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  1. S

    18th Edition Formula Questions - Any Genuine Examples

    Hi, Firstly, sorry if this post is in the wrong sub-forum group; if it is please advise where to place this thread. I've been studying for the 18th Ed. Regs course via XS Training and all is going really well. The only problem is that I've noticed all their practice material/questions haven't...
  2. P

    A genuine quote from an estate agent?

    I received an email from a local estate agent asking me to quote for some work for a landlord. I am inside the M25 and unless I am over charging the quote they sent me which they claimed was from another electrician seems rather on the low side and I can't help wondering if they are playing...
  3. S

    Test leads - genuine or after market

    I need new test leads for any Metrel and have seen AMECal do the same set as Metrel. Just wondering if they are any good or should I stick to the pricier Metrel ones? Thanks in advance
  4. K

    Fluke 87v

    As above in good condition Includes genuine leads, genuine temp probe and relevant paperwork. £175 delivered within the UK.
  5. Bick

    2 x 2Ah or 1 x 3Ah drill batteries?

    2 x 2Ah (replica) batteries or 1 x 3Ah (genuine) battery? As the price is roughly the same, what would you choose?
  6. F

    the price of 18v 3.0ah makita battery's

    The price of these battery's are just ridiculous. I have seen the cheaper replica ones for sale but are they as good ? Or is it worth buying a genuine makita one ?
  7. K

    Generic rechargeable Batteries from ebay etc

    Hi Lads. Anybody tried these alternative batteries, for 18V Bosch 10.8V Bosch?
  8. W

    SCAM - Beware.

    Morning guys, I could be wrong here, but just recieved a phone call from a rather mysterious bloke claiming to work for the emergency services council asking if i would like to jopin up to a new scheme they are running to promote "honest traders" in efforts to stamp down on rogue traders...
  9. R

    Replacement synchron motor for Honeywell zone valve

    Have asked this on the plumbers forum, but thought there might also be some knowledgeable person on here who could help answer my question. My central heating zone valve synchron motor has stopped working - it is now open circuit so I need to replace it. Rather than replace the whole valve...
  10. Dan

    How We Manage Feedback

    We allow both negative and positive feedback to be left online, though all will sit in a moderation que before going live while we check what we can to ensure they're genuine. We have many ways of checking to see which are the genuine ones but please always look into the training establishment...
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