1. C

    Domestic PV Generation question

    I listened to an article on the radio about solar panel owners who were receiving payments for electricity generated but were not benefitting from lower electricity bills as a result of their main meters being incorrectly set up on installation in some way. I am wondering if this could be...
  2. rustynails

    Current generation under control

    You've all seen people on YouTube overloading twin and earth cables, JW etc... How are they generating current and how are they able to control that generation?
  3. BruvDunk

    Is the Youtube generation helping the trade?

    Recently been watching a few Youtube videos/ blogs of sparks filming their day to day stuff. Just wondering about if this is good thing for the trade? Surely it gives the DIYers some more info on carrying out stuff that should be left to qualified folk.. Any thoughts ?
  4. S

    How life goes around to another generation.....

    My son just texted me to say he is off to see Soft Cell as he has a freebie ticket, I saw their last gig back in the day at Hammy Palais....... weird not as weird that he is now 32......
  5. Stuart Houghton

    Low Generation

    I have been out to look at a system that is generating less than expected. It has 21 x 190 watt Suntech modules. 9 on one string and 12 on the other. The irradiance at the time of the test was 800 watts Open circuit voltage was String 1 304 Volts and 4.47 Amps String 2 419 Volts and 4.49...
  6. irosie22

    Possible fault in PV generation meter after system installed 2 years.

    Hi All, I read through all threads and can't seem to find this topic so apologies if I've missed one where is has been discussed. Got a phone call from a customer today saying that when they went to submit their annual ROCs reading from their generation meter, it was only showing 34 units. The...
  7. F

    Display energy certificate open source software

    Dear all, I am a student and as part of my thesis there is a high need to perform a DECs calculation on a set of buildings. Of course the overall process is not related to a commercial process and therefore this is not related to the standardized method. So my question is if there are open...
  8. A

    New solar calculator

    Hi ya'll, here is the latest solar calculator that is the most accurate on the market when it comes to your solar irradiance postcode. (how much sun your roof gets a year to power) Solar Energy Calculator | Solar Savings Earnings | The Eco Experts This will help you understand the cost...
  9. infinity

    MOnitoring domestic

    I have a customer with solar edge, that wants to also monitor import, export, usage etc. i ordered the new Geo 111 but its really difficult to retrofit, having a separate generation meter when we have already installed a generation meter and the solar circuit is in a new fuse board with the...
  10. S

    Generation meter fault or

    We recently installed a 4KWp system with a landis+gyr e110 meter that fails to show a red light at night according to the customer. I have been out to it three times in the last week and it shows the flashing red light and generation figures. I turn the inverter off and get the solid red light...
  11. infinity

    NEDAP inverter with battery backup

    Installed our first nedap system today, it has 4x12V 220Ah batteries for self use and emergency back up, its actually a very well made system, it can use the generated power to charge the batteries then discharge them at night supplying the home with power through the night! Seems to work very...
  12. A

    supply meter issue after solar pv fit

    Hi All A customer has had a 12 panel solar system(power one 3kw inverter, sharp panels and a landis generation meter) wired into a spare way of the existing cu. The system has been working fine for 3 weeks untill 3 days ago the supply landis generation meter has not moved although the supply...
  13. methley

    Remote monitoring of generation meter and SolarEdge inverter

    I have a SolarEdge install on a rental property. Currently my tenants are happy to give me a generation meter reading every quarter and have also connected the inverter to their broadband modem so I can monitor the system. One day (hopefully not too soon!) these tenants will move on. When...
  14. F

    2 Phase PV Problem with RCDs

    I have just installed a 2 phase system with 2 Solar Edge inverters (3.7kW per phase) Each pv system is fed through a shared Elster A1100 3 phase meter and each one runs fine on its own. When connected at the same time the RCDs on both system trip. The only way I can make it work is to bypass the...
  15. S

    Wattson Solar Plus

    One of our customers has asked about monitoring his PV system for both generation and home usage. He doesn't have internet and doesn't want to spend a lot, so I have been looking at the Wattson solar plus. Does anyone have any experience of this and how well does it work? Can you recommend...
  16. R

    generation meter installation

    hi, at the risk of sounding incredibly green i have my first pv install tomorrow and noticed when loading the van that the generation meter has one input a line nuetral earth connection but only one input. i have two strings to connect. will i be okay connecting both unequal strings to one input...
  17. K

    Customer convinced that generation meter is not calibrated

    Hi, I have a customer that is convinced that his generation meter is not calibrated and possibly not Ofgem approved. The type of meter we most often install for domestics is a L&G E110 5235 (A in this case). I quit happy the meter is approved and calibrated. For the customers sake we replaced...
  18. M

    How to wire a elster 3 phase generation meter.

    Hi chaps, Tell me, is a 3 phase elster generation meter wired the same way as a single phase, i.e the inverter cable on the left and the supply cable on the right of the elster 3 phase generation meter. Make sense?
  19. D

    help with alarms system

    Hi all i know this isnt in the alarms thread but i cant get access to it :-/ Im looking to install an additional remote keypad for a mate in his garage ( so he can set it from the house ) . its a : accenta 8ep 396 optima compact g3 . Now where can i find a panel that will go with it ? or...
  20. G

    PV Panels

    We had a 20 panel 3.9Kw system installed on 24th February 2012 just before the good rate ended and the estimated generation on our certificate is 2900Kwh. To date (just 7.5 weeks later), we've generated 700Kwh. Now, I know we've had some great weather lately, but what happens when I generate...
  21. D

    Cheating the system to make even more money

    Hi All This is a something that is concerning me about solar PV instillations. What is stopping someone from using a isolated transformer with a bridge rectifier to give a dc output and feeding it back into the inverter while on economy 7 rates during the night at 7p per kwh then selling it...
  22. SibertSolar

    DNO's stating that gen meters are not "Ofgem Approved"

    Hi all, I've had a couple of enquiries lately from clients who have been (somewhat surprisingly) informed by their DNO that the generation meter is not Ofgem approved. Why, all of a sudden, are DNO's deciding that MID approval is not adequate/accepted? Don't they understand the history/nature...
  23. drzsta

    Change of work...

    Hi, I am just finishing my apprenticeship this year, I am looking to get some advice on how to get into a role on more industrial work, even transmission or generation. Havnt got any experience in that field but would obviously be willing to be paid to match the fact. I have even...
  24. E

    two inverters connected separate or parallel

    I have two inverters wired to two strings. Do I need two separate wires from each inverter to an individual mcb. Or can I dual up the supply so only using 1 isolator at the generation meter end. I will still have 2 isolators in the loft adjacent each inverter. Or is it best practice to run 2...
  25. M

    SunnyBoy @ 240 volts

    Hi Might seem a dumb question, but is it likely the Sunny Boy inverters will be OK with an incoming AC voltage of 240volts, given the nominal AC voltage is 230volts?? And given that, what is the Nominal AC voltage range...(according to spec 220, 230, 240 V; 180 – 280 V)? Does it...
  26. J

    Solar Thermal System

    Is there any type of generation meter that i should install when wiring this system?
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