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  1. G

    Portable Generator (Health & Safety Query)

    Hi all, Firstly, apologies if this thread is in the incorrect area of the forums. I'm currently undertaking a degree in Health & Safety - I'm about to begin an assignment in which a portable generator was housed in a confined space, which, ultimately led to the death of an individual through...
  2. M

    how to make a single phase generator tns

    how to make a single phase generator tns
  3. IKETBeD

    Can't setup generator in close proximity to service panel.

    How many feet can 10-gauge Romex run (inlet box to service panel) and still properly support 30-amp inverter generator? Do I also take into account the 25-ft of 30-amp wire (3-pronged locking) that connects the generator to the inlet box?
  4. S

    Generator switch wiring help

    Hello all. I have been asked by a customer to install a generator changeover switch so he is protected in the event on a power cut. He is proposing a 4kva generator. Just to offer enough power for his fishpond and the odd socket for a fridge etc. I have seen lewden sell a 125amp switch which...
  5. J

    Generator inlet conduit

    What kind of wire conduit would you use with a generator inlet? Specifically the reliance controls pb30? Im trying to run it from an inlet port to an outlet port. The four wire Romex or whatever is litterally connected to a 240v l14-30 outlet inside my apartment. So I wanted to put that box on...
  6. H

    Generator helpi

    Got a client who asked me for advice he has 10 bunka bin pods each with a 10amp load ( water heater) and a 30 amp maximum demand with sockets and has asked me what KVA generator to get if any one can give me advice so I could pass information on that would be wonderful
  7. D

    Will a generator suffice?

    A heating engineer/installer, I know, has a few new build properties to fit out with underfloor heating etc. He would like to hook up a temporary boiler, powered by a generator, in order to get the underfloor heating operational. This is to aid with the drying out of the property...
  8. N

    Standy generator control panel issues

    Control panel attached to the standby diesel generator gets frequently damage despite of earthing of the body and separate grounding of the generator.What might be the causes to damage the control panel of the generator frequently during lightning sound and light rain condition? only backup...
  9. N

    types of earthing to be carried out for 3 phase standby generator which is separately driven system

    3 phase standby generator of rating 30KVA is to be install in the lightning prone area. The utility main line is TT arrangement where neutral point is grounded with 3 phase and neutral wire provided to load system. A separately driven generator ( standby generator) is also needd with TT...
  10. T

    32amp generator socket to 16amp plug

    I am looking to buy a generator for my mobile catering unit. Most I can find in my price range have a 32amp 240v single phase socket. My unit is setup to connect to a 16amp plug into the consumer unit with an RCD. My question is can I use a 32amp to 16amp conversion lead rather than having...
  11. J

    Help requested with 11 kV diesel generator set

    Help requested with 11kV, 3MW generator. Our generator has just returned from a major overhaul, and we are in the process of recommissioning the set. The setup is that the generator supplies power onto a common busbar in parallel with the DNO supply. We supply site load and export any excess...
  12. D

    Atalanta generator set

    Hi Alll, Need help. i am looking for a any documentations ( manual, elec diagram etc. ) for: Atalanta generator type Vanguard E 171 or can be from this same brand with difrent type.
  13. L

    fuse box for generator

    Hi good afternoon, this is my first thread on the forum so Hi everyone ;) good to meet you, my question is I have a well which uses a water pump and I have a 9000kw generator which powers it could you advise me what kind of fuse box do I need to buy in order to be able to connect everything up...
  14. D

    Generator to breaker box 30 amp and 50 amp

    Hey everyone. I have the stuff to backfeed my generator through a 30amp breaker. I have the lockout kit that prevents both the breaker and main from being on at the same time. My question is this: My generator is strong enough to run a 50 amp and a 30 amp cord at the same time. Can I backfeed...
  15. S

    Generator Ze test

    Evening everyone, Looking for a bit of advice with generator earthing/testing. An 80kva generator supplying a small site with a few portacabins. I am aware that the genny needs an earth electrode with an Ra lower than 20ohms as per bs 7430 tested with an electrode tester.The chassis bonded to...
  16. R

    Generator Wiring Main Panel and Sub Panel

    I purchased a portable generator and I need to wire up the transfer switches. I am using two Reliance manual switches so I can individually control breakers that will be fed by the generator (and manage load). This is the type of switch: 306A Pro/Tran 2 - Reliance Controls Corporation -...
  17. D

    Hooking up a generator (without the 4 prong plug) into my generator panel.

    Hi, so I am looking for a good solid answer even though it might seem obvious. I need the proper technical answer so I can stop being bothered. So I have a proper backup panel installed in the house with the proper plug outside to receive a generator 4 prong plugin. I have been loaned a...
  18. I

    Testing portable welfare units with built in generator

    Hi I’ve recently tested a unit and rcd times are fine and R1R2 but Ze and Zs are High values and are not within bs7671 for a tns supply , I don’t really know what ze I should be getting to start with and would it be better treating it as a TT ,I will admit I’ve never done one before and only...
  19. D

    Hyundai dhy12500se Generator Issues with 1000w MH Lights

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could pass on some much needed help. The local rugby club have just built a floodlit area to use for training on. It consists of 3 12m columns with 1 Philips 1000w metal halide floodlight on each column with running gear etc with in the columns. The power comes...
  20. Megawatt

    Will isolation transformer absorb in rush current and not the generator

    I have a 10,000 watt surge and 7000 watt running capacity on a 240/120 vac generator. Now this is a theory I have electric heat with 10,000 watt heating elements. When the heating elements kick on it bogs down the generator to the point I have to kill the heat. The question is if I bought a 15...
  21. J

    Running Coffee Machine off Generator

    Hi I run a mobile coffee hut and have just bought a new coffee machine and new 7.5 KW Generator. The coffee machine is on 13 amp plug but requires 32 amp feed. I used it on weekend on 16 amp feed off Genny. My question is can I connect machine direct to Genny (ie not through hits fuse box) and...
  22. C

    Integrating Generator with Solar PV System

    We installed a 14.7 kW solar PV system and are now installing a 22 kW whole house backup generator. The solar panels and SolarEdge inverter are on our barn, because its roof had the best sun exposure. The panels on roof of the barn connect to the inverted inside the barn, which connects to a...
  23. T

    Old field generator?

