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  1. J

    Outside lighting

    I have 1 external light in my garden and would like to install 5 more, what’s steps would I need to take to do this? Could I spur off my existing light? Would I need junction boxes for each light?
  2. B

    Garden Room

    Hi Guys, We're having a garden Room built soon and want to have lighting and sockets in there. Any advice would be welcome.
  3. S

    UK Low Voltage Garden Lights/CCTV

    Hello all, I’m pretty uninitiated in electrics and wonder if this garden installation is possible and what I might need to achieve it. I have a garden room which I am finishing and having wiring put in. I will have 240v external sockets and bare cable that can be wired directly to a transformer...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Smart lighting garden system

    got a job coming up, need to control 4 lots of lights on a garden, will have 4 zones aroind koi pond and decking etc... First thought was a wise systemWise system but customer wants an app for it on his phone. Anybody got suggestions for a decent wireless control system that has a phone app...
  5. P

    Which lighting controller do you use

    I have some questions about garden lighting controllers for electricians who install garden lighting. If you don’t use controllers, feel free to tell me why not! Here are the questions: Which controllers do you recommend/do your customers ask for when installing garden lighting? Why do you...
  6. haptism

    Garden Lighting

    Good evening and hope all is well. Ive been looking into a garden lighting job. Customer wants four channels of lights, different colours/dimmable ect ect so was thinking a wise box would be ideal. Im not sure if to have the lights at 12/24v obviously with a transformer at each channel, or 230v...
  7. J

    Domestic 24v Garden fence lights - series or parallel??

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get a little advice on a small project I plan to carry out over the next few weeks. I plan to install 10x 6w GU10 LED bulbs (fitted inside some suitable outdoor light boxes) on each fence post along a 30 metre garden fence, the lights will be powered...
  8. K

    Installing outdoor garden lighting

    Hi all, After some advise. I have recently built a retaining wall with steps out of concrete blocks laid flat. Around 700mm tall The wall will hold back around 500mm or so of ground, leaving a nice 180mm ish of wall above ground level. My plan is to install lights ( brick lights I assume )...
  9. Ashley-Joseph

    Domestic Installing garden post lights

    So I have been asked to install 2 garden post lights in and I was going to use a 3 amp fcu from the ring using 2.5mm then into a juntionbox with 1.5mm swa burried more than 600mm deep and concrete the posts in the ground. Just wondering if this was the correct way before I start ?
  10. T

    Wiring an office 35 meters uo the garden

    Hi all I was just inquiring about the correct swa cable size for a office around 40 meter run, 15meters of which will be buried, this is to power 9 double sockets, 24 led spot lights and 3 dimplex heaters. Would it be possible to install a 16mm swa from a new sub board in the house ran from a...
  11. H

    electric into garden shed

    Hi, I am looking to get temporary electrics into my garden shed. My wife will be using it for her part time dress making. In the shed, I will be running a strip light, 3 or 4 sockets for a sewing machine, an iron, table lamp, phone charger etc. Can I just connect 4 way extension lead from...
  12. Marti

    Domestic Garden lights best in "3 Plate" or at switch

    Opinions appreciated on this one. Garden in approximately a square, 20 metres pr side The board is under the stairs and I'll run a 6aRCD protected feed behind the units to the rear wall and into the garden; everything outside in Schneider boxes filled with Ray Tech Gel Cable will be either Hi...
  13. Martyn Campbell

    Domestic Power to top of garden from house

    Hi, We have a well at the top of the Garden approximately 80 metres away. I would like to run some cabling underground approximately 6 metres and then along the bottom of my fence/wall the rest of the distance. At the well I am powering a 700W water pump which will be connected to an external...
  14. G

    Garden ground spot installation

    Was planning on finally putting some ground spot lights around the garden this year just looking for advise on best methods of cabling, installation and termination.
  15. captaincaveman

    Cable method for sumerhouse power

    Hi guys, I'm just looking over a job putting power to a summer house but am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to lay the cable. The cable length from the house is 50M going up the house side wall, across a patio, up a 10m wall (onto a balcony garden) then across a balcony...
  16. D

    New circuit to detached shed/garage in garden.

    Hello I am new to this forum and need a little help from an experienced spark to help me design a circuit to wire a detached garage (two sockets and ceiling lights) from a house ring main to 18th edition standards. This will be notifiable so everything has to be pukka. Cable can be in steel...
  17. S

    Electrician Garden electrics, advice and possible work please

    Hi guys, I need to run some power in my garden. Depending on what’s required I might be looking for an electrician to do the work. The cable run is about 30m and I want around 4 double sockets along it. The questions are, Can I spur it from an existing internal socket? Keeping the spur on the...
  18. Dustydazzler

    Garden Power Lash ...

    Saw this D.S video on him trying to rectify a fault on a hot tub supply.. Personally I don't think I would have bothered doing all that digging and jointing to try and get the hot tub temporarily back on as I personally dislike buried joints unless unavoidable. I would have insisted I run a...
  19. Electron

    Garden Lighting Advice

    Can anyone recommend a supplier of Garden lighting who have a good range of reliable equipment and offer technical advice. My Customers are looking for a wow factor, reliability and smart controls.
  20. G

    SWA to Garden Outbuilding

    Gents I need to run 10mm SWA to building at the end of the garden, the electrician suggests clipping it direct to the fence concrete post which are solid enough and says is permissable as digging a trench is not an option. I am concerned about the UV issue, the support element as the posts are...
  21. D

    Domestic 12v garden lighting help before i start!

