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  1. H

    Hot SWA gland

    I have a hot SWA Gland on a 11kV cable. The cable has a SWA Gland on each end. I was under the belief that this would create a current circuit. There is 3 trefols running in parallel. Any suggestions
  2. Fitzy

    Domestic Copex conduit to Wiska box gland.

    Hi guys Can you recommend the best gland to use to connect some copex conduit to an external Wiska box please?
  3. K

    MICC cable gland installation London NW3

    I'm looking for someone who is able to install new gland on MICC cable, with have to cuted for new fuse box , I'm in London NW3
  4. happyhippydad

    Would I still need a gland for the tails and earth on this TT system?

    The installation is TT. The meter box has been moved by the DNO. The tails will now be >3m so I will be fitting a switch fuse. I was planning on removing the DP switch in the switch fuse and replacing with a 100mA S type RCD. I would have put one in place of the main switch in the CU so this...
  5. L

    SWA gland earthing

    Hi all, Just having a chat with a customer who we do regular maintenance work for. They have had an extension and got another company in to do the electrics due to us not having the time. The main reason for the post is the installer has used self tapping screws on all the swa glands. Is there...
  6. A

    IP rating of Nylon cable gland

    Hi guys New to this forum and thought I’d ask the powers to be on here for some advice. Basically I’m on a job installing some electrical instruments. The instruments are quite small and have come with the gland body , lock nut and ip washer on the outside . The reason for this is to reduce...
  7. pirate

    Can someone advise me what type of gland this is?

    Here is a pic of a sign at my local reservoir, front thereof: Probably won't be flashing anytime soon... And here is a pic of the back of that sign, and I would like to know what you call the gland where the big cable exits from the metal post supporting the sign Thanks in advance!
  8. C

    What is this gland for?

    What is this gland for?
  9. haptism

    Gland for MK 32A commando plug

    Anyone know what gland for is needed a MK 32A commando socket to hold a flex ??? Its got a thread for a gland (see pics) I expect its a stuffing gland if using flex but its an odd size. Its for a commercial single phase oven 16Kw
  10. edexlab

    How to tighten a 50mm SWA gland with no access to locknut

    Hello all I'm doing a Job in France for my company where we are installing SWA for power to our own control panels The issue is the DB is a new modular Schneider panel with removable sides all busbars switchgear etc is at the front and the access is really limited it's bolted to the floor...
  11. Jason Philip

    Semi-permanent power to caravan

    I am putting together some 32A 1phase connections for plugging in a caravan to the house power. I was planning on using SY flex or SWA, from consumer panel to a 32a socket, would that socket need a rotary isolator? I'm thinking yes, it will be on a dedicated MCB, and next to the consumer unit...
  12. J

    Materials advice / help for external garden lighting

    Hello, I have 10 spike / LED spot lights to install in my garden and each comes with it's own flexi cable. I have purchased 100 metres of 3 core 1.5 armoured cable. I have been told I must purchase glands and waterproof connector boxes to join armoured cable to flexi cable for each light. I have...
  13. happysteve

    Gland SWA to BESA box (conduit box)

    Random Friday night question (tin hat on)... you can do this, right (gland SWA directly into a BESA box)? Splice to singles in the box using Wagos or similar. In terms of mechanical integrity and electrical continuity of the cpc, no different to using couplers etc... (although, different...
  14. Leyland30

    Corroded swa gland - garage CU

    Hi, Have a garage consumer unit supplied from the house CU via a 6mm 2core swa. I noticed this morning the gland entering the garage CU was loose so opened it up to tighten up the gland lock nut. Unfortunately it appears the gland as it enters the garage cu has corroded and brocken away from...
  15. Gazthesparky

    AM3 Tails Stuffing gland

    I seem to have a run of jobs of upgrading consumer units. Previously I've used 32mm standard stuffing glands for the tails when I have needed to. Although the sealing gland hasn't got specific holes for the tails i find that it seals well. Anyway I've been looking at the special tails stuffing...
  16. G

    TT outbuilding

    Hi All, Just thought I would run something past the collective wisdom. Recently did a job that involved the conversion of a garage remote from the house to a small habitation space. The old install was supplied from the house via 6mm swa on a 30a BS3036 with the earthing connected to the house...
  17. E

    WISKA Products

    Thoughts and feelings on WISKA?
  18. SparkySupplier

    For Sale Consumer Units

    Hello, I've got 4 dual rcd boards for sale: 3 x 5/5/2 1 x 7/7/2 10 x mcbs 1 x plastic gland 1 x metal gland New and in original packaging. £300 ono for the lot. They are amendment 4 boards. Prefer cash and can deliver in the following areas: North Yorkshire West Yorkshire Lancashire...
  19. R

    Waterproof lamp holder

    I have bought this lamp holder on Ebay 6A 250V E27 Screw PVC Ceramic Waterproof Lamp Holder Precise Bulb Light Socket | eBay - It has short tails and no obvious way to connect a power cable to the tails. Inside the pnik tail covers are single cables wired to the lamp...
  20. GMES

    Exporting Pme

    GMES submitted a new resource: Exporting Pme - About exporting pme Read more about this resource...
  21. C

    Industrial Compex Exia and ip washers

    Hi there i am looking for a question answered regarding Ip washers on Exia equipment, the equipment is rated at Exia iic T6 ip rating of Ip68 intrinsically safe in zone 2 with an Exde Hawke cable gland on the cable Ip rated at Ip66/67, does this still require an Ip washer as the minimum Ip...
  22. M

    Domestic shower wired in swa?

