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  1. L

    UK secondary gas meter

    Does secondary gas meter to be earthed .
  2. O

    Soundproofing question

    I would like to put foam acoustic panels all over the walls and ceiling of a room to soundproof it, here are the panels: View: The...
  3. Brainwash

    Gas Fireplace switch not connected to Electrical Panel?

    Hi all I want to replace the switch that turns on/off the gas fireplace and cannot find a breaker that would shut off the power to the switch. I thinks it's a stand alone switch to the fireplace. Is this correct? Is it safe to disconnect and replace? Thx!
  4. M

    Clarification on gas bonding please

    Hi. Could someone please clarify bonding requirements for me please. I know requirements are to have a seperate 10mm earth bond conductor for water and gas or that these can be in one cable if looped between each other. I have been working in a couple of properties lately that are in residential...
  5. M

    Bonding combi boiler gas pipes

    From my understanding you need to run both a 10mm earth from CU to water stop clock and seperate 10mm to gas, exception being if cable is uncut can link both gas and water together. In a scenario where been asked to change consumer unit but getting to gas pipes of combi boiler is practically...
  6. G

    Circuit for a gas solinoid valve

    How all, Doing a commercial kitchen with fans above the gas cookers , there is a solinoid gas value that opens the gas when the fans kick in, does this have to be wired on a dedicated circuit , there is a socket right next to it . Board is quite far away . Cheers Grand
  7. A

    What is the panelboard capacity (V & A) for 7-eleven type convenience stores, w and w/o gas station?

    Would like to know typical voltage and amps for the main service of 7-eleven style stores, with and without accompanying gas station?
  8. B

    18th edition for gas engineer

    Hi, Newbie on here so be gentle! So I’m a commercial gas engineer with over 20 years experience, so know my way around control panels etc and work on the electrical side on a daily basis, but have no formal training in electrics at all (don’t actually know how this is allowed!) anyway I am...
  9. KennyKen

    Accelerometer causing vibration SD on Gas Turbine.

    So Our Centaur 50 Turbine engine shutdown on High Fwd Gearbox Vibration. SD set point is 16G. Looked at the trends and for two hours spiked from 1.6 to 15.9. Quite a substantial and non linear rise. checked Prox probes. Tested Proximeters and measured Gap voltage, all ok. Checked Gear box...
  10. L

    UK Oven and Gas Hob Dilemma

    Hi All Best wishes for the New Year. After a full refurb, builder forgets the gas hob ignition cable outlet! Current set up: I have 2-Gang 45A Cooker & 13A Switched Plug Socket (combined) above the worktop. This ombinedc unit is supplied by a dedicated 6mm2 wire directly from the fuse board...
  11. Ruairi Hansen

    Gas bonding

    Hi guys just wondering what peoples thought is on this. I was out looking at a job today and noticed the main gas pipe is not bonded at the meter but has a 10mm earth at the boiler is this a code c2, c3 or nothing?
  12. P

    Ensuring compliance with 543.2.6 (iii) when using heating pipe to bond gas main

    Interested in opinions on this. Need to put the boiler (in my own house) in a temporary location for 6 months while an extension is built, when it will go in the extension. Running a dedicated 10mm to the temporary location will be a pita, and entirely unnecessary since I already have what...
  13. C

    I have a very ugly and large cooker socket above my gas cooker. It has a single plug point which my cooker is plugged into for the ignition/timer.

    I have a very ugly and large cooker socket above my gas cooker. It has a single plug point which my cooker is plugged into for the ignition/timer. It is in the way of having a splashback installed. How easy would this be to move a few inches to the right and replaced with something a bit more...
  14. SJD

    Gas meter query

    I realise the condition of the gas meter is not relevant to an EICR, but while testing at a consumer unit above the gas meter in the photo, I kept wondering about the inverted-U section of lead pipe between the meter and pipe going into the floor. The pipe is in a position where it is liable to...
  15. L

    Gas Bonding Conductor in 20mm conduit

    The scenario, Property has no bonding to gas meter. There is a 4mm T+E radial from the DB to an outside socket which is located 300mm from the gas meter (external meter). The 4mm T+E is housed in 20mm plastic conduit running along the external wall. To prevent things looking a complete mess...
  16. O

    Gas and Water Bonded together

    Just finished an EICR and there were multiple bonding conductors in the CU, when I tried to work out which was which using continuity with a long lead, I had one that didn't seem to be connected to anything, one that showed a terrible reading to the gas and one that had a great reading to both...
  17. M.Polipartov

    UK CompEx training centre near London?

    Hi every one! I’m looking in doing CompEx 01-04 at the end of October. What will be the best training centre to go for? Is there one around London? I’ve heard there was one in Basildon but can’t find any contact information to book it. Thanks
  18. Dan

    Sharing and providing electrical (or Gas Plumbing) advice online - Discussion thread

    So this has been posted in the following forum categories:- American Electrical Forum - Canadian Electrical Forum - Australian Electrical Forum -...
  19. O

    Code for gas too close to CU

    Hi Guys, About to start an EICR on a property but I already know the CU is about 50mm away from the gas meter, massive garage wall and they put them that close!! I know part-p talks about them needing to be 150mm away but can't find mention of it in the regs. No mention of this in code breakers...
  20. B

    Gas or Electric Heating

    Does anyone have knowledge on how the Lifetime cost of gas and electric compare in a domestic application. Almost by default gas central heating is installed assuming that it’s cheaper option.
  21. Gavin John Hyde

    British Gas shenanigans

    Am at a house today to change the board prior to other works. Old rewireable board upfront RCD no earth. the earth from the incoming cable was short and just sitting in free air. Had DNO to attend to pull fuse as cutout was old and seal fairy was on holiday! British Gas still fitted a brand new...
  22. B

    Distance between Gas and Electric box caravan site

    Can anyone tell me where to find distance between Gas box and Electric box on caravan site I know it’s 600mm, now on new install someone’s connected the boxes now between the edge of gas to edge of electric box is around 630mm but this isn’t taking in to account a socket which will be plugged in...
  23. Lister1987

    Domestic Gas & Electric Meter - Same Cupboard?

