumer unit in a detached garage / workshop. The consumer unit in the house is a dual 30ma rcd consumer unit. An swa will feed from the house to the garage. My question is around RCD's, should the 30ma rcd at the house be used and just a 2 pole main switch at the garage, or...
  27. E

    Electrician Changing garage Mcbs for Rcbos

    My garage has a small consumer unit fitted with elcb and mcbs for the socket and lights. After cutting through a circular saw cable it did not take out the garage elcb but the elcb in the house consumer unit. If I get an electrician to changed the mcbs for Rcbos would this prevent the house elcb...
  28. S

    Estate Agents says Fit For Purpose

    I have no idea if I am in the right place but am in desperate need of advice. I would describe myself as a competent DIYer (installed a Scantronic alarm system last week) but when it comes to electrics I let the experts handle it. We have just started renting a house which is just full of...
  29. M

    Garage Supply Questions

    Hi everyone. I am currently wiring a garage that is not joined to the property, its about 12 meters at the bottom of the garden. The house supply is PME. I have been told by my cps provider that I am not to extend the earth and I must TT the garage. I have run 6mm twin and earth from a rcd...
  30. R

    Temporary workaround - power to garage

    Hi guys, I need to run power to my garage. At the moment, I've gotten away with wiring a long extension cable. 13A Plug on one end, cabled to double female receptacles at the other end. So far that's worked fine as I've only used a LED light and some other low powered items. I just unplug...
  31. G

    Domestic Garage conversion to habitable space

    Hi I have a garage that I'm converting in to habitable space I will have electric shower, oven and hob, 2 x electric heaters, microwave, kettle, tv and lights The cable run from the consumer unit (C/U) is 13-15 meters What size armoured cable should I use? and what size mcb rating at the C/U
  32. N

    Garage consumer unit, I think I should call someone out!

    Hi I was going to change the lights in my garage to LED's but the consumer unit looked a bit old, so switch the garage circuit off on the main board, removed the cover and found this. At this point I thought "I'm outta here" and put the cover back on. I presume this is all sorts of bad...
  33. J

    Domestic Wiring Plugs and lights in to garage.

    Hi, I am in the process of converting my garage in to a living space and am just after confirming I am configuring the plugs and lights correctly before going ahead. I will be getting it all tested by a qualified electrician once completed, but am looking to do the work myself. I am competent...
  34. happyhippydad

    What power rating would this garage door be?

    I have a roller garage door that my friend has fitted which i've noticed is connected to a socket to give it power, but then has a flood light attached to the control panel which is also connected to the lighting circuit. In other words you need to isolate sockets and lights to make sure the...
  35. E

    Commercial Garage Workshop Electrical Safety

    Hi Guys, Original commercial vehicle workshop Installation has old Wylex single phase RCCB units with 2 socket outlets each. Later someone has installed a new 32 A single phase RFC to each workshop. The RCCB unit is fed from a Hager 32A RCBO . So rcd test trips the RCBO, not the RCCB. Both...
  36. Mojo

    Trainee Hello! Decorator takes on (all the safe bits of) rewiring his garage

    Hello, I don’t usually introduce myself in forums, but just fancied it here. I’m not a trainee (though I’m considering it), I’m a 45 year old decorator who has a garage without power, so in conjunction with an electrician friend, I’m studying and researching how to wire it. NOT connecting to...
  37. C

    Additional CU in Garage for Two Circuits?

    Hi We live in a new build (2015) and the developer added Power and Lighting to the garage via a double socket (spur from house) and then a single light coming off the socket (via FS) for the garage. I then added another driveway floodlight off another FS. Anyway, we plan to do some garden work...
  38. M

    Domestic Garage CU and RCD in series

    Evening all - got a question that i think i no tje answer but need some assurance!! Putting a sub main (garage CU) with standard sockets and lights. Feed to garage CU from suitable MCB in main board that IS RCD protected. Now........testing ... Most garage CU come with RCD, my understanding is...
  39. C

    Electrician Installing meter for stand alone garage - South London

    Hi All, I live in a building with about 100 flats and 17 garages, of which one garage is mine. Based in South London, SW2. The garage currently doesn't have electricity which is something I would like to change. I know at least one other garage has electricity installed and this is wired from a...
  40. B

    Domestic Garage - Internal lighting

    Hello folks, In my garage I have a very old flourescent light fitting that needs replacing asap. The information on the current installation is that the fitting takes two 70W T8 tubes. Each of these tubes is almost 6 feet long and combined they give off quite a reasonable amount of light...
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