1. N

    Which is the best earthing scheme suitable for worst/large value of soil resistivity in order to get earth resistance value below 5 ohm?

    i don't the exact value of the soil resistivity as no survey of soil sample is carried out at the site .However Copper earthing electrode 50mm diameter of 2.5 m is driven where its circumference were filled with chemical compound power to the height of rod and earth resistance was found to be...
  2. littlespark

    Past date to get the cheap rate bank loans?

    As the title says... Am i too late to get a loan for business expenses? The ones that were low rate and 0% for 6 months or was it a year? I've got the chance of privately buying a VW transporter van.... bigger than the berlingo ive got. Obviously id need to buy the vw first, then try to sell my...
  3. D

    Apprentices Looking for an apprenticeship in South Yorkshire, want to put in the ultimate graft to get where I want to be.

    Looking for an apprenticeship in South Yorkshire and want to put in the ultimate graft.
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    if you are on checkatrade get a free bosch drill

    Have an email saying if you are on checkatrade and open an account at denmans then you can claim a free bosch drill.... too bad I am both a member and have a denmans account already Not a bad freebie if you dont already use denmans... use this link enter your checkatrade details and then set up...
  5. J

    Hope you guys can help, how hot will it get behind my under bench top oven with a hob above on the bench top ? The cable touches the back of it

    Hope you guys can help, how hot will it get behind my under bench top oven with a hob above on the bench top ? The cable touches the back of the oven from the oven itself and I am sure the hob cable, I believe there is also a plastic junction box back there, could that melt or is the heat less...
  6. F

    UK Best route to get part p

    Hi people noobie here. OK Im a fully qualified JIB approved 2391 and 18th Edition. Fed up with the big sites, so going it alone. Seems I need part P, which whislt I grimmace at the thought of possibly more training that I dont need. It seems I must have it, and all these checkatrade type of...
  7. S

    Where to get FFP3 Masks?

    Given the shortage of FFP3 masks does anyone know where to get them from? I am down to my last two masks now. I normally wear the JSP 3231 half masks but everywhere seems to be sold out of them.
  8. Lou

    I rent my home, so I can't get a mortgage break - what can I do?

    I rent my home, so I can't get a mortgage break - what can I do? I wonder. Please discuss.
  9. Lou

    Can I get a mortgage break during Coronavirus outbreak?

    Can I get a mortgage break during Coronavirus outbreak? Apparently some people can, discuss.
  10. G

    can anyone tell me what this crimp connector is as I need to get new ones for this stranded wire to enable both cables to fit in a caravan battery con

    can anyone tell me what the four crimp connectors are called, (the lower wire in the picture) as I need to get new ones for upper - just need to know what to search for, they are for a approx 10mm cblestranded wire to enable both cables to fit in a caravan battery connector-as you can see they...
  11. M

    Solar Panels Bought a house with panels but no information.Help needed how to get contracts

    Hello, I have bought a house with panels with NO contract and the previous owner died leaving little or no information. My electricity supplier is Green star Energy. I have panels on both sides of the roof and according to paperwork I have they generate 2.884kw and I am been fobbed of by some...
  12. Dan

    Get Your Directory Listing Optimised by Dan via Forum Subscription Service (Examples Inside)

    Hi peeps, I've been working on listings on for a month or so now and we have a lot of listings, and a lot of them are ranking well in Google for their main search terms. I've just done this listing on here as an example, and we'll monitor it. But we...
  13. Dan

    Want to get your reaction ratio up? - Try to get the new 'Winner' reaction (+ 3 Reaction Points!!)

    Want to get your reaction ratio up? - Try to get the new 'Winner' reaction (+ 3 Reaction Points!!) Okay, so I've just setup the 'Winner' reaction. Which for the moment, can only be used by the Esteemed Members. That's to stop abuse. So an Esteemed member can click it on any post. Other users...
  14. Dan

    Please add your electrical business to our directory, it's free, and should get you calls coming in

    Please add your electrical business to our directory, it's free, and should get you calls coming in @Lou and I have been working on the electricians directory for a week or so now. And we're pretty much complete. We now need you guys and gals to add your businesses to it for us to tweak it some...
  15. Dan

    Subscribe to and Get No Ads! Subscribe to and get no Google ads, and no sponsors sidebar block. Clearly you'll still see sponsors in and around the forum. And their posts and threads remain. There is also a list of them in the main electrical forum...
  16. L

    Introductions: Looking to get back into the trade.

    Hello everyone. I qualified as an electrician in 2003 but only worked for a few years before doing a bit of travelling. One thing led to another and I never worked as a sparky again. I am currently taking steps to get my gold card (just passed the ecs h&s and have the 18th ed course in 2...
  17. B

    When did I get this old, there’s been a mistake?