    Alright guys got a phone call of a friend asking me to do a shower...but the client doesn't want conduit or the walls to be chased out. The ferm and the client agreed with a swa from the db clipped outside into the loft then into isolator and shower.... Is this even ok?? ignore the fact its gona...
  23. M

    2394 little help

    Iam getting ready to sit my written part fr 2394 and theres acouple of inspections im struggling wih. one of the practice qestions mentioned listing 5 checks you would carry out and the reason why exmple plastic conduit 1. the conduit system- check its not damaged and its complete throught out...
  24. I

    conduit boxes ?

    anyone know if theres such a thing as a 20mm pvc conduit box that is threaded so that you can screw stuffing glands into them , like the galv ones but pvc
  25. B

    What type of mains lead would i need? Help would be appreciated.

    Hello, i have this old bit of audio equipment from the early 50's and it needs a detachable mains lead to power it which i don't have. Below i have added a picture of it. Could someone tell me the name of the type of connector / lead i need and possibly where i could get one. Many Thanks!
  26. C

    In the middle AM2, SY gland help!

    Hiyaa, Finished day 1 of my AM2 today. Completed all the install apart from the heating systems and the SY cable to the motor. Everything else is done. anyway, I came todo my SY gland and realised the gland we have been given looks more like an SWA gland and this is definitely the one we are...
  27. S

    Metal clad double sockets

    Got one for a job, from cef. connected bw gland 20mm into top centre face. Went to fit faceplate and isn't designed to accept gland in from top. Utter rubbish.
  28. V

    Fitting an outside halogen light,best practice?

    Hi all,I've got one of these to fit and although it comes with an ip rated fitting I'm curious to know if it's best practice to fit it this way? I have several lengths of good swa off cuts from my previous work and gland kits to suit but I'll be powering the lamp from upstairs which will mean...
  29. G

    Earth Cable To Sub Distribution Board.

    Hi All, I recently installed a new dist. board with 95mm sq 4 core swa cable. I used 35mm sq earthing cable even though I should have used roughly half the size of the live conductor. I used this because I had it, and was hoping it will be ok. I now fear that the cross section of the cpc...
  30. R

    electromagnetic effects

    Electromagnetic effects upon cables both single and three phase cables upon entering a metal distribution board. this was picked up on a periodic test and inspection on a small block of flats. This has caught me out and i cant think of what causes this or the implications, any ideas ????
  31. C

    Earthing Via the SWA on sub mains???

    Hi Guys, I have a question for you and no doubt I will have more as the week progresses:dizzy2:. I started a new job and I'm doing a 5 year periodic on a residential care home I have previous experience on domestic installations but this is by far the biggest thing I've taken on. My question...
  32. S

    Glanding SWA into plastic CCU? Domestic

    What are peoples opinions on... Coming from a metal wylex 80A sw/fuse in a 25mm SWA to feed a plastic consumer unit? A slight differnce of opinion on site this morning!! I'm thinking the consumer unit should be metal cased, although another spark doesn't see why, other than the strength of the...
  33. G

    Just passed AM2, what happens next?

    Hi, Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I just got the email, telling me I've passed my AM2, just wondering, what I have to do next, as there's no further information. Will I just get sent my certificates, or do I have to send anything off? :\ My portfolio's all complete and been sent...
  34. M

    External Meter Cupboard

    I have some main earth bonding to be installed to two flats and the only route is external on the wishes of the client. I will be installing the earth cable within some black conduit for neatness. My main question is can i install the conduit into the top of the extenal meter box which pertrudes...
  35. D

    Commercial Pir coding

    any body got a reg to say SWA is not correctly terminated..! got a funny feeling there is no direct REG but im trawling through Selection and Errection chapter with no avail for a reg that i can utilise as a general purpose one!! if all else fails i will put down not terminated correctly IAW...
  36. D Skelton

    PVC conduit question

    Anyone know a good way of sealing an an entry to a PVC conduit box to make it water tight? What I'm wanting to do is use PVC conduit for an outside lighting installation. Where the lights are to go, my intention is to use a short length of flex from the light to a terminal in a T shaped conduix...
  37. A

    Need to know how to connect sy multiflex cable urgent for my am2!!

    I am halfway through my am2 test today and i havnt got a clue how to connect the sy multiflex cable. can anybody help please thanks aaron
  38. robd

    Earthing armoured on a sub-mains

    Guys, am doing a maisonette, the meter box is downstairs in the garage and the CU is approx 8 metres away so have pulled in some SWA as a sub-mains (25 mm2 3 core using one of the cores as the main earth). Have a CU that I can’t gland into, and the other end the SWA is going into the meter box...
  39. H

    SWA sizes confused

    hi guys and girls sorry to have to ask this and i know when i get the answer i will kick myself but i am getting confused over SWA cable sizes. i need to upgrade a garage and am looking to put in 6mm instead of the current 2.5 and want to use swa. i have been able to fined 6mm swa which i...
  40. M

    Just a little job price

    Hi just wondered what price u would charge to gland one end of a piece of armoured 4 core gland already supplied and connect to a battery charging unit for a staker truck took me 45 mins in total i was thinkin £45 or is that too much or too little
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