1. C

    Micc terminating

    Just done several micc terminations,adding power to existing install. Everything was going really well,did all the necessary tests,luckily for me,just a couple left to do,for some reason,did not test between conductors,on testing for Live,I again tested & found dead short between...
  2. littlespark

    I must be getting old

    Blood donors. I've never had a problem before, but today my iron count was low. I think the nurse used the wrong finger personally. Count was 132, cutoff is 135. So a fail. They had to take a sample out my "other" arm to test again. came in at 148. much better. That's 45 donations since...
  3. B

    advice on getting work

    hi peeps, ive been asked to quote for a job that the insurance company has said they are giving to one of there team (nfu mutual) it turns out they are using a local firm who do not have the best reputation locally poor work standards etc ive been on call outs after they have rewired to repair...
  4. S

    Tips on getting cable through kopex

    Hi guys does anyone have any tips for getting a 40-50m length of 10mm earthing conductor through a run of 20mm Kopex? Many Thanks
  5. Dan Directory Listings are getting business in and ranking in Google, look.... Directory Listings are getting business in and ranking in Google, look.... 2 or 3 posts down I have the results. The listings were made when I created that thread. So they...
  6. S

    Getting +12 ignition for radio

    Hello My car, Golf 5, doesn't have +12 ignition wire, only the +12 permanent. Can I get it from the permanent wire with a switch like this? I think the answer is no because the radio starts to heat up but I dont understand why. Can somebody explain it? Thanks
  7. H

    Help with getting a new job (Trainee)

    Hello all. I am currently seeking work with a different company as my current employer is using me as cheap labour and I am learning nothing. I find myself not even doing electrical work most days which as you can imagine is very annoying. Why is it so hard to find a new job?! I have just...
  8. M

    Domestic What is a good start after getting level 2 and 3

    I am about to finish my level 3 city and guild 2365 qualification that I did for resettlement from the army, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I should expect for pay and what kind of job I should be going for with no experience.
  9. L

    Entry Level / Getting Started Torque Screwdriver

    Anyone got any recommendations for one? I've got all manner of normal VDE screwdrivers but don't have anything like this yet. Any preferences? Ones to avoid? Bottom, mod, top end of spectrum?
  10. Cableguy337

    Need advice about getting into the trade

    Hi Guys I am currently looking to change careers at the moment. I have done my level 2 and level 3 City & Guilds at college. But I have been finding really challenging, trying to gain experience. Would I be right in saying the only way to get into this line of work is an apprenticeship? or if...
  11. B

    Lamp holder getting hot

    Evening all, I changed the lamp in my dining room (ceiling light) for an LED one this evening. When I took the old bayonet out, I noticed the plastic around the outside of the lamp holder was very hot. Could this just be due to the fact it was an old incandescent lamp therefore giving off a...
  12. sham

    Domestic Getting payed in advance

    Has anybody took half or full payment in advance before carrying out work. I went to look at a domestic property and when giving the quote, I decided to ask for 70% of the money in advance. This is because he has stripped the house bare to the walls and removed the 1st floor ceiling and being...
  13. A

    Getting part p registered again

    Hi guys, Just wondering if I can pick some brains. I am looking at getting part pee registered again. I was registered but lost it as I took work on with a company and didn’t have any work of my own to show and as I was working for company full time and didn’t see the need to renew. I am now...
  14. W

    Domestic Question. Signal for hot water not getting through

    Hi all, 
 After boosting the hot water for probably too long on our pulsacoil thermal storage, the circuit breaker was tripped and I saw that the timer unit had melted through. 
 I got a replacement unit and have installed it and flicked the circuit breaker switch back on. The water seems to be...
  15. C

    Advice on getting back into the industry

    Evening Guys, I started training as an electrician when I left school at 16 but left the industry behind before I was fully qualified. At the time I wasn't really enjoying the work and thought I knew better, naively leaving the 9-5 behind to 'travel the world'. I completed my C&G level 2 and...
  16. J

    How’s work today ? My beer keeps getting warm

    Having a tough day. Can’t even be bothered to look at the Greek installation work
  17. FatAlan

    Trainee Getting across ceiling joists from below - tricks of the trade.

    In the day and age of many downlights can we get into one house, I'm intrigued to know what tricks / techniques folks use to install multiple downlights into an existing ceiling in replacement of a central pendant. In particular, once having located the joists, how do you get the cables...
  18. J

    Getting employed with epilepsy

    Hi guys, I've completed the city and guilds level 1 electrical installation at college now. Level 2 starts in September. I have epilepsy and also have had a brain tumour removed from my right temporal lobe back in 2009. They had to also put a little metal plate above my ear as they had to take...
  19. S

    Trainee Getting Qualified but not working in the industry

    Strange question but I am 25 and working in a completely unrelated industry and I was wondering how I could become qualified as a domestic installation electrician not to work as an electrician but rather to be able to do my own domestic work on my own property safely and to comply with...
  20. W

    Getting rid of economy 7 tariff and Smart Meter

    Buying a house that has a mechanical meter with rotating dials that then branches into two modernish digital meters (not Smart), one for economy 7 and the other for the rest of the electrics. I only want a single tariff so if I have a Smart Meter fitted for free I assume they will take all three...
  21. M

    Customer complaining about getting a shock from light switch

    I was wiring a new kitchen for a customer and they commented on how they kept getting a shock from light switch and had been for the last 10 years since they bought house. The lighting is wired in twin (no earth ) so had to explain that all metallic switches and lights would have to be changed...
  22. N

    Domestic E14 candle led bulbs base getting hot.

