1. D

    Switching between garden feeds

    Hi experts, I hope you can help me, I have a single FCU in my conservatory, which feeds a connection box on the outside wall. I now want to install in my garden, a single bulb lamp post thing (given by a dear friend as a gift), and also a waterfall pump. So my question is, can I switch between...
  2. L

    230v Garden spike lights with gland fitting

    Looking to track down garden spike lights for an electrician to install for my parents. Without getting into a debate about ELV install etc, does anyone know if any garden spike lights come with the ability to take a gland connection such that SWA could be connected directly to the light...
  3. R

    UK Found a cable in my back garden…

    Hi. Can somebody please advice what to do next or should I do anything next or just leave that cable as it is? Just bought the house and found a cable in my back garden . Tested with multimeter - Im not electrician so I dont realy have a clue what this reading means - I only understand how to...
  4. B

    EICR - Garden Lighting RCD

    Good Afternoon All Currently doing an EICR on common parts of a big site with multiple blocks. All blocks have outside garden spike lighting in flower beds. These have been run on edge of bed in NYYJ clipped direct above the soil. There they have terminated into WISKA boxes but then run off in...
  5. K

    Garden supply on PME system

    Evening everyone . Currently looking at pricing a job up . It’s a hot tub supply . Outside socket with a few spare ways in an outdoor cu . 10mm armoured cable on 45 amp mcb . To outdoor consumer unit . From there a 32 amp hot tub circuit and an outdoor socket all in armoured . The question is...
  6. J

    Older Garden RGB LEDS, upgrading driver / Zigbee possible?

    Hello, I’ve have some ten year old Collingwood SL020 RGB led garden spike lights which I’d like to keep using but wondering if I can use them with a more modern LED driver/with some Zigbee remote possibilities. Collingwood don't make a replacement driver/reciever unit for these so looking 3rd...
  7. G

    Cabling for garden project (colour coded diagram included)

    Looking for some cabling advice for my garden project. I’ve put together this diagram below, which hopefully explains what I’m trying to achieve. (FURTHER INFO AND QUESTIONS BELOW DIAGRAM ) GREEN – Garden fence lights (1.5mm 3 core cable) 9 x led lights on fence (including 2 on outside of our...
  8. S

    Most popular outdoor garden lighting?

    Hi all, What is the most popular outdoor wall or spike lights you install? What manufacturers? Typically use Knightsbridge's outdoor range but am interested to see what everyone else is using. Also, what wireless controls do you use when customer asks for this? Thanks in advance
  9. M

    Testing a garden vac

    The vac is a Flymo EV650. It needed a new switch. I found several but all of these were either rated 8 amps or not at all, & the plus has a 13 A fuse. So I looked up the manual online. It says: " 1 mm2 cable 10 amps" and "it must have a 13 amp fuse". But surely I must not use a 13 amp fuse...
  10. S

    Help/Advice with Long cable runs in garden

    Domestic property Supply number 1 6 flood lights 4x400watt= 1600 watts 250meters from board to closets corner of tennis courts Tennis court size 23m x 10m My calculations are suggesting a 16mmsq cable 2.4% volt drop Would anyone have any advice for doing long distances in a garden...
  11. R

    Garden Lighting help

    Just after some general advice. Been asked to look at a job where a builder/landscaper has already laid cable for some garden lighting.1.5mm 3 core SWA ran in 4 seperate radial circuits from a CU at the shed, each about 20M in length, looped in/out at each point. Customer wants spike lights in...
  12. M

    Garden wiring for lights and sockets

    Hi Gents, I am thinking about running some cables in the garden. The idea is to electrify the garden. My idea is to run some electrical cables so I have a). lights b). electricity There is a plan to build a shed or garden office at the end of the garden - about 40 meters away from the...
  13. D

    Future Proofing - Garden Workshop

    Hi all, Im a recent home owner, and have a long term plan to build a workshop/office at the back of the garden (about 20 meters long garden). Consumer unit is at front of house and an awkward position so routing the cable internally will be almost impossible once everything is decorated. The...
  14. Vortigern

    Would you run Cat 6 armoured alongside SWA in garden?

    It is just convenient to cable tie the CAT6 cable onto the SWA. Does anyone think I would get significant signal noise? I have seen wads of cat5 normal lashed over suspended ceilings and fluors and never heard of anyone complaining about signal loss and that is over hundrends of units...
  15. Jaqqqqqq

    Earthing rod garden moving

    Hello experts. I have a black cable running from the loft , up the garden, under the garden. Can I move the rod to a different part of the garden? The plug attached works and would be helpful to use. Any advice would be great thank you. UK.
  16. S

    Extending the garden power ring

    Hi We just moved into this house and in the utility room there is a normal wall socket with a plug going up ontop of a wall unit and into a very old junction box where it changes to a weather shielded cable & out the wall, along the side of a fence and into a doublesocket weathproof box, as per...
  17. Spike1947

    Garden Hot Tub safety !

    Hi I am thinking of putting in a Hot Tubat the end of our garden, fed from the a garden shed, more or less next to it, now this might be a silly question ( Ive only just got up) but how do I make sure that the hot tub is safe , ie garden, person,bathtub yes it will be earthed from the shed...
  18. captaincaveman

    Best way to locate a fault in garden 12v lighting

    Hi Guys n Gals, I'm a little stumped on a job and was wondering if anyone could advise? I've got 3 drivers going to 3 sections of garden lights. Two of the three sections are not working (about 10 lights). I presume it's two sections due to the number of lights and I can't find a third section...
  19. anthony_0

    How to add ~25kw to garden?

    Hi all, we're renovating our property and looking to install a sauna (7kw), electric shower (9kw), outdoor heater (4kw), small lights (200w) and an electric point for things like a lawn mower. In total, I was estimating around 22kw if we had all devices on with no diversity. The current fuse box...
  20. banny07

    UK Armoured cable to garden shed

    Hi Guys. Customer want to install some double sockets and few lights in new built garden shed which is 35 meters away from Consumer unit. I suggested 10mm 0r 16mm swa cable as customer want use it as a gym and also install washing machine and tumble dryer in the future. Only route available is...


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