    So just been to view a new place as me and the brood are on need of a bigger place and noticed a few things that concerned me, unfortunately I didn't think to get piccies; As title, gas and electric meter share the same cupboard and are more or less on top each other - Regs regarding this are...
  24. S

    Industrial gas supply bonding.

    I've got to earth a new 50mm steel gas pipe. The pipe fitter didn't fit an earth stud to it and now he's gone. Am I just looking at a large earth strap or something else? Any ideas are welcome?
  25. M

    Domestic Gas Bonding to MET or consumer unit

    sorry if this has been covered but I cannot find answers - 1st floor flat TNS supply from basement - the water is bonded at the stop cock within the flat to the consumer unit . The Gas enters in 2 places for cooker and boiler . Some "brightspark" has earthed this via a rod at the meter - does...
  26. D

    Domestic Gas meter earth bonding

    When running the 10mm Main Protective bonding to the Gas in a semi recessed gas meter box, how do you enter the box with the cable? The reason I am asking is: 1) The pipe sleeve for the gas pipe can not contain the earth as it is not 25mm separation. (yes I know it will attach to the pipe...
  27. N

    Voltage on gas meter

    Not been on for long while, so hello again, but just walked in and got a call, person had gas leak, whilst being repaired they tested gas meter and had. 230v from live to gas meter. Disconnected sup bonding and still had 230. It’s TT system, anyone came across before.
  28. bigspark17

    British gas smart meter no power

    I have a customer with a bg smart meter. The meter has £16 credit but no power coming out of meter to consumer unit. Anyone had issues like this? Trying to get to speak to a bg advisor is a nightmare. Help please :)
  29. F

    Domestic Gas & Water bonded to 1 x 10mm cable?

    I have read this previous thread (2012): gas and water bond, can i use 1 x 10mm cable? - I have a situation where the gas and water enter the building parallel to each other. The gas meter is some 3...
  30. R

    Gas cooker - mains lead for ignition and clock

    I have just replaced my electric cooker for gas and now have the lead for the ignition and clock training along the worktop to the cooker isolater on the wall. I am capable of doing the following, but would like confirmation. I cannot just cut off the plug and wire directly into the dedicated...
  31. janthehulaman

    Heating changed from gas to electric - overloading or safe???

    In this large community center they decided to replace the gas central heating with electric. Upstairs some 19 new panel heaters were connected to about 4 ring main circuits, some were spurred, others just with 13a sockets. The heaters are 1 Kw but 2 are 1.5Kw. Upstairs everything runs off a...
  32. Doomed

    Gas bonding in block of flats

    Old block of four flats now having gas installed for the first time, all gas meters together just outside front door, main earthing terminal (and earth rosd) just inside front door. Gas pipes run to boiler in kitchen of each flat, less then 1 meter of pipework inside the flat, rest on the...
  33. C

    Wiring gas rangemaster cooker

    hi all. So I’ve just got (an older) leisure rangemaster cooker but it doesn’t come with any wire or plug. It’s all gas so just needs to power the spark, hot plate and lights. Any idea what cable I need? Read that it could be 6mm but not 100% sure.:)
  34. C

    Wiring leisure rangemaster gas cooker

    Hi all. So I’ve just picked up an all gas range cooker and just wondering how I wire it up? It was only cheap so if any work needs doing then that’s fine. Does live and neutral go into the holes in the last pic? If so where does earth go? Will attatch pics thank you !
  35. J

    Domestic Earthing cable to gas meter damaged

    Hi Everyone I have just damaged my earthing cabling that connects to the outside gas meter while hedge cutting! The cable is not severed completely but for now, I have taped up. However, what is the best way to repair this cable? Unfortunately, the cable is not long enough if I cut it before the...
  36. T

    Bonding to gas and 544.1.2

    Called today as client wanted boiler serviced/fixed. Gas safe man looked at meter boxed outside and said "No bonding! No fix!" Called me to assess. So...Clearly bonding x 2 are leaving the CU. Correct size. Test to water and Gas outside and readings below/within 0.05 ohms continuity. Suggesting...
  37. S

    Left side gas pedal wiring problem...

    Hi all. Hope someone can help me. I have mounted a left side throttle pedal in my Cee'd CRDI (Diesel 1.6 Auto 2010) for my disabled wife. The pedal is mounted but now comes the interesting part! I drive the car also and need to keep the right side pedal. Which connections on the throttle pedals...
  38. 7

    Bonding Gas and Water

    Been to a property today to look at a potential board change and ended up confused. Gas meter has stickers saying All PE do not use as earth - I sort of understand why but the documents from previous check state that the bonding for gas is in the loft. And it is but what's the point of this...
  39. Gavin John Hyde

    Bonding of gas when pipe is plastic

    Under the 18th there is the new line Regulation 411.3.1.2 'Metallic pipes entering the building having an insulating section at their entrance need not be connected to the protective equipotential bonding.' Got me thinking as in the last half hour a regular customer has rung me up asking if I...
  40. N

    Gas Boiler flue enquiry......

    My gas boiler is wall fitted and is set up in my kitchen close to my sink. The housing association has done a half arsed job and the flue has yellow expansive foam coming out of it with no cover over it. I was putting lining paper up in my kitchen ready to be painted. I was trimming the lining...
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