    Hi i'm looking for some guidance on a garden lighting project before i start. I'm hoping to install a sets of 12v led lawn lights [5 lights, 5w each], with a potential cable length of 50+ meters. Is 3183P 0.75mm rubber cable sufficient for this length of run [50+m]? What cable size would you...
  22. H

    How to open a Philips Lily Hue led garden light??

    I have a Philips Lily Hue garden light that has failed due to moisture in it. Does anyone know if it is possible to open these up to change the led bulb?
  23. Jay89

    Walkover pathway lighting

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced supplier for 24/12v garden lighting systems. Looking to install some walkover pathway lights for now and flowerbed and small tree up lighters in the future. Thanks in advance. J
  24. S

    Domestic Garden Room Consumer Unit in IP65 Meter Box on outside wall

    Hi guys, quick introduction, I am only qualified as a domestic installer, not a full sparky. My company builds bespoke garden rooms. We have been asked to supply an outdoor dining room for a client and they are extremely keen on having the consumer unit and under floor heating controls on the...
  25. R

    Garden lighting issue

    Hi all, Any help would by greatly appreciated as i have tried everything i possibly can. Heres some info on the situation, installed some spike lights a year or so ago. Couple of weeks ago they tripped so went round and found one of the wiska boxes to have been damage and water had gotten in...
  26. C

    Power supply to garden office question

    Evening all. I'm having a garden office installed next week. I work from home so will run a laptop and chargers, lighting, internet router, TV for playtime possibly with an xbox, a music player of some sort. All nothing major. Now. Last year when I had my house rewired my sparky left a power...
  27. K

    Certificate for garden installation.

    HI all. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Dec 6 2017 we had a garden installation form a local registered electrician. This was power taken from the consumer unit in my garage.Down to a security light halfway down the garden on a wooden post.With a double socket also fitted to the post.Also...
  28. S

    Installing garden spike light

    Hi I’ve bought a 230v garden spike light from Screwfix, and it comes with 5 metres of HO5RN-F 3 core flex pre installed. There is already some garden lighting installed outside. I’d like to install it in the garden, but the flex would have to run along the ground for about 2 metres before it...
  29. R

    Regulations on running electrical cable to power garden

    Hi all, I'm looking at electrifying my garden buildings: a garage a couple of metres from the house with concrete ground inbetween, then a workshop/office 20m away at the bottom of the garden, plus a couple of sockets/lights on the way. I will absolutely have a registered electrician in to do...
  30. L

    Please help with powering garden pool filter

    Hello All, I need help with powering a garden water pump. I need a transformer but don't know which one. Please check the picture. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  31. M

    Garden lighting... PME from the house or TT from the shed?

    Expecting I'll have to put it on the TT but here's the situation... PME from the house connecting to the armour plus one core of outgoing SWA. Intending to terminate the SWA at a wiska box on back of the shed (outside), connect the armour to the cpc again and that earthing ends there (some...
  32. J

    Garden light will not switch off...

    can anyone help please. My garden light recently installed will not switch off. I believe it’s a switch issue. The black and blue in the switch are connected to each other, black coming from mains and blue going to light (neutral). Red from live into switch back to light. (Live) The yellow is...
  33. C

    Power to garden shed

    I've looked around on here and have seen a lot of chat about this issue, but nothing that answers my specific question. I'm not an electrician, so rest assured (when the time is right) I will be calling one in. My question is this: Would it be acceptable to, rather than dig a trench to bury...
  34. Soulcraft Electric

    Making "good" an existing garden "installation"

    Neighbours, eh, who'd have 'em? I was asked to investigate why a neighbour's garden "installation" was faulty and being neighbourly agreed to take a look. It was clear that the neighbour expected (required) that only remedial action to be taken... I've documented the initial state and the...
  35. Paula

    Electric Cable running across Garden

    Hello Looking for a bit of advice. I live in a flat and the upstairs neighbours had an unarmoured electric cable running from their house down the property wall and across my pathway. I asked them to look at it as live and unarmoured and they got someone in who has put armoured cabling in...
  36. P

    Adding more lights to an existing garden lighting circuit

    Hello guys I am new and have just finished my level 3 2357 electrical installation and waiting to carry out my AM2. My uncle has asked me to do a small job for him . He wants more lights added on to his existing garden lights. At the moment he has 4 spike lights , he wants another 4 spike...
  37. rolyberkin

    What are your garden lighting method?

    What are your proven methods for installing garden lighting? I have always gone the low voltage route using swa to feed an led driver housed in a IP65 box then to the light using pond flex. I have a job where I need to run 6mm swa to a small CU in a shed (Mounted on gravel boards and/wooden...
  38. S

    Need some advice for garden lighting

    whats good as in coloured spiked lights as I fancy lighting the garden up, someone mentioned Ansell but do they have spike lights with green, red or yellow lamps? Also if I was to run an armoured to my shed which in the future will be rebuilt to about 30m2 will a 10mm suffice as it may also...
  39. FatAlan

    Just below the soil surface in my front garden!

    Builder started scraping the vegetation off my front garden last week. Bang! Power cable no more than about 30-40mm under soil. Interesting watching the DNO guys come out and fix live. Very efficient
  40. M

    Help needed wiring led security garden light to outside.

    Help needed wiring led security garden light to outside. As you can see in pictures the electric wire is connected to this switch as seen in picture. I know the basic in wiring but i dont know why there is 2 electric wires. I have the 13a switch aswell 20180208 130848 - https://ibb.co/m2ZAox...
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