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  1. P

    German trained "Mechatroniker"

    Hi, I have been living in Germany for 5 years now and am currently training to become a Mechatroniker, it's a 3.5 year course which includes Electric, mechanic and IT. Also some welding etc. Afterwards I will be officially allowed to work as an Electrician or in some kind of metal related field...
  2. Paul Cole

    Hello everyone - 3-phase German wiring needs

    Hello everyone, I've recently moved to east Germany into an old terrace house that requires updating. A German forum has helped me upto a point with understanding what we have, but the language has become a strain. Can anyone here comment on the configuration we have and on my ideas for...
  3. S

    Bootlace ferrules French or German colours

    Hi Folks TLC have bootlace ferrules in French or German colours. Is it legit to use these in the UK? If so, is either preferable and why? And why have these not been harmonized?
  4. Jurgster

    British sparky working in Germany

    Hi, I have decided to ground this thread to whine about practices of Germany's best made sparkys. I repeatedly discovered that I am challenged with the German mentality of so called competent electrical installation or electrician's. Let us see how much resonance will come. I just hope that...
  5. C

    12mm long bootlace ferrules

    long time no speak :) but im in need of some super assistance im looking for some 12mm bootlace ferrules (insulated) good quality ones on the internet as no where locally stock them in that length csa of 0.75mm, 1.00mm, 1.50mm and 2.50mm if possible single entry have had a look any i can...
  6. F

    Working in Germany

    Good Afternoon, I have total confusion regarding this subject and after looking at site after site I am in no better mind so I hope you guys can help me out on my points !!!!!!!!!! I am a electrical improover and having spent over 17 years in the trade I am well upto date with all electrical...
  7. U

    Working in Germany

    I know multiple people have posted questions about this, but no one seems to have gotten a good answer. Does anyone know how to get qualified to work as an electrician in Germany, and how the necessary qualifications compare to qualifications in the UK?
  8. S

    Tis the season to be burgled

    Hi all Had a card through the door yesterday from the Police saying that a house near to us has been burgled. They advised that this is the busy period for all those lovely people to help themselves to our hard earned things. Just thought I would put a quick post up to remind people to check...
  9. E

    Drawing software

    Hi, What software are you guys using to draw the diagrams for PV systems?
  10. C

    Klein tools????

    Over the last few years I have had to replace my Klein screw drivers a number of times, due to the tips rounding off or snapping. I talked to my crew and they have found the same issue with the newer Klein screw drivers but the older (10 years plus) are still like new. Have you guys found the...
  11. P

    German Switches

    Hi I want to install switches from GIRA The KNXshop catalogue - an Ivory Egg business Those in this Link are for a KNX Bus system but i want to use the GIRA type which controls the light Bulb directly. On, Off, Dimming and so on. Now my Questions those switches come from Germany and they...
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