    Hi guys...bought so E14 5w 470lm candle type bulbs today to replace some that were loosing the brightness. I was quite surprised to find the plastic base gets quite hot cant keep your fingers on them...the glass part is not overlay hot. And for some reason after fitting they need a further 1/2...
  23. haptism

    Where are you getting your metal buckle clips

    Wheres the best value for £ metal buckle clips to be found in 2019, ive seen the SAREN ones but they are well pricey, and you need to buy the nails for them separately. The Shneider metal clips from screwfix £12 per 100 wtf. Where are the compliant housebashers getting clips for T&E nowdays ??
  24. C

    It’s getting mighty hot

    6 x caravans,fetching 125 amps off 100 amp supply. Cable getting mighty warm,protected by 60 amp BS 88. Pretty sure it’s a 10mm 3 core Swa. Told occupants,to have 1 heater on,& a kettle,otherwise it’s gonna “pop”.
  25. Pete999

    Things must be getting tight in the training arena

    TS4U are offering a prize if you apply for the 18th I think
  26. happyhippydad

    12V battery getting over charged.....

    Hello solar forum, I don't often post in here! My shed has had solar power for the last 2 years. It has a 120W solar panel, PWM charge controller (see pic below) and a 105aH non-sealed deep cycle battery. I have not been looking after the battery properly and let the levels get too low for too...
  27. S

    Thinking of getting back in the trade Southampton

    Hey guys, A number of years ago I completed the first year of a city and guilds course (2360 I think) and passed with a distinction, did my 16th and then got a job working as an elctrical and mechanical engineer and stopped college. After a few years some things went wrong, the company went to...
  28. stuarth

    Time limit on getting the 18th edition update

    Having just done the 17th edition in January I am in no hurry to sit through the torture all over again to do the 18th, a friend of mine has mentioned on his assessment he has told up to two years before he has to get the 18th as long as he works to the new regulations from January 2019 can any...
  29. dlt27

    Compressor cables getting warm.

    Hi all, A maintenance friend today asked for a bit of advice. He said cabbles supplying compressor are very warm / hot to touch. (Also thought he could feel them vibrating slightly) The cable is a swa 25mm and is pulling 55A per phase. I said being a compressor it might have a VFD and might be...
  30. Pete999

    Homeserve, don't laugh are they getting better?

    Over the last couple of weeks I have had some bother with a leaking Kitchen tap, not a cheap one, quite expensive to be honest. Any way the Guy who installed it for me is very elusive, annoying to be honest, promised to replace it under guarantee etc, just ignored all my calls and texts, so much...
  31. Joshua

    Why bother getting a gold card when they're giving away black ones.

    I think I've given up on our industry now. More dumbing down from the JIB.
  32. PJElectricalSW

    New to forum, geeky electrical engineer alert!

    Hello Everyone My name is Pete, I am a time served electrician now specializing in the electronic controls sector and working for and underfloor and renewable heating company. Happy to help anyone with any heating/UFH/renewable technology questions, if i don't know I probably know someone that...
  33. N

    Help getting back on track

    Hi Back in the day i got my C&G 236 pt's 1&2, but then didn't go on to the next stage as it was hard finding a job as an electrician and ended in the job i am in now. Job i'm currently in is going through a bad patch with people being let go every year, so i'm looking to pick up (all be it 20+...
  34. A

    Getting Electricity in Garage

    Hi there I am new to this forum, so apologies for my simplicity! I live in a flat and would like to have electricity in my garage. The garage isnt directly adjacent to my flat (its a couple flats along). Inside the garage there is some wiring, lights, mains plugs etc, but they havent worked...
  35. D

    Getting payment out of companies for work done

    I do the books for an electrician. He has four or five lads that are subbies. However he struggles getting paid by companies... constantly, but he needs the work. How do you get them to pay on time ?
  36. Mick Atkinson

    Getting back into electrical industry after some years away. What next..

    Hi All, I completed my L2 & L3 2330 in electrical installation back in 2007 and have worked out on site for over 18 years, i've spent the last 8 years as a PM but want to broaden my skills and keep all options open by becoming qualified as an electrician and able to install and certify works...
  37. Leesparkykent

    Tool bags getting a bit heavy...

    So I've had enough of lugging around my tool bag as it was feeling really heavy. It was starting to depress me every time I pulled up outside a job...the thought of lugging it up stairs etc. I've just emptied it and Ive just noticed I've lost a few things but amongst all the tools I was carrying...
  38. ED17

    Getting Called Back To Do "Snagging"

    I was thinking about some of the "snagging" I've been called back to over the past year. I've had the common "socket for appliance not working" which turns out to mean switched fused spur above worktop turned off. Been back to fix "faulty light switches" and had to explain to tenants that it's...
  39. Nitram

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Having trouble with getting a JIB/ECS card

    I have been working for one main contractor as a subbie for about 5 years (hoping to go on the payroll eventually) until they went bust last year. I got my 2360 pt 1 and 2 and 17th 1st ed. and try as I might I found progression impossible given my circumstances. I find myself in need of a...
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