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  1. L

    Landlord needing Electrician to do landlord EIC and EICR in GLASGOW

    If you can supply me with price to do these for a 3 bedroom flat, southside of glasgow, please reply to this thread with a price and contact details. Thank you.
  2. M

    Looking for electrical check and possible new consumer unit - Airdrie

    Moving into a new (to me) property, looking for someone to give install once over from safety perspective. Longer term maybe looking to replace consumer unit with one with RCBOs (current has MCBs not sure if any RCD). Would prefer a small firm to large one. Would be looking to get check done...
  3. G

    Courses Glasgow PASMA and IPAF

    Hello all, I am needing to replace my PASMA alloy towers and am wanting to do my cherry picker as I just did my scissor lift, anybody in Scotland interested in doing theirs as well as I will be doing them in Glasgow shortly and it will be good to arrange it as a kind of meet up for anybody...
  4. S

    Electrician's mate needed in Glasgow ASAP

    Mate needed in Glasgow for 1 week asap for rewire job. More work available on regular basis, have regular local contracts. Must be self employed Must be CIS etc
  5. S

    Domestic Mate needed for 1 week ASAP in Glasgow

    Mate needed in Glasgow for 1 week asap for rewire job. More work available on regular basis, have regular local contracts. Must be self employed Must be CIS etc
  6. J

    2394/5 courses in scotland

    Hi, does anyone know if there's anywhere in central Scotland where you can do the 6 day 2394/5 course.
  7. P

    Trade Test

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum. To start off, I live in Glasgow and I am currently in my fourth year of my apprenticeship and my boss wants me to to sit my trade test. Long story short, During my first 2 and a half years I worked for a big company in Glasgow who where through the SJIB and...
  8. T

    45/50A SD5 HRC fuse needed

    Hi everyone. I'm doing some work on a farm and came across a problem. The DNO head has 60A fuses in but down stream of that is a 3 phase MEM Glasgow switch fuse with 100A fuses fitted. Obviously there is no discrimination whatsoever there so I explained that the fuses need to be downrated to 50A...
  9. RCD-joe

    Jobs in Glasgow

    Anyone know of any jobs going in Glasgow . Place used to be full a jobs but everythings water tight now any help would be appreciated guys
  10. B

    Installation near Glasgow

    Anyone do installations just north of Glasgow (Old Kilpatrick)? My mum has had a quote from Solarson but I think she should at least get 3 quotes to see who offers the best deal (not necessarily the cheapest). Any takers?
  11. G

    IPAF GLASGOW - GROUP DISCOUNT- Asked and can get discount

    Hello everybody, I have been looking at getting some more tickets under the old belt and got an idea into my head that I wondered if a group of us were to get together and book different short (day) courses would we get a discount.....I went in and asked if there would be a better rate like...
  12. S

    solar in scotland

    im interested in doing a solar install course in scotland im based near glasgow i called sjib they dont offer 1 at moment anyone know of any recognised coursesin scotland cheers
  13. B

    need to hire a megger or similar urgently

    hi guys does anybody know of a place in glasgow where i can hire a megger peferable or other ta much
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