    Now, I’m only 41 but I just went back on the tools properly last year after 4 years in an office and 9 years before that where I was a supervisor so my time actually fixing stuff was limited. For the first time in a very long time yesterday I was personally responsible for a fairly big repair...
  18. mhar

    A 'drop everything and get here quickly' call

    This video was presented to me by a rather scared meter fitter It was a bit dark in the cupboard so he turned his phone camera on for a bit of light
  19. P

    What type of cert should i get

    Hi Ive just had a garden lighting job installed by an electrician which basically means a 230volt armoured cable was run around my garden from an existing garden socket.At various location he has then fitted above ground rated boxes which he has wired 12volt transformers to and then he fitted...
  20. S

    Returned expat looking to get started

    After experiencing prob the out arduous and traumatic time of my working life in Australia as a migrant I have returned to London to eel out my existence as a spark in and around London. It's looking fairly quiet out there although there's an abundance of half built towers dining the landscape...
  21. R

    Best way to get Experience

    So as many of you know I have been looking for work as a Mate/Labourer for around 5 months now, but no one will take me on due to not having enough experience. It really is a Catch 22 situation. So I have tried, phoning companies, emailing CVs, applying for Electricians Mates jobs on the job...
  22. John Preston

    An old man trying to get back into sparking!

    Hiya everyone, Ok I'm not that old just a mere 55 years young. It's been a few years now since I left the game and I've been living in France for the past 11 years. Due to return to the UK I quite like the idea of getting back on the tools. Nothing too crazy like house bashing though! I served a...
  23. J

    I get it, FAST TRACK courses are more than frowned upon.......BUT;

    Good avo people, As the title states; I know I'm going to be the victim of negativity and stone throwing here but I would be extremely grateful if you guys, the professionals and experts, could shed a touch of light on this subject for me. I have read sheds loads of posts, forums, stories, etc...
  24. S

    Who does what? How to get the DNO to correct old works.

    Hi To explain: Victorian house split into 3 flats Supplied via single ph service head in the hall then straight into 2 x 3way service connectors, cant see the cable, service connector is right up agaist the service head, From the service connectors is one 16m single insulated tail going to a...
  25. B

    16th edition electrian doing a re-wire but need to get it passed off would anyone do this?

    We have a friend who is a 16th edition qualified electrician who will rewire a house for us but need to get it passed off - can anyone help?
  26. L

    How to get into the trade

    I’ve been trying to get into the trade for a few months now, I’m studying electrical installation at Bedford college. I’m 23 currently an office manager in retail but looking for an apprenticeship that doesn’t pay pennies or a mate/improver job. I am a very practical person and the theory side...
  27. U

    Why I get netagive value from power meter (powerlogic pm500) for the reactive and Active Power?

    i read data every minute, and some time i get negative values, can any one explain me, i'm not an electrical engineer (i'm IT developer) so please be nice with technical terms.
  28. L - did you get an email too?

    Wondering if anyone else has come across this site? Looks like it's the customer version of MyBuilder as got an email about it launching today? Love the idea of telling other trades about how bad/good someone was to work with and the map function seems like a great way to locate customers to...
  29. S

    Batteries: Where do you get yours?

    This looks like a good deal, unless anyone knows better :) Duracell Industrial Alkaline AA 1.5v Battery - Pack of 50 -
  30. S

    Electrician Are these qualifications enough to get a job?

    Good evening, New to this forum was looking for some advice of some electricians, I am currently in training to be a electrician, I have mymy level 3 award In requirements for electrical installations bs7671:2018 603/3298/0 also level 3 award In the building regulations for electrical...
  31. Michael Russell

    Should I get Electric Storage Heaters?

    I have just bought a 1 bedroom flat in Cambridge. It's all electric, gas is not an option for me - no gas to building at all. The flat comes with an economy 7 meter and old storage heaters that I will need to replace as they smell and look awful. So do I stick and buy modern storage heaters or...
  32. P

    Can you get help for G.A.S on the NHS?

    This is a serious mental illness, G.A.S is spreading, and is a very expensive illness. It is also known as Gear Aquisition Syndrome. I have suffred from this for many years, first occurring when I bought my first Canon camera, the 400D. It was followed by the 450D, 500D, 550D I resisted the 600D...
  33. M

    Best place to get a copy of BS 5839 part 1 2017 please?

    Best place to get a copy of BS 5839 part 1 2017 please? TIA
  34. happyhippydad

    Does anyone else get a little nervous at assessment time?

    I was very happy to get a desk top assessment last year as it meant not missing a day of work and also I didn't have to 'prove' myself worthy to be registered. This year will be a normal visit. This Tuesday the inspector will call and I'm tidying up the office and getting all the paperwork...
  35. S

    Kids, once married do you get on with the other side of the family?

    Weird situation for me only met them a couple of times and they don't speak English (might be a blessing) and live over the other side of the world lovely family but it just seems odd. Daughter in law is lovely and they live in London, I know she gets homesick fro time to especially in the...
  36. A

    Newbie looking to get into an electrical career

    hi guys I'm about to sign up to a few courses to be qualified to become a domestic installer. I am doing one of those crash courses. after passing would like some advice for my next step all being well that I pass that is? Am I in a stronger position to be taken on as a mate or improver if I...
  37. M

    Electricians Mate Can 5 week courses get you a role as a mate/labourer

    Hello all. I'm in my mid thirties and looking to retrain as an electrician. I'm particularly interested in solar panel installation. Ive been researching the routes into the trade and I'm fully aware experience is everything. I'm in the north east and looking at the 6 week courses by...
  38. F

    Looking to get right qualifications

    Hi guys, I’m really looking for some advice from some people in the industry, I find that the training centres ‘advice’ very much centres around their courses. Domestic installer seems like short route in, too short in my eyes, c and g 2365 seems the better way but longer. To set the scene I...
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