1. S

    Earthing roof beams and roofing sheets on an attached garage.

    My friend has a conundrum regarding earthing the metal parts of his garage. It's an extension to his home which is on a TT supply, It's of concrete block construction with a metal roof, attached to timbers but touching 3 RSJ's which supports the whole roof. None of which is bonded. There are...
  2. Adamstc222

    Help with extending garage CU cable

    Hey everyone, working on a new build house and outside garage is wired up like this, however customer wants a Garage Consumer Unit instead of the plug but not sure what the best way to extend the cable would be as its too low to put a consumer unit where the plug is? any advice would be helpful
  3. W

    Clearing out my dads garage

    I have a selection of brand new electrical items 6 MK 422. 1g white telephone socket outlets 2 MK 3632. 2g white moulded front-plate 1 MK 989 ALM. 13a in sw conn unit flex outlet 9 MK 337 WHI 13a connection unit , 1 IS NOT WRAPPED , SO 8+1 5 MK 5423 WHI 20A...
  4. J

    Garage Consumer Units

    Ok, most new Consumer unit seem to come with a 63A RCCB and two MCBs. Most house consumer units now will also have RCD of some type be it a dual board or RCBOs. I know there can be issues with Selectivity having an upstream and downstream RCD. One Should really be S type (more expense). Should...
  5. N

    Wiring in a garage Twf roller door

    Hi all hope u all have a fab christmas , my name is Nick and i bought a roller garage door it got delivered yesterday but due to holidays the company is closed so hence asking for some help. Ive got the door up and ready but not sure how to wire it in , it has a Alutech remote box ,the wire...
  6. M

    Replacing run to detached garage sub panel.

    I have a detached garage with a 60 AMP subpanel which has lost power. I traced the failure to the wire running under the walkway via conduit (about 15 ft) and can see it fried on the detached garage side. I suspect age, critters and or water got to it and shorted it out. If I replace the wire...
  7. D

    Garage Receptacle Height?

    DIYer here. Can somebody tell me what the required height is for receptacles in a garage due to possible flammable vapors? Thanks
  8. C

    Upgrading Garage Subpanel + Adding 240V

    I want to make some electrical upgrades to my detached garage. I want to update the subpanel in the detached garage, and I want to add a 240V circuit to the detached garage. Electrical Information from the main panel to the detached garage There are two breakers from the main panel inside the...
  9. PetesEV

    EV Charger installed in the garage see options

    I may have posted this before but not sure if it made it in. I want to install an EV Charger in my garage. The panel is two stories up and the floor between the garage and the 1st floor is 8" concrete. I can use an elevator shaft which is accessible behind the panel on the 2nd floor, however, I...
  10. M

    External sockets from garage

    Hi, just helping someone out and apologies for the long winded post. Would like install a couple of weatherproof double sockets on the patio. 1 double socket for a bar fridge 1 double for a 2.4KW plug in wall mounted heater. Unfortunately the house consumer unit has no spare ways and the...
  11. S

    DIY. Installing sub-panel in detached garage to also run generator

    I’m planning to run an electrical sub-panel to my detached garage (about 150’ away) and run it off my 200 amp home panel. I live out in the country in West Virginia and also want to be able to run my emergency generator in the garage when needed to send power back to the house. What size/type...
  12. S

    Cable Requirements for EV Charging

    HI folks, I'm on the management committee of the block of flats where I live. We've got ancient garage electrics and want to rewire. I have a question about what specs to use for the bus cable. Situation is this. We have 45 Garages spread out over with max distance from cable entry to the...
  13. stratus

    Garage switch stopped working after GFCI switch issue

    I plugged a drill press directly into a GFCI outlet in the garage. Something blew up by the drill press switch. Since then the GFCI outlet LED has not lit up. I tested it and no voltage is detected. I replaced the GFCI with another and it didn’t work either. What’s worse, the garage door...
  14. Yellowhammer

    Garage sub main on existing TT install

    Hi there, long time lurker, first time poster here. Straight down to it.. A friend asked me to add some sockets and additional lights to a small outside office they have tacked onto the side of their attached garage, no problem I thought, apparently the garage already has a DB in it with radial...
  15. E

    Burying fiber in flexible conduit from house to garage

    Hello, I am burying a fiber optic cable so I have internet in my garage. I have purchased the following flexible conduit to run the fiber optic cable inside: Diameter of the Kabuflex 40 mm. *Inner diameter: 32 mm...
  16. L

    Planning garage sub-main project

    Hi all, 2nd year apprentice. I'm looking to take a supply out to my garage, which is detached, from the DB at the front of the house (2 bed terraced, built 1978~) The length of run is about 30m (having to go through either loft or under floorboards). Intend to have a 20A radial and a 6A...
  17. D

    Wiring outlets in attached garage

    My house is a small 3 / 2 with an attached garage. Recently a new circuit was added to install 2 new ceiling fans in the patio. Can I use the same circuit to add an outlet in the attached garage? Or, does a garage require its own circuit. My garage is not a shop so no plans to run power tools...
  18. nedley

    Spur off Garage Feed

    Hi all, My mother wants a double socket adding next to a desk, behind the desk there is a 10mm (i dont know the MCB in the Consumer Unit) which feeds a workshop outside which in turn has its own CU. What i was thinking of doing was spurring off the 10mm into a Fused connection unit with a 13A...
  19. J

    3rd ring from garage

    I have supply in the garage with its own small consumer unit with a 63a breaker and 1 B6 and 1 B16 breakers. The garage has a ring of sockets coming from the B16 breaker. An electrician has added a wire into the 16amp breaker to a second shed. So that is 2 rings from one B16 breaker. I now have...
  20. J

    Garage extra internal and external sockets help please

    Howdy, I'm looking for help with my plan to install an extra internal double socket and an external double waterproof socket to my garage. I believe its a radial circuit at the moment, with mains electrical supply coming from the house to a fused circuit board, 30A fuse to current double...


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