    Was at a county show today and they had this old beauty on display. Old field generator? Anyway, thought some of you may appreciate me sharing it.
  24. C

    Hospital Emergency Power System

    Anyone have a one line diagram of a typical UK or EU hospital? How are the emergency branches divided per code? How many ATSs? What is typical?
  25. C

    Parallel generator, earthing and bonding

    Hello, can anyone advise on bonding of extraneous conductive parts when supply is from a generator run parallel with distribution network? There'll b a 200kva generator supplying spray booths that have a gas supply to them. The metal pipes aren't underground but connect to tanks outside sitting...
  26. M

    Catering van generator earthing ??

    Hi new here so take it easy chaps !! A client of mine wishes to supply their catering van from a new generator they are purchasing, I believe it is single phase 7.5kW Inverter style generator with a 32 amp socket outlet. My query is about the earthing to the van. The van has a DB inside with a...
  27. Michael J

    Domestic Standby Generator installation how do you certify?

    I don’t know if this has been discussed in the past? I have received a request to install a standby changeover generator/mains system. My question is, how do you certify the installation? Am I the only one posting on this forum?
  28. a-z electrics

    Domestic How to test/certify a small 230V generator installation?

    Hi all, Got a client with a small barn workshop and caravan powered by a portable 230V 6kW petrol generator. (Loncin 8000D-A) . The original 32A commando lead had a domestic double skt on the end, and theres another lead with a commando socket for the caravan. Theres only one 230v o/p. He asked...
  29. S

    New Generator is outputting 222-224volts

    I have bought my first generator a few weeks ago 2800watt with AVR for when I have powercuts.... The voltage/hz spec is 220v at 50hz, but on the plug sockets it says 230volts. I have plugged in a "plugin power monitor" into the generator so I can see what its outputting and it hovering...
  30. Rockingit

    Hospital 'emergency' Zs when on back-up generator

    Hi all, been a while - hello! A question for the collective brain - I'm about to do a series of inspections on an ANIMAL hospital. This in itself has always vexed me as to how to apply the special location medical rules as 1) a critical life-threatening operation is the same whether it's...
  31. C

    installing a temp generator

    I have a small bungalow sized building which I essentially a hut. They lost power and the DNO may not rectify for a while. The building will need a temp generator and only needs 3kw of power, asides from checking up on the regs can anyone offer some advice through their own experience?
  32. F

    Power for mobile catering - batteries versus generator?

    Hi all, I'm new here and have a pretty specific question. We've got a vintage ambulance we've converted to a coffee bar. There's a mains voltage hookup to a 3 way consumer unit which runs everything including a 12v charger which charges 2 x 110Ah batteries. Now, we're looking at a pitch where...
  33. K

    How not to melt a cable

    Any help appreciated, I have a basic understanding of electrics. I'm going to be hosting a small event ran entirely from one 2500kW generator. Off this I'm running two 500W speakers, a laptop connected to a mixer, two small laser projectors (doesn't specify any wattage but they're domestic not...
  34. N

    Generator Voltage Failure

    Tested one of our generators this morning, only about 76KW engine set. Started up fine, took the load of the building fine, connected a load bank, fine. Voltage readings all 240ish, temperature as expected, oil temperature as expected, coolant temperature as expected. 1.5hours later. Chug chug...
  35. Stuart Houghton

    Earthing Generator TNCS

    My customer wants to have one ring main connected via a change over switch to a generator. Earthing is TNCS My idea was is move the ring main to a new consumer unit run a 6mm T&E to the change over switch from the 32 amp mcb in the main C/U where the ring main was. Then a 6mm T&E back from...
  36. H

    Advise needed. Diesel generator loading issues

    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some advise. I'm a domestic electrician but my neighbors asked me for some help on a issue he has and here I am. So my neighbor has a tree surgeon company, they have a yard where the cut and dry logs as well. So they've just got a new drying system...
  37. R

    Dirty generator power

    I live off grid, and use a generator to top up my battery bank in the winter when my solar is not producing, my inverter generator died, and I don't have the money to replace it, I'm using a back up Chinese nasty capacitor run geny, I would like to know if there is any device I can buy to safely...
  38. Ian1981

    Earthing arrangements of switched alternative generator sets

    Regulation 551. suggests that when supplying earthing for a switched alternative generator that fault protection should not rely upon the TN building supply earthing ie an earth electrode would need to be installed for the generator. My question is should the electrode also be connected...
  39. A

    How is a generator earthed and given neutral?

    Hi I have a question i cant seem to get an answer too. If you have a portable generator and you plug for instance a fridge or any appliance directly into it, how is the neutral/earthing provided?? I know already that normally you can connect the neutral and earth from an existing...
  40. T

    Royal Raymond Rife frequency generator

    Just throwing this out there to assay if anyone has done any work on the above or knows anything of it. Would be interesting to hear your views and thoughts if you have come across it or been involved in any way. I have been looking into this since around 2004 and attended a centre